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For those building websites, one of the biggest questions is whether to build them using HTML or the popular PHP WordPress platform. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, HTML, when combined with a good homepage builder software, generally offers more control and ease of use, as well as more security and the certainty of having a backup. For those who decide to go with HTML for some or all of their sites, one of the best software to go with is XSitePro.

XSitePro vs. Dreamweaver
Before looking at XSitePro, one of its closest competitors, Dreamweaver, should be considered. Here again, there is no definite right choice for everyone. However, as a general rule, with its ease of use, XSitePro is the best choice for the beginners and those looking to turn out sites more quickly. On the other hand, Dreamweaver, although more expensive, has an interface that more experienced site builders tend to favor.

XSitePro review of unique features
The most distinguishing feature of XSitePro is its ease of use. Although it has its own learning curve, it is a lot less steep than virtually any other HTML website builder. Its interface is quite intuitive and fast. For example, everything on the site is accessible through the different menu tabs on the top. A click on the Page Menu tab will show every panel on the site and ways to easily adjust their sizes and colors. From there, a click on the Designer tab will offer an easy way to edit the content of that panel. In addition, on every page, header and panel, there are design, preview and source tabs that make everything just a click away. While the HTML code can be directly edited, there is no need to learn HTML.

For the quickest and easiest sites, there are many templates that make it possible to put a site up in no time. In addition, it is also easy to create a template that can be used for those interested in creating many similar-looking sites.

XSitePro can be used to create almost any type of website, but it has a lot of special features that make it attractive for those seeking to make money online. For example, Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, PayPal and other monetization tools are built into the software enabling the programs to be quickly added to any page of a site. Furthermore, link clocking, easy tracking and other functions add further versatility for web marketers.

Right click functionality
From any page, with the simple right click of a mouse, all the integrated monetization tools, as well as other tools, to include the ability to insert audio/visual, internal linking (great for SEO), social media, RSS and widget wizards, tags and other features are available. This works both to save time and eliminate errors while making a site better.

On-page SEO
To make a site more attractive to the search engines, XSitePro incorporates page analysis to grade pages for such things as keyword density, readability and other things search engines look for to include header tags. To further help with search engine rankings, it creates sitemaps and will scan a site for junk code as well as other potential problems.

It should be noted that all these tools are for on-page SEO, and it does not include any off-page SEO tools such as those needed for keyword research.

Backup and importing pages
XSitePro allows all the sites created in it to be easily organized into projects. All projects and the sites in them can be exported into a single backup file. This keeps organization and moving sites to another computer a lot simpler. In addition, a single site can be put onto one file either for backup or to allow it to be sent to someone else. Furthermore, while it is not designed for importing entire sites made with other programs, XSitePro does allow for pages to be imported and converted to the style of the website.

Mobile browsers
With a few clicks of a mouse, it is possible to make a second version of a site especially formatted to display on mobile phones and similar devices.

While their support once left something to be desired, it has changed for the better. Support requests, be it with direct tickets or questions on the forum, generally receive replies within a day. In addition, being as popular as it is, a lot of videos, forums and other materials can be found when help is needed. Finally, its help section is pretty extensive and will even explain such things as affiliate marketing in addition to how to use the software.

For those who want to get started today, the software is sold here.

Various other features
A look at its Others tab below shows some of its other features from pop ups to page redirects. See more features here.

xsitepro features

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