How to Make Money in Affiliate Email Marketing

Many people who work online and run websites will avoid running email newsletter lists because they do not have a product or service to sell to their site visitors. However, affiliate email marketing can actually be used on almost any kind of website to help the site owner make more money. By utilizing the power of a newsletter, it is possible radically increase monthly traffic numbers and sales.

What is affiliate email marketing?
Email marketing involves building a list of newsletter subscribers, which in turn can be used to let site owners stay connected to their visitors and customers. Affiliate programs allow marketers to promote products and services sold by other companies to receive a commission for referring sales, so affiliate email marketing is utilizing the list of newsletter subscribers to advertise affiliate offers to make money.

This type of marketing is a popular way to make money online because there are affiliate programs for almost any kind of product or service in existence, as can be seen in the following guide to affiliate programs. For this reason, any site owner can find some type of product or service to promote that is related to their website and the interests of their site visitors.

Initially, some site owners may get the impression that affiliate advertising in their email newsletters gives their readers a negative impression of their business. Although this can be the case in some situations, when affiliate email marketing is done correctly, it can actually enhance the value of an email newsletter because there are a lot of high-quality, useful products for sale on the internet that people do want to find.

Attracting subscribers to an affiliate email marketing newsletter
When a newsletter is created by someone who makes their own products or provides a particular type of online service, it is fairly easy for them to come up with creative and enticing ways to attract new subscribers. They can create a bonus product, offer discount coupons on their products, or even offer their unique knowledge to build their newsletter lists.

Unfortunately, affiliate marketers with newsletters will typically have more difficulty here because they may not be able to make a free product to give away. One way or another, email marketers simply have to offer something useful or appealing to their site visitors to get a reasonable percentage of them to join their newsletters. Luckily, there are still some ways for affiliates to accomplish the same goal with very similar conversion rates.

Some affiliate networks will give their affiliates access to coupon codes that can be highly sought after by customers. Email marketers can take advantage of these discount codes by offer them as a reward for joining their newsletter. They can also tempt subscribers to remain loyal readers by offering continual updates of coupon codes for relational products or services in weekly or monthly newsletters.

More ideas and tips on how to entice people to join a newsletter can be found at affiliate marketing list building.

Effectively promoting affiliate offers with newsletters
A mailing should never be done solely to promote something as an affiliate. Instead, the priority should be on newsletter content that is useful to readers with the product offers incorporated into it. This is especially the case when the product or service being promoted is highly related to the website, newsletter list, and the actual content of the mailing where the ad is found.

The best affiliate offers to promote will be individually selected based on the content of the newsletter where they will be advertised. For this reason, site owners will need to have access to a wide variety of products and services that they can promote to ensure they can find something relational to nearly any conceivable topic that relates to their website and newsletter niche.

Depending on the type of website and newsletter, a sufficient variety of affiliate offers may be available within a single network. Sometimes multiple affiliate programs will be necessary to get a decent selection of things to promote. In general, if a site owner wants to promote offers for both physical goods and digital products, they will need to join more than one affiliate network.

Email marketing policies of affiliate networks
One last important point that affiliates need to understand is that some networks actually have policies against specific email marketing practices. In general, all marketers need to take the time to read through all the policies for programs that they promote to avoid serious problems like commission revocation and account termination.

Some of the networks may prohibit unsolicited emails by affiliates, so it is important that they obtain double opt in confirmation of the desire of their readers to receive newsletter emails. Other programs may simply not allow email marketing regardless of whether the subscribers are confirmed or not. Regardless of the policies of a particular network, there is a specific strategy that can be used to avoid problems with these types of policies completely.

A common trend among affiliate programs today involves a more complicated policy when it comes to email marketing. Many of them will not allow direct links that point to affiliate offers in email. However, they may allow email marketing practices to drive traffic to pages on the affiliate’s website.

Those pages can then have advertisements that promote various affiliate products or services. Using this method cannot only help affiliates avoid serious problems with their account and earned commissions, but it can also help to boost their conversion rates by providing a more extensive review of the product or service being promoted.

Almost any network will require their affiliates to disclose their relationship to the network. Typically, the specifics on these requirements can be found in the terms of service for these sites. Even if a network doesn’t require some type of disclosure to promote their products and services, many countries have made this into law. For this reason, it is really recommended that any type of affiliate or other business relationship is disclosed to newsletter readers about the products or services being promoted.

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