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For those who are new to affiliate marketing, using a reliable website builder such as Affiliate Genie to take the hard work out of creating affiliate sites is a wise decision. So, what is Affiliate Genie and how does it work?

Why do people use Affiliate Genie?
According to its developers, Affiliate Genie was designed to help people ‘create professional interactive sites that are optimized to pull in a profit’. It was specifically designed to create sites that have the ability to attract serious buyers and generate long-term profits with content that is more socially interactive than that found elsewhere.

Affiliate Genie (AG) creates sites that attract serious buyers. It is interesting to note that review sites can help online marketers get more sales than the merchants getting more natural traffic from the search engines. Why? It is because the people who are coming to such sites are already primed to purchase the product being offered. They only need one more good reason to justify their decision before they finally take out their credit cards.

affiliate genieAll these people need is social proof. They need to know what other people are saying about the product. They need to know if it can help meet their needs or solve their problems. And this is specifically what review sites provide.

With AG, anyone can start creating review pages that feature professional graphics and an easy-to-use star rating system, not to mention a guaranteed spam-free comments section, even if they don’t have any programming skills or prior website building experience. However, more advanced users have the option of customizing their sites by adding their own HTML codes and scripts to their pages to make their websites stand out from the rest.

Affiliate Genie also comes with a default product review template to help you create content (reviews) for your site with ease.

AG can help secure sales. Sites created using Affiliate Genie allow you to display featured promos in the most critical area of the page(s) in any way you want it. As such, you can use anything from a standard text to opt-in forms, videos and everything in between, and it will still blend well with the existing content of the page.

With AG, you can be sure that featured promos are displayed clearly and prominently above the fold to get the maximum click through rate (CTR) possible. You can also adjust your promo and/or ad placements by simply clicking on a single check box. This feature comes in quite handy for those who have 20 or more pages in their sites and would like to do a site-wide top-fold promotion.

AG helps create search engine optimized sites. Sites created with Affiliate Genie are designed to rank higher in the search engines. It offers automatic on-site optimization by providing an interface that allows you to add a title tag, description tag and a number of related keywords every time you add a new page to your site. Additionally, AG allows you to:

  • Create XML sitemaps and RSS feeds automatically. This can help get your pages get indexed by the major search engines a lot faster. It can also help you get backlinks from RSS directories.
  • Notify various ping services automatically every time you update your site.
  • Provide your visitors with an easy way to share your pages with their friends. AG has built-in social bookmarking capabilities that can easily be activated.
  • Create keyword-rich pages. Unlike other affiliate site builders that basically act as landing page generators, AG allows you to add keyword-targeted, relevant content – the kind of content that Google wants to see. As such, your sites can stand above other review sites and avoid being penalized for containing ‘thin affiliate content’.

AG is easy to use. AG doesn’t require a database. All you need to do is to upload it into your webhost, login to the admin page and start building your affiliate site. AG uses a WYSIWYG interface so anyone familiar with word processing can use it. You can also customize your color scheme, logo and all the other elements in the site quite easily. And since AG is a full-scale content management system built with affiliate marketers in mind, it can be used to build as many mini-sites, product review sites and medium- and large-scale sites as you want regardless of your skill level.affiliate genie

It can even be used to build sites for flipping purposes. If you chose to go this route, you simply need to FTP the files to your computer, zip them and send the zipped file to the buyer. The buyer still gets to use Affiliate Genie (limited license) for the site you sold them.

AG builds sites that offer value to its visitors. Affiliate Genie sites are designed to withstand the changes in Google’s algorithm for the simple reason that these sites are designed to provide value to their visitors. As such, sites built with AG can help you earn residual income for years to come.

Sites built with AG are also designed to be FTC friendly, provided you post legal, accurate and honest information on your sites. Each AG site comes with a site-wide disclosure statement as well as an accuracy disclaimer statement to make them more FTC compliant.

All sites built using AG are 100% secure so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access or malicious attacks. It also features a one-click backup system that allows users to backup their content as they go along.

The verdict
A lot of those who tried using Affiliate Genie agreed that it delivers on its promise. However, some marketers think that there are several issues that need to be addressed to make it more valuable. Some of the more experienced online marketers hope that the Affiliate Genie will include click tracking, link cloaking, split testing and drip feeding capabilities into its future updates.

Affiliate Genie comes with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. As an added bonus, you will get the Affiliate Genie Big League Traffic blueprint with your purchase.

Affiliate Genie can help people get started online quickly and easily even if they don’t have any prior experience along these lines.

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