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It can be difficult to successfully make money online as an affiliate marketer without proper information and strategies. One popular way to learn how to succeed in this business is to join an affiliate marketing forum that connects people in this community to allow them to share tips and ideas. This allows both beginners and experts to come together to share their knowledge and experience, which can help both parties improve their earnings potential.

These affiliate marketing forums offer a wealth of free information on nearly any relational subject like niche market research, SEO, affiliate site building, keyword research, network selection, or highest paying programs. All of this free information is posted by forum members who aren’t making any money to share their knowledge and experience, so it can generally be considered reliable.

Even though forums are a great place to just read and learn, the best thing about them is the community. The members are typically very friendly, which makes it easier for beginners to make a forum post to ask for help if they cannot find the answer to their question in an existing post. It also gives marketers a place to meet fellow marketers that share the same problems or interests. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet new affiliates or even partners for joint ventures.

Since affiliate marketing is such a huge industry, there are a lot of forums that are centered around it as well. The best forums to join are those with large, active membership counts. The most active of these forums constantly have posts and replies being made by members, so there is always someone around to help answer questions.

A lot of beginners may not know whether to join one or more forums. Although the busy sites will have more than enough content for someone to read, it can be a good idea to join more than one site for one main reason. Typically, expert marketers will only be active members of one site or a small handful of them, so joining multiple forums can give exposure to more of these experts. When beginners can identify these people, it is a good idea to follow their posts to soak up as much of their knowledge as possible.

Reviews have been provided here for some of the best affiliate marketing forums on the internet. Even though there are thousands of affiliates in the communities of all of these forums, most of them cover more general topics that could be classified under internet marketing instead of affiliate marketing. However, almost any kind of information like this can be extremely helpful to those looking to learn because many other types of marketing strategies can also be successfully used by affiliates to generate more sales.Affiliate Marketing Forum

Top affiliate marketing forums

Warrior Forum
Although it is typically considered to be a general internet marketing forum, the Warrior Forum is actually one of the best affiliate forums because of their huge membership count. There are a lot of experts who can be found there with a wide variety of knowledge and experience that spans across almost any conceivable type of niche market. Experts are here because many of them are able to make a full-time income using some of the special advertising services available on this forum.

The Warrior Forum has been around for many years, so there is already a ton of tips and strategies available for anyone to read. The downside to this forum is that some of their services are not free. A number of sub-forums allow members to advertise or sell services or products, like the Warrior Special Offers Forum. Unfortunately, it costs money to both post new threads and bump existing threads in these special forums, but many members are actually able to make a lot of money this way.

A premium membership account is also available on the Warrior Forum. This premium account gives members access to the War Room, which is a special repository loaded with free marketing resources that cover almost anything imaginable. Considering the quality and amount of information available in the War Room and the cost and duration of the premium membership, the upgrade is well worth it for almost any beginner marketer.

Even though the Warrior Forum has some downsides, it is the most highly recommended forum for affiliate marketers because there are so many active, expert members there. Compared with almost any other forum in the industry, this one has many times more members and thread posts.

Wicked Fire
Another leading forum that seems to have more of an affiliate marketing specialty is Wicked Fire. Even though they do not have as many members or posts as the Warrior Forum, there are still reasons why both beginners and experts will want to join this site. In general, the environment and attitude on this site is completely opposite of that found on the Warrior Forum. The administrators even express their disliking of that forum in some random, sticky forum posts.

Experts can be found here because some of the advertising services that cost money on the Warrior Forum are available on Wicked Fire for free. In particular, they offer a Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum that is essentially an open marketplace for active members. A minimum post count is required to be eligible to post in this sub-forum, but the requirement limit is not difficult to reach. In general, one main type of product is not allowed to be sold here, which is e-books.

Beginners can take advantage of the friendly, outgoing nature of members found on Wicked Fire. While beginners can be ridiculed on other forums for their questions, Wicked Fire offers a dedicated sub-forum for newbie questions that solves this specific problem. They can also take advantage of the Buy, Sell & Trade sub-forum to test the water with selling various services or products. Since it is free to use, it presents an excellent opportunity to try domain flipping or another creative idea before more time and money are invested.

More affiliate marketing forums
Being as broad a topic as it is, there are many other good forums on affiliate marketing and related topics with lots of active users. Some of the top ones include the following:

5 Star Affiliates 
This is a great overall source for affiliate marketing information, especially for those new to the business.

This is a very active form with hundreds of thousands of members. There are threads for everything from Twitter to programming. Some drawbacks is the sheer amount of information and the bad apples, mainly spammers, that such a large forum attracts.

Search Engine Watch
This forum covers a lot more than its name implies. From PPC to video and various affiliate marketing topics, it is a good source of information.

SitePoint is an online media company that has a big forum with a lot of members. It focuses at a lot on web design and programming as well as affiliate marketing.

For those who need another type of forum, how to find forums covers the best search techniques for finding great forums in any niche.

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