Using List Building for Affiliate Profits

Some internet marketers think that it is possible to make money by simply sending visitors directly to ClickBank and other offers. However, the truth is that being an affiliate is a serious business, and this requires strategy. A very effective technique is to build up an email list and obtain long-term assets that can put to work repeatedly.

Just imagine if you could contact highly targeted proven buyers with different relevant offers multiple times. Would it improve your earnings? That is why top affiliates integrate list building and email marketing into their strategies. If you are just starting out online, you might not know where to start this process. The following will give you some great tips on how to build your own list and use it effectively.

Remember that the vendors are doing it
Most online vendors use their landing pages (sales pages) to build their own lists. This gives them a great opportunity for repeat sales from their buyers. Therefore, you do not want to simply send them your traffic without giving people a chance to subscribe to your list first. In addition to increased sales, you never know when you might need a list for your own products or other ventures.

The power of email promotions
Selling digital products through recommendations by email when you have already built a relationship with the subscriber will result in higher conversion rates than cold traffic methods. This is why you should be focusing on building a long-term business, instead of making some quick profit. When subscribers are first sent useful information, they are much more likely to click on emails and make purchases.

Stand out
If you set up your own unique landing page (rather than just using that of the vendor) offering a bonus for subscribers, you can give them a good reason why they should buy from you. This aspect is extremely important when a ClickBank product is in the launch phase, as there may be thousands of other affiliates jumping on the offer, trying to sell and pre-sell to the potential customers. The person you send the offer to may have already received a number of emails about the same product. You can only win if you have previously established your authority and a relationship with your audience.

Building subscriber lists
With this in mind, how do you get that list? First, keep in mind that everyone started somewhere, and there are a number of ways to build a subscriber list. From creating a squeeze page to techniques that can be done on your website and off, you just need to get started and see what works.

Whatever techniques are utilized, remember to make the sign-up process quick and easy, only asking for the minimum of information so that visitors will not quit before the process is complete.  In addition, many people opt to use email marketing services to make the technical aspects of email marketing much easier.

affiliate marketing list building
Squeeze pages
A very popular method of capturing email addresses is with a squeeze page. This may be a page on a website or part of a specific marketing campaign. For example, visitors may be directed to the squeeze page before they are offered the product that is being marketed or after (presented as part of a bonus). Others will choose to build a relationship with their subscribers before marketing them any products.

The page should have some sort of offer to entice visitors to subscribe. This is often a free download. It can be simple video training, a private label rights product or re-brandable report, all of which can be found online (it doesn’t need to be elaborate). There are many PLR sites you can join for free with relevant attractive products to give away to your visitors.

Offer discounts and updates
Some people just write teaser reviews about products and ask their readers to sign up for updates while the product is in a pre-launch phase. When the Clickbank product is “ready to go,” the affiliate then sends out an email with their special bonus offer. As the customer already knows about the features and benefits of the product, there is a higher chance of making a sale.

Techniques to incorporate list building into existing websites

Most affiliate marketers have some kind of main website or blog, and the following techniques can be worked into that site to convert visitors into subscribers.

  • Opt-in boxes: There opt-in box needs to be prominently displayed for visitors. Popup ads are the most attention grabbing and effective type, although you may want to avoid them because their intrusive nature annoys some visitors.
  • Offer a course: People like to learn things. If your site is authoritative on a particular topic, credibility has been established with visitors, and they will be keen on learning more.
  • Give away an ebook: Offering a course may be a bit much for some people. However, an ebook is a lot easier. The writing of the book may be outsourced to freelancers, and it could include some affiliate links to help cover the costs.
  • Have a membership area of the site: Simply require visitors to sign up to access the very best content of a site.
  • Create a product and a free trial: For those with an idea, there is perhaps no better way to attract subscribers than to offer them a free trial, or simply give something away. Again, this can be outsourced to freelancers. If the product can be sold, it will be possible to have affiliates sell it and gain both sales and subscribers at the same time.
  • Contests: People jump at the chance to win something. Create contests for those who join and encourage them to offer ideas for the site at the same time.
  • Utilize blog comments: Include a way for people to sign up when commenting on your blog.
  • Offer social proof: Give social proof with testimonials that show potential subscribers real people that benefit from your newsletter.
  • Offer a free report: Put together a report on something that is happening in your niche and give it away to those who join the newsletter.

Things you can do off your site to attract subscribers.

  • Network locally first: Ask friends and family if they would like to participate and if they know anyone who might be interested. This can also be a nice way to get some direct feedback.
  • Video: Online video is only going to grow. Use video marketing to offer people ways to subscribe to your list.
  • Be social: The techniques covered in social bookmarking and social buzz for generating interest in a website can also be put to use when building an email list. Participate in social bookmarking and social networking sites both to create a name for yourself and to direct people to your newsletter.
  • Post on forums: Use how to find forums to locate forums in your niche. Contribute to them in a positive way and use the profile, signature and perhaps an occasional post to let people know about your site and newsletter.
  • Attempt to create viral content: As explained in viral marketing, there is no better way to generate publicity for a site that to create content that goes viral.
  • Use article marketing: The type of people who sign up for newsletters tend to be those who like to read. Take advantage of article marketing to get content across the web that has signature links to tell people about your site and newsletter.

Keeping people subscribed and the list growing

Of course, getting people subscribed is just the first step. The real work starts with keeping them on the list and interacting with it. Use the tips below to make this a lot easier.

  • Concentrate on helping people: Newsletters that are little more than sales pitches are quickly going to turn people off. On the other hand, subscribers will really appreciate helpful advice. The focus needs to be on providing information to people that they can use and not on making money. Only include products (that have been carefully researched) when they supplement this information.
  • Do not flood people with emails: Most people will quickly become turned off if they receive too many emails. Concentrate on quality over quantity.
  • Get personal: Offer personal advice to subscribers. For example, when people sign up, ask them if there is anything they would like to ask you about and reply to them directly.
  • Network with subscribers: Ask people on your list if they can refer others. Offer something for new referrals and request that they forward the newsletter.
  • Make subscribers feel special: Always look for ways to involve subscribers in the newsletter or in any other form. Ask people for advice and give them credit where it is due.

By carefully building your email list, keeping your subscribers engaged, and presenting offers that give more than the competition’s, you can win the battle for affiliate sales.

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