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One of the main advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can get into it without major investments. In theory, all that is needed is a computer an internet connection. However, to really do things right, most marketers invariably purchase some internet marketing software.

This right software cannot only make things easier by helping automate some tasks, but it can provide insights to make online marketing more effective. While software does not guarantee success, and it is easy to go too far and start wasting money on products that are not going to help much, some money should be budgeted to tools to help with various tasks to include keyword research, search engine optimization and site building as needed.

Start with keywords
There is no getting around the need for keyword tools. The free Google Keyword Tool is enough for many people. However, at some point, most online marketers invest in at least one paid tool, as they provide the greatest insights on competition and other factors that make keyword research more effective. Some of these tools also provide ways to “spy” on the competition and gain a lot of insights on them. Keyword research tools covers the top keyword tools and their features.

Site building software
Considerable thought needs to be put into what site building software to go with as it can determine a lot about the website you create and be troublesome to change later. Software for creating websites should find a balance between flexibility and ease-of-use, as software that promises quick, easy sites may be too specialized and infexible.

The following are different categories of website creation software with reviews:

  • Website builders: Software that can be used to make virtually any type of website.
  • Affiliate website builders: This type of software is fine for those who want to build affiliate marketing sites quickly. It is important to make sure the software incorporates the affiliate programs you are going to use.
  • WordPress: This open-source platform can be used to create any type of site, including affiliate websites (with WordPress ecommerce plugins). WordPress themes and plugins give you the ability to quickly transform any WordPress to meet your needs. While many WordPress users purchase premium themes and plugins for their sites, it is possible to build a WordPress site without paying anything.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
SEO software offers the greatest number of tools as well as ways to waste money. The most important thing to remember is that SEO tools can only assist in marketing efforts. Any tool that promises to totally automated links and traffic is virtually certain to be about spamming and will not deliver links that are really going to help.

Most other on-page SEO consists of simply making sure you included the right titles and tags. Some tools to analyze your site and make sure you did not miss anything can be found at SEO checkers.

Arguably, the best tool for analyzing your site, that includes the ability to see what the competition is doing, tracking and so on, is SEO PowerSuite.

Affiliate Marketing SoftwareSoftware for off-page SEO is especially tricky as search engines oppose what they see as artificial link building. For this reason, it is best to look for software that is more focused in calling attention to a site rather than just linking. The best for this is Synnd. It is a subscription service that uses the computers of its users to create Facebook likes, Google +’s, bookmarks and other social signals whose primary benefit lies in calling attention to your content.

Other recommended tools to help with SEO include Blog Comment Demon to help with blog commenting and RSS Submit to make sure your RSS feed is on as many directories as possible.

To find out how backlinking efforts are working out, there are various backlink checking tools.

Creating content
There is no getting around doing a lot of writing in most forms of affiliate marketing. While software cannot create good content, it can help.

To choose the best tools, first consider whether the software helps with creating quality web content that is likely to rank. Creating the best content is mainly about being knowledgeable about the niche and taking the time to write helpful, well-researched content. Web Content Studio, covered more in latent semantic indexing, helps a great deal to create articles that are more complete for readers and have the needed related terms for search engines.

ChimpRewriter Pro is another useful content tool to have. Particularly with Web 2.0 properties and social network marketing, it is too time consuming to create totally unique content every time. This software aids in rewriting content so that it is unique much more quickly than writing an entirely new article. While it can be used for spinning content, its features go beyond just spinning as that alone does not make an article unique.

Whitesmoke is the most popular grammar checker. Keep in mind that poor grammar can hurt a site’s search engine rankings as well as its image with visitors.

Tracking tools
Affiliate marketers need to constantly collect information to see what works and what their customers are doing, as well as clock links where appropriate. This can be done by tracking and cloaking affiliate links. For WordPress users, a great too for this is Ninja Affiliate.

Since almost all affiliate marketing involves email marketing at some point, the following squeeze page builders and landing page generators will be needed.

Affiliate marketers often start purchasing software that turns out not to be useful in their desire to get results quickly and easily. Always remember that software is primarily a tool for automating mundane tasks and providing data. Look for programs that will assist you but keep in mind no software tool will eliminate all the thought and hard work that needs to go into online marketing.


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