Great Affiliate Programs for Those in the UK

Internet marketers who live in the United Kingdom will almost always prefer to work with affiliate programs in the UK. It is important for them to get paid in British Pounds or else currency conversion rates can easily eat a significant percentage of all profits.

Many of the best affiliate programs are actually geared towards USA traffic, so affiliates who are interested in referring website traffic from the UK have to be sure they will promote local websites for physical products and services. The most successfully way to do that is to join an affiliate program that exclusively or largely caters to UK affiliates and advertisers.

There are some affiliate marketing networks solely dedicated to UK advertisers, but there are also a few major, international affiliate programs that have specific programs just for UK merchants. Either of these types of companies can be an excellent choice for an affiliate in the United Kingdom, as long as they can offer products in a variety of niches, competitive commissions, and reliable payouts.

Affiliate Window
The largest independent affiliate program in the UK is Affiliate Window, which is a division of Digital Window. Digital Window is also the parent company of Buy.at, another popular UK affiliate program.

Affiliate Window is solely dedicated to advertisers in the United Kingdom, and they boast 750 local UK online merchants as well as 75,000 local affiliates.

Something unique about this company is that they take a special interest in the success of their merchants. Once a month, they actually host a one-day affiliate marketing training course in person at their offices.

Even though they do charge for this course, it shows how the company ensures their advertisers have the proper knowledge to run a successful digital marketing strategy with their program. This may not seem important for a potential affiliate, but without it, there are a lot of networks that are plagued with merchants with incomplete advertising campaigns and product listings. High quality advertiser programs mean better commissions and conversions for affiliates.

Affiliate Programs UKAffiliate Window has also developed a huge network of tools and websites for both affiliates and advertisers. These extra tools are designed to give merchants amazing control over their advertising campaigns, and allow affiliates to easily generate advertising promotions, graphics, content, and other material.

Silvertap is another UK based affiliate network. This program was actually merged with AffiliateMarketing.co.uk, another UK affiliate program owned by the same company.

The commission levels vary with this network depending on the offer being promoted, but the company does offer reliable payouts and a wide variety of products to promote.

A major advantage of being an affiliate with Silvertap is the personal affiliate support that they deliver. Every member receives a dedicated account manager that helps to maximize affiliate revenue and actually provides one-on-one assistance with any kind of campaign question. This is a huge benefit for marketers that may not be sure how to properly target specific niches or simply have questions about the best way to approach advertising a particular product.

Amazon Associates
A leading online retailer in the United Kingdom is Amazon. Among affiliates, Amazon is most commonly known for its .com website, but affiliates worldwide are actually welcome to join their UK based affiliate program.

Their UK program provides higher initial commission rates compared with the USA affiliate program, and they offer almost the same selection of physical products and even digital Kindle e-books. This means UK affiliates can earn commissions on products in nearly any niche.

One important thing to remember about the Amazon affiliate network is that earnings will be higher for affiliates that are more devoted to promoting their products because commission rates are based on monthly sales volume.

This means that it’s important to decide if a niche affiliate program will be more beneficial. People that want to create numerous websites in a wide variety of niches may be able to achieve higher commission rates by only promoting products from Amazon, while affiliates solely interested in a specific niche may be better off on a more dedicated network.

Commission Junction
CJ, or Commission Junction, is another common program in the USA that is also popular in the UK as well. This is largely because of the great selection of local United Kingdom merchants who are members of this network. Like most other programs that allow a wide variety of merchants, the commission rates earned on each sale vary based on each offer.

One of the main advantages to this UK affiliate program is the ability to promote a huge variety of products with a single affiliate account. Both American and English based companies are merchants within the same network, so affiliates have a choice of who they want to promote and the freedom to branch out into other markets without creating new affiliate accounts.

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