Article Marketing Mistakes that Could Cost You

When some people do not see the results they hoped for with article marketing, they assume it is due to changes in search engine algorithms devaluing their links. Although it is true that article marketing does not deliver the kind of punch it once did, it remains an effective way of building your authority in your chosen niche as well as driving targeted traffic and adding backlinks to your sites. If people fail to see the results they want, it is often because they were not doing it right in the first place.

To get rewarded for all your efforts, you need to avoid the usual article marketing mistakes committed by most article marketers. Here are some of them:

  1. Glaring grammar and spelling mistakes. To build credibility in your chosen niche, your articles should reflect authority and professionalism. This cannot be achieved if your articles contain grammar and spelling mistakes. So, do yourself a favor and check your articles before submitting them.
  2. Ignoring article guidelines. Each article directory has its own guidelines in accepting articles and not following these rules may result in outright rejection. To make sure your articles get accepted, take note of the minimum word count required, the maximum number of links allowed both in the body of the article and in the author resource box and the overall quality of your article.
  3. Being overly promotional. Most article directories do not accept articles that contain blatant promotional and/or commercial content. So, while your main goal for submitting articles to these directories may be to improve your bottom line, try not to write articles that mainly serve to promote your products or services. Write something that provides real value for your readers and keep your promotional links in your author resource box.
  4. Poor formatting. Most internet readers do not actually read articles. They merely skim through it. So, make your articles more reader-friendly by using headlines, bullets and shorter paragraphs.
  5. Submitting the same article to many directories. Some article directories will let you submit articles that have already published elsewhere on the web. While this may seem to create a lot of links, remember that publishing the exact same article on many sites (spinning the article may not help much either) will produce links of very little, if any, value. Increasingly, it is better to concentrate on publishing to a select few directories.
  6. Submitting articles that are not optimized for your primary keywords. For your articles to achieve higher search engine rankings, they need to be optimized using your primary keywords. As such, you must do a proper keyword research before attempting to write your articles. Try finding long-tail keywords with low competition and decent monthly search volumes and optimize your articles using these keywords. However, do not stuff keywords into the article.
  7. Not using the author resource box effectively. The author resource box should do more than just inform your readers of who you are and what your expertise is. It should also serve as an effective call-to-action that will entice your readers to click on your links. So, consider what you will put in your resource box carefully. Do not take this for granted since this is the only place you can use to promote your business and sell yourself to your readers.
  8. Using the same author resource box and links. To maximize the SEO potentials of your articles, make sure to use several variations of your author resource bio. You should also consider using a variety of anchor text links and URLs. By doing so, you can promote several pages at once using a single article.Article Marketing Mistakes
  9. Using only a few directories to submit your articles. Needless to say, submitting your work to just a few directories may not be enough to give you the results you want. So, the best thing for you to do is to choose a number of reputable article directories that you will use for your article marketing campaign. In choosing the directories, you may want to consider the directory’s page rank, approval turnaround time, relevancy to your topic and the tools available for you to use (consider widgets, RSS feeds, built-in social media tools and the like). In addition, keep in mind that certain directories are better for different niches. Top article directories is a good place to find the best directories to use.
  10. Not submitting enough articles. Please take note that merely submitting a single article to several article directories may not be enough. You need to work on your article marketing campaign consistently to produce the effects you want.
  11. Neglecting quality. For an article to have any chance of being republished (which is where the real value in article marketing lies) or attracting attention in general, it has to be of good quality and offer something to readers. Carefully check the quality of each of your articles, especially if you use an article spinner. With so much being published online, only good content stands a chance of attracting readers, links and rising in search engines. Generally, articles should be around 800 words or more.

In summary, writing a bunch of low-quality articles and throwing them out to many sites for backlinks is usually a waste of time nowadays. Concentrate of creating quality material that others are going to want to republish. Carefully submit them to select directories and give them time to produce results.

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