The Benefits of Article Site Builder Pro

Articles that have private label rights can be found everywhere on the internet, and most affiliate marketers already have tons of these on their computers that have never been used. Now there is easy to use affiliate website creator software, Article Site Builder Pro, that can turn articles into complete websites.

Even though unique content articles are so important to search engine rankings, it takes a lot of time, effort and potentially money to create these articles. Article Site Builder Pro is a solution to the unique content problem, because it can turn heavily duplicated articles into websites that are recognized as unique content by search engines.

Most people would assume that Article Site Builder Pro accomplishes this amazing feat by using article spinning software, except that is not the trick that this software uses. The real secret being used here is something called “random snippets”. These random snippets are shown at the bottom of each page on the website and are randomly selected excerpts from other related articles on the same website.

The random snippet is not the same thing as a “standard snippet”, which is an excerpt of text that comes from the beginning of an article. Standard snippets are commonly used all over the internet. However, this software takes the secret of random snippets and uses them to make frequently used articles look like unique content to search engines. The actual content of the articles is not being changed with this strategy, but the group of random snippets below each article makes it appear to be different from other pages on other websites that have used that same article.

Article Site Builder Pro is not just software that will create unique content websites with articles, even though that is the purpose of the primary piece of software included in the Professional package. This system includes everything needed to turn the unique content into a fully functioning affiliate website that receives targeted search engine traffic and converts it into commissions.

The Amazon Associates Network is one of the original affiliate programs, and it is the most heavily used affiliate program today. This software generates Amazon affiliate ads that include product pictures. Best of all, these ads are automatically generated based on the content of the article on that page, and the software inserts your Amazon affiliate ID into every ad shown.

Google Adsense is another very popular affiliate program, and it is an essential money making program for many different kinds of websites. Article Site Builder Pro builds multiple Adsense ad units into each page of the website, and it even integrates Adsense Search ads into on-site search results.

ClickBank is the last affiliate program that is integrated into this software. It is used with an e-book searching feature that can be included on any site made with this software. Visitors of your website can use it to find digital e-books on ClickBank, which will earn commissions from any sales that are referred.

One of the most impressive features of Article Site Builder Pro are the language translation flags that are included on all pages of each website it creates. These language translation flags are an amazing benefit that allows website to maximize the earning potential from almost every single website visitor. With a simple click on one of these flags, a website visitor can completely transform the website into another language. The advantages this offers to affiliate marketers should be pretty obvious since it is hard to convert a visitor into a sale if they can’t even read the page.

A major concern for people that are interested in website creator software scripts is the ability to create many websites that will all look different without a lot of technical coding and website design knowledge. This software uses a powerful template system that makes it simple to change the entire look and design of each website, so every site created can look unique. While other template systems require a header graphic or logo that is a specific size, this system will adapt the size of the website to fit any header graphic.

Even though everything so far would be sufficient to create affiliate websites, Article Site Builder Pro doesn’t stop there. There are many other extremely useful features included like automated video walls that contain relevant YouTube videos based the website content. Another feature that boosts search engine rankings converts keywords in page articles within the website and links them to relating pages on the site.

Other bonus software scripts are also included in this package, like the “Search Phrase Customizer”. This handy tool is designed to help reduce bounce rate on websites that receive search engine traffic. Whenever someone arrives on a page of the website from a search engine, this tool will include the exact keyword phrase used by that visitor in a customized location on that page.

This is an effective technique because search engine visitors want to quickly see something relevant about their search to continue reading a web page. When a visitor sees the exact phrase they entered to find that page, they will likely be more intrigued and at least take a bit of time to find out what the website is about.

After reviewingArticle Site Builder Pro, it’s obvious that this affiliate creator software provides a unique approach to affiliate marketing that offers a lot of benefits. This software is devoted to helping its customers succeed, so it also includes 1000 free private label rights articles with each purchase to ensure all of its users have some articles to immediately use to create an affiliate website.

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