Review of the Top Article Submission Services

What is an article submission service and how does it differ from an article submission software? Which one is more effective in helping you achieve the results you want from your article marketing campaign? To help you make up your mind on which of these two will serve your needs better, you may first need to know how an article submission service works.

Article Submission Service 101
Basically, an article submission and distribution service is a web-based service that helps you submit your articles to various directory sites. Most services have an in-house editor who pre-screens and edits your articles to ensure that they meet the standards set by the publishers.

However, by joining such sites, you will have to pay for your monthly or annual membership fee whereas you only have to pay a one-time purchase fee for article submission software.

Top Online Article Submission Services
If you would like to see how each one stack against each other, here is a rundown of some of the top online article submission services today.

Unique Article Wizard
With the Unique Article Wizard (UAW),  you can submit a completely unique version of your article to more than 20,000 top article directories, ezine publishers and niche blog networks in less than a minute. UAW guarantees spun articles will be high-quality and not the gibberish that comes out with some article spinning. Additionally, it gives readers a unique version of the article they are reading by simply clicking on a link, thereby allowing for better syndication of your articles.

UAW also allows you to use multiple pen names and lets you schedule your submissions the way you want to. It organizes all your articles so you can instantly see which ones have been published and where they have been published. It even offers a nifty plugin for your blog so you can provide updated content to your site without having to do it manually. By signing up for their service, they promise your articles will be indexed by the major search engines within 48 hours, and you will be getting about 200 backlinks to your site within one to three weeks.

With SEOLinkVine, you have to submit at least one article into the system, provide three relevant backlinks for your article, set how quickly you want to have your links generated and let the system work for you. Blog owners who want to get unique, high-quality articles can simply create a free account, and they will automatically receive free niche articles directly to their blog. As a result, you will create free one-way backlinks to your sites from different IP addresses.

The service also spins your articles automatically and allows you to drip feed your content to avoid raising any red flags with the major search engines.

Magic Submitter
With the Magic Submitter, you can automatically create and verify your accounts at hundreds of article directory sites, video-sharing, PDF-sharing and press release sites, social and micro blogging sites and forums.  It has about 2,000 sites in its database so you can expect to generate thousands of one-way backlinks for every submission. You can even add hundreds of websites to the list should you choose to do so.

Magic Submitter automatically spins your articles and allows you to drip feed your articles all over the web. It can also solve all captcha verifications using any captcha service provider you choose and provide you accurate reports for your submissions. Using this service, you can even ping, bookmark and spin your links.

Article Submission Services Linkvana is one of the more expensive article submission services out there, but it guarantees to create thousands of quality one-way backlinks for your site from its network of high PR blogs, high authority forum sites and social networking and bookmarking sites as well. It offers a “time-released” system to make your link-building campaign look more natural and optimize your backlinks to ensure that you will get better results over time.  As long as you are able to submit unique, good-quality articles to the system, Linkvana promises to help you create quality backlinks in a matter of days.

Aside from submitting your articles to its vast blog network, Linkvana allows you to track all of your link-building projects under one easy-to-manage dashboard. It also offers a keyword tool and tracks the performance of your keywords. It allows on-site and off-site research, affordable content outsourcing services and lifetime free upgrades.

Linkvana offers a 5-day free trial so you can try how it works before deciding if this article submission service is the right one for you.

Remember, using an article submission service can help you achieve your goals, provided that you choose one that will keep you from being penalized by the major search engines and use it properly. For best results, choose one that offers to drip feed your content and submits equally to sites having low and high PR. In addition, limit the number of articles submitted for any one site and vary the anchor text and pages linked. Finally, consider limiting their use to building up Web 2.0 links. Mass submitting articles falls into a gray SEO area and needs to be used with caution.

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