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A common question for new internet marketers is “What is the best affiliate program?”. Although a lot of great affiliate networks exist, there isn’t a single, correct answer for this question that will fit everybody because there are many different affiliate programs that cater to particular niches.

The real question is “What is the best affiliate program for my needs?”. When you select an affiliate network based on your own abilities and what that program can offer, you will have a better chance of success.

Think about your own interests and what type of products you already know about. Once you know the niches that interest you, it is easier to decide which affiliate program will be the best fit for you.

Amazon Associates
One of the best affiliate programs to refer sales on physical products is Amazon’s Associates program. Their commission structure is performance based for most products, so you can earn higher commissions as you are able to refer more sales each month.

There are actually eight affiliate programs offered by Amazon, one for each of the country sites that it offers. The availability of various country sites presents an excellent opportunity to monetize as much of your website traffic as possible.

Since physical products have to be shipped to the customer, it’s very important where the seller is holding the product because it will affect the customers’ shipping rates. By serving ads from different Amazon affiliate sites based on the country of the website visitor, you can present them with an offer to buy a product with the lowest possible shipping rates and hopefully in their native language.

Overall, many people may stay away from marketing Amazon products because commission rates look unappealing when they start at 4%. However, that number can go up to 8.5% based on your monthly sales volume, and you really can’t expect large commission rates from physical goods.

Physical goods have a much lower profit margin than other kinds of products, like digital books, so there is simply not as much profit to share with affiliates. It is important to keep in mind  physical goods are considerably easier to sell than digital products because most physical goods are produced by nationally recognized and respected companies. Compared with other affiliate networks that also have physical products, Amazon seems to be able to offer the best prices overall.

The Ebay affiliate program is rather different from many other networks. You have likely heard about Ebay, but you may not know that you can actually sign up to be an affiliate for Ebay.

You will only get paid for referring people to their site that place winning bids. However, if you have a website with the right demographic for these products, it can be a very profitable affiliate program to join.

The main downside to this network is that it can be difficult to get accepted. They do not want a crowd of low-quality traffic affiliates sending members to their website. In general, Ebay is looking for highly targeted website traffic that comes from clean sources. Large company websites and high quality niche websites are the most likely websites to get accepted.Best Affiliate Programs

LinkShare is a large affiliate network that provides a wide variety of products to promote. They do have physical products that you can promote, like Amazon, but you are not just limited to physical products with LinkShare.

In addition to the variety of product types that you can promote, there is one other big difference between LinkShare and an affiliate program link Amazon. On LinkShare, you’re not just referring sales to one main company and their products, but you may not have complete access to promote anything you want because vendors can set their program to manual approval.

LinkShare’s vendors are actually a wide variety of businesses ranging from mega corporations to small businesses to individuals selling their own products and/or services. This variety does offer a lot of potential products to promote, but you can also find yourself marketing for a company with a poor reputation.

Commission Junction (CJ)
Commission Junction is another large and very dependable affiliate program that is among the best available. It is a comparable affiliate network to LinkShare in terms of the way the network works and also the types of products you can promote.

The main difference between LinkShare and Commission Junction are the vendors that sell products. In general, Commission Junction doesn’t cater to low volume vendors, small businesses and individuals.
They will generally only accept companies with existing sales volumes of $50,000 a month or more. Although this does tend to restrict the amount of products and services that you can promote, you can also be more confident with the vendor quality on Commission Junction because of this restriction.

Clickbank is quite different from all the other best affiliate programs listed here, but it is certainly not one that you will want to ignore. Clickbank is unique because it only accepts vendors to sell digital products and services.

Clickbank is a quite well known affiliate network in the internet marketing community because many individuals are able to run very successful businesses as Clickbank vendors. Likewise, affiliates also have the advantage of amazing commission rates for sales on Clickbank products.

Although Clickbank isn’t just limited to internet marketing products, it is one of the most popular places where you will find on the internet and affiliate marketing related products for sale. If you’re interested in the “Get Rich Quick” industry, this is one of the main places you will find products to promote.

The downside to Clickbank is the competition can be rather high. This is especially true for niches like internet marketing. The best way to succeed with Clickbank is to find a great product with a non-invasive sales page and send targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

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