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Blog affiliate marketing is one of the simplest methods to make money online. It is effective, legitimate and does not require a big investment to get started. Almost everyone can set up a blog but making it profitable is something that needs planning and preparation. If you are new to blogging, you have to make sure that you do not make mistakes in the beginning that are hard to correct later. This complementary guide makes it easier to do things right.

Getting started with blog affiliate marketing
Before you start your marketing site, you will have to choose the topic. The most important thing is to select one that interests you so that you can write about it as an expert. This means providing useful information to readers, who will keep on returning for more.

However, niche selection also needs to take into account the number of people interested in the topic, as well as keywords and site organization. How to find a niche covers this is detail.

Throughout the process of blog affiliate marketing, it is always a good idea to search for other blogs in the niche (see, how to find blogs) for ideas and to see how tough the competition will be.

Choose a domain name and blogging platform
Once you know the niche and have a good idea of keywords, select a domain name and blogging platform. There are numerous paid and free platforms to consider. The single most popular free platform is WordPress, and WordPress websites covers how to go about using it to create a blog.

Drupal is another popular option.

The benefits and drawbacks of blog affiliate marketing
Online marketing gives people many options, products and methods to choose from, and they can work when and where they want. Overhead costs are low, and people are free to create as they like. In addition, the right content can continue generating revenue long after it is posted.

The drawbacks include the fact that it is a very competitive business, and it usually takes a lot of visitors to make more than a part-time income from it. Therefore, blog affiliate marketing requires lots of knowledge on both how to bring in visitors and monetizing websites.

Ways to succeed with a blog online
Obviously, a blog is going to need traffic to get clicks and sales. The best way to do this is to create the content visitors want and optimize it for the search engines. Since the search engine optimization game keeps changing, it always makes sense to start early and use a variety of techniques, never overdoing anything. Start with the following tips covering on-page SEO and continuously vary between the different techniques for off-page SEO.

Use the advice in writing for websites to create content that is suitable for online readers. In addition, while marketing strategies in the past often emphasized creating as much content as possible, the trend favored by more SEO experts now is to concentrate on fewer but more quality articles that are kept up to date.

Other blog promotion methods
SEO cannot always deliver the traffic needed. One simple way to bring in more visitors is through pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Use the tips in the article to make sure the revenue generated is greater than the advertising costs.

Email marketing is a very effective method used by top blog marketers. They use list building to build relationships with visitors and market products to them. Many consider this the most effective method of online marketing (when done right) since it frees the marketer from being overly dependent on the search engines or paid advertising.

Another method deserving special mention is to use social networking sites. Through social bookmarking and syndication of content as outlined in social bookmarking and social buzz, people can build an online reputation and get their content noticed and spread by others. As changes in search engine algorithms put more emphasis on this kind of social proof and less on traditional link building, it will become more important than ever to know.

Videos and competitions or quizzes are also top ways of making blog content more valuable and engaging to readers.

Monetizing blogs
Affiliate marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme, and you will need loads of determination, patience and most likely some expert guidance on how to monetize your site. Still, any kind of site can be monetized and a good income can be made when there is enough traffic.

Selling ads
This is a way to monetize almost any type of blog regardless of the content since it does not require targeting what is on the site to the ads. This is not technically affiliate marketing but selling advertising since blog owners are paid either for impressions or people clicking on ads. Google Adsense is popular and generally the most lucrative, but there are a number of ad networks for publishers. More established sites can sometimes work out direct deals with merchants to run only their ads. The main drawback is that click ads generally require a lot of traffic to generate a significant income.

CPA marketing
blog affiliate marketingIf you are confident that you can pull in a lot of targeted traffic, you might choose a CPA marketing. With CPA, marketers get paid for generating leads for companies. What is usually required is to get people to sign up for a free offer or submit their email address. These offers will almost always pay better than simple ad clicks. The benefit of joining CPA networks is that you will usually get information on how much other people make per click promoting the same offers. However, you will have to consider that the offers change regularly, and you need to change your links as well as content when one of the CPA promotions is paused or cancelled. CPA marketing methods covers all of this in much greater detail.

Market digital products
Selling digital products is one of the most profitable online marketing methods since products will pay a high percentage of the sale. By far, the largest marketplace for these products can be found on ClickBank. When you market digital products, they will need to be relevant to the topic of the blog. Some tricks to marketing ClickBank products include understanding ClickBank gravity, writing product reviews and email marketing.

You will need to create a customer base, landing pages and bonus offers if you want to beat the competition. More than any other type of blog affiliate marketing, it is necessary to build a close relationship with readers. Be honest and as informed as possible with product reviews and other advice.

Selling affiliate products
A middle road between selling ads and digital products is selling affiliate products. These products tend to be easier to sell than digital goods, but it is harder to sell a product than to get someone to simply click on an advertisement. The content should be related to the products being sold. Amazon, Commission Junction and LinkShare are some of the top affiliate networks and offer a lot of products.

Obviously, there are other models and networks as well. The more related the products are to the niche; the better sales are likely to be. With this guide to affiliate programs, you can find the types of promotions that will be most suitable for your blog.

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