How to Build a Long Term ClickBank Affiliate Business

If you can imagine yourself working from home full time as a ClickBank affiliate, you will need to set up a long-term strategy. People do not make millions overnight in the real world, and those who do not want to approach it as a business should stay away. There are several strategies you can choose from, but the most important thing is that you have to be comfortable with the promotion methods and niche before you make up your mind. The below review will give you some useful tips to plan your successful ClickBank affiliate business.

Is the niche profitable?
The first mistake you can make is that you choose the wrong niche (see how to find a niche). There are some hot marketplaces on ClickBank, such as internet marketing, relationships and health & beauty; however, these will be more competitive. The huge number of affiliates promoting the offers will be a proof that the niche is profitable, but you will have to compete with more people.

On the other hand, there will be some niches that do not have a product with a gravity (see ClickBank gravity if you are not familiar with it) higher than 20.  Unless you already have loads of traffic to your existing niche site related to the offer, you should give these products a miss, as it may be too hard to generate enough traffic. It is always a balancing act between a niche with sufficient traffic but without too much competition.

Another good method to find out about the profitability of niches is to visit other marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay and see whether or not products are being sold daily. Some marketers say that if there is a video with more than 500,000 views in one year about the problem the ClickBank product solves, you have found a profitable niche.

You need to build your own image and brand
Apart from featuring different ClickBank products on your site and sending visitors to the sales page, you need to build a relationship with your customers. Making one quick sale is great, but what if the same person comes back to you repeatedly and bought more? Would you be better off? Of course you would! Use squeeze pages and opt in email marketing to set up a system that keeps prospects engaged with email marketing and other strategies. Having a mailing list and building a relationship with your subscribers is the basic task you have to accomplish. This works best when used in conjunction with social network marketing. Establish yourself on Facebook or other social networking sites to further interact with people, gain reviews and other social footprints people can recognize.

Finally, sending out free information and products to your subscribers will make people remember you and increase your chances of earning commissions.

Consider special offers and bonuses
Sending visitors to the same landing page other affiliates do will not make you any different, so an unique pre-sales page or landing page is often in order. It is necessary to carefully plan every single ClickBank promotion campaign. Think through what visitors would expect and the types of bonuses they would find beneficial that you can offer. You can encourage prospects to buy from you, instead of other people with these techniques. Although this will mean extra work for you, the results can be great. Your personal recommendations and testimonials can double your conversion rates and should be included whenever possible.

Review the competition and the market
A good affiliate marketer knows his competition and analyzes their weaknesses and strengths. This might sound like a time-consuming task, but it really is not. You have to find the people who are the top affiliates of the products, won the launch contest or rank first on Google search results. Once you understand why they are successful, you can beat them by finding their weaknesses and changing some details to make your offer stronger. You should not copy affiliate websites, but you are free to look over the most commonly used review templates and use them yourself.

Know your potential customersbuilding clickbank affiliate business
It is very hard to sell something if you do not know who wants to buy it. Therefore, you need to review the product and determine what type of customers are likely to purchase. If you already have a mailing list, you can send out an email to those subscribers you think would benefit from the product the most. If you do not have a list, you need to set up a lead capture page, or squeeze page, that targets the type of people who would like the product and would be interested in buying it. You can offer a free download, related to the product and after building a relationship send out the ClickBank promotion to your list.

Read the affiliate updates regularly
In order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to be aware of the regulations and changes. This means that you definitely have to check out the updates ClickBank sends you, as well as the vendor’s emails. There might be some important information or promotion tips that can mean a huge difference when it comes to the size of your affiliate check. You have to play by the rules if you want to get paid. In many cases, the vendor will give you advice on promotion methods, conversions, refunds, or simply earnings per click. If you promote more than one product, it is important to keep an eye on the conditions to decide which offer to push.

Include continuity offers in your ClickBank affiliate business
If you would like to earn regular income from your affiliate business, you need to look for offers that have a continuity upsell (some type of subscription). This often means that the visitor is first presented with a bargain offer, which might not pay a lot of commission. However, when the visitor becomes a customer, the vendor will offer longer paying offers to include those with membership access for a recurring cost. These may not be huge commissions, but they can really add up over time and generate a steady income that does not require additional work.

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