A Guide to Buying Niche Websites

Some people want to skip the whole site building process and simply buy websites. This can be a good way to avoid some of the difficulties in site building and go straight to the action. However, it has its drawbacks.

When sites are simply purchased, it can eliminate the need to purchase the software to build them. It will also obviously save time and allow people to concentrate more on marketing. On the other hand, when people do not build sites themselves, they will not understand their workings as well and will have more trouble fixing things if something ever goes wrong. In addition, they will be paying someone to do work may have been able to do themselves, and any site made by someone else probably will not be exactly what a buyer would have made.

That being said, there are a number of ways to buy websites for those who would like to go directly to owning their own online businesses.

Online auction
The most obvious is Flippa, which brings buyers and sellers together in an online auction. It claims to be the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites in the world. It offers every kind of site from those costing tens of dollars to those requiring the buyer to fork over hundreds of thousands. There are various ways to find out about the sites being sold, and payment systems to make doing business with others online more secure.

Random search
A web search will turn up a number of different online auctions dedicated to websites. Some of the most established ones include Website Broker and Biz Buy Sell. In addition, websites often can be found for sale on other types of auction sites to include eBay.

Internet marketing forums are also a good place to buy websites. The biggest ones, to include Warrior Forum, will have sections dedicated to buying and selling websites.

Another approach is just to do a web search in a field of interest, select promising sites and ask the site owners if they are willing to sell. The best bet is probably smaller sites that were created professionally but do not have much fresh content. The owner may have lost interest and be willing to sell for a good price.

Before buying any website, some of the main points to consider include:

  1. Monetization: How much money is the site currently making and what is its potential?
  2. Traffic: In many ways, traffic to a site is more important than how much money it currently may be pulling in. If there are visitors, there are ways to monetize virtually any site.
  3. Quality and uniqueness: Apart from looking professional, a website should answer some type of question or provide a service. There should be a reason for visitors to come.
  4. Ability to manage: What technical or other skill will be required to manage and expand the website?

A unique way of purchasing a website can be found at BuyYourNicheSite.com. This service offers to sell automated niche websites where shoppers can compare prices from sellers for specific products. The affiliate marketing sites, designed to rank in the search engines for specific niches, can be purchased with a down payment of $395. The total purchase price is $895.  The buyer can pay one payment of $895 or make a down payment of $395 and three remaining payments of $197. After paying the initial $395, the first four months of hosting are free. After this time, the affiliate marketer can choose to keep hosing with BuyYourNicheSite.com for a cost of $12/month or find another place to host the website. For an additional $5/month, website owners can purchase access to their method of increasing site traffic.Buying Niche Websites

The affiliate gets to keep 100 percent of the commission earned.

What comes with the purchase?

When affiliate marketers purchase a niche website from BuyYourNicheSite.com, they own the websites and the domain names. There are detailed instructions provided in an 11-page instruction manual that comes with the website purchase. They provide website owners with competitive key phrases to use to increase their website traffic. Owners have the ability to modify the website or even sell it if they choose to do so. The purchase includes a complete hosting panel and file transfer protocol (FTP) site access.

Site development

BuyYourNicheSite.com has developers and programmers who keep the websites up-to-date and keep track of merchants’ prices and inventory levels. Every day, feeds are received from over 6200 merchants, supplying updated pricing and inventory level information. This can save website owners money, as purchasing this type of programming software can run into hundreds of dollars.

Instant backlink software

BuyYourNicheSite.com has now made instant backlink software available with the purchase of a website. However, it appears to be the kind of quick backlink builder that generally does not offer much long-term SEO value.

How affiliates make money

There are a number of ways to make money with a website purchased through BuyYourNicheSite.com. Of course, the more visitors there are to the website, the more money the affiliate will make. Here are some of the various ways affiliates can make money through their websites:

  • Clickbank:  The purchased website includes affiliate links to related products inserted through Clickbank. Clickbank pays up to a75 percent commission rate and is paid out every two weeks.
  • Amazon.com: Website owners may include a widget that shows comparable products on sale at Amazon.com. Amazon pays on a scale that increases with the number of products sold by the affiliate every month.
  • Price Search Engine Networks: After website owners purchase their sites, they become an affiliate for three or four affiliate networks that display thousands of merchants each. No matter which store the customer buys from, the affiliate still earns money. The networks pay affiliates directly.
  • Ebay Partner Network: eBay Partner Network displays matching eBay items for sale in a location at the bottom left-hand corner of the website. They pay their affiliates on a monthly basis.
  • Google Adsense: There is space on the right-hand side of the website to display Google Adsense ads. Google pays per click so sales are not necessary to make money. Google Adsense offers a way to monetize almost any type of site.
  • Advertising: Website owners always have the option of selling their own advertising. One way of accomplishing this is through selling banner ads to sponsors for a monthly fee.

What types of sites are for sale?

Any type of niche shopping website that people can imagine is for sale on BuyYourNicheSite.com. Sites are available targeting sports enthusiasts, pet owners, home-improvement shoppers, “going green” enthusiasts, and many more.

Custom websites

If someone is unable to find a website for sale that they are interested in purchasing, BuyYourNicheSite.com will design a custom-built website for them. After completing a contact form with the niche website idea, a representative will contact the affiliate to discuss the details for the custom-built website.

These websites look very professional and offer shoppers relevant information to their search item. An affiliate can make money through helping shoppers find what they are looking to buy without having the hassle of dealing with inventory, customer service, shipping, or returned merchandise.

In the end, the decision go purchase or construct a website depends on the balance between how much time and interest one has in building a website, and the willingness to invest more money to get going more quickly.

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