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Much like traditional stores build their presence in physical space, affiliate marketers establish themselves in virtual space. If they are to find success, online marketers must establish a big enough presence. To help with the endless hours of coding and other work that this would otherwise require, there is a lot of website building software to speed things along. With this software, anyone can create a professional looking website. Good software will have an easy-to-use interface and intuitive wizards to make the process a whole lot easier. This will make the day when you can start making money online come that much earlier.

Some of the features to look for in a site building software include:

Templates: People creating websites usually do not want to start from scratch. With templates, people can use design ideas they might not have thought of and the website creation process can be speeded up considerably.

On-page SEO: Those marketing online need to consider both off- and on-page SEO in every step of the process. A good website builder will have various features to make on-page SEO easier to include the easy insertion of meta information, header tags, keyword density, sitemaps and error checks.

Ecommerce capabilities: Depending on the goals of the website, ecommerce might be a shopping cart that has been incorporated into the software. For people intent only on affiliate marketing, the software should incorporate all the relevant affiliate programs the marketer plans to use.

Multimedia support: Many people want to incorporate videos, sound and other features to make their sites more dynamic and interesting. Those interested in doing these things need software to help meet these needs.

Ease of use: Website building software should be designed with the user in mind. A good interface, drag and drop or other features that make using the software are important for both novice and experienced users.

Photo imaging tools: Photos are needed on most websites. While a simple way to size and insert photos may be enough for some users, others want more advanced photo editing features.

Support: There is no telling when someone might run into a problem they cannot resolve. Be wary of software that does not have a clear user support system.Every user has different needs, so it is important to make a listing of what is desired before making any purchases. The following reviews of different software will help you make your decisions.

The major types of software to consider
There are three major types of website building software for online marketers to consider:

Dedicated affiliate website software: This kind of software is geared solely for building affiliate websites and makes the process fast and easy. The drawback is that dedicated software sometimes lacks the flexibility that comes with a less specialized website builder.

General website builders: 
This type of software is not specifically designed to create marketing websites but often has tools and templates that help throughout the process. It will probably take longer and may require more technical skill to make a site with this software vs. a specialized affiliate website builder, but there will be more flexibility.

WordPress is free, open-source software that started out at a blogging platform. However, its extreme popularity means there are many templates and plugins that have been created for it. Many of these are free or very reasonably priced and make creating an affiliate or other type of website quite easy. A complete guide to using it can be found at WordPress affiliate website.

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