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The usage of cell phones has risen to the point where it is not having one is considered more unique than owning a mobile phone. Even though so many people carry cell phones and constantly use them, there are always novel innovations and devices coming out each year. As a result, this huge market is continuously purchasing new cell phones every couple of years.

Since there is such a huge market for cell phones these days, it makes sense that selling cell phones can be a very profitable business. Most people do not have the kind of money that is needed to start their own cell phone company, but there is another way to get in on the lucrative cell phone business that doesn’t require a single cent to get started. The secret is to use cell phone affiliate programs that allow people to refer cell phone sales to earn commissions.

When someone decides to promote cell phones through an affiliate program, it’s not always the best idea to pick the highest paying program. The key is to figure out what cell phone brands will sell better to the target audience and promote them regardless of the commission amounts. This strategy will encourage a higher percentage of traffic to turn into sales and will usually result in bigger profit margins.

Although some of the best known cell phone companies like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T offer their own affiliate programs that are either self-managed or run through other networks like Commission Junction or Google, these are not necessarily the best cell phone affiliate programs to join. Generally, the cell phones and service plans offered by these major carriers are the most expensive options, which makes them more difficult for affiliates to sell online.

Consumers will frequently want to see these phones in person at retail stores so they can try them before they buy them. These more expensive phones, which are often smartphones, are commonly impulse purchases so the consumers are not as likely to buy these items online, unless they are hard to find in a retail store. As a result, it’s generally important to look beyond these companies to find the best affiliate programs.

Another one of the leading cell phone providers in the USA is T-Mobile. They are popular because they are a reliable, low cost alternative to the most popular contract cell phone companies like Verizon and AT&T. We have reviewed them to be the best pick for a cell phone affiliate program because of their affordable prices, high conversion rates, and the ability to promote prepaid or contract cell phones.

Commission Junction manages T-Mobile’s affiliate program. Their commission rates are simple to understand. All prepaid phone service activations pay a $10 commission while referrals on monthly service contracts offer a $75 commission.

The only downside to T-Mobile’s affiliate program is the short 14 day cookie life. This cookie controls how much time can pass between a visitor clicking on an affiliate link and the visitor completing a sale on that site in order for the affiliate to receive a commission. They will also only accept US and Canada affiliates into their affiliate program.Cell Phone Affiliate Programs

The leading provider of prepaid cell phones in the US is TracFone. Although they sell some of the most popular brands of phones like LG, Motorola, and Samsung, these are not generally expensive phones. However, the popularity and low price of these cell phones actually makes them a high converting affiliate product.

TracFone’s affiliate program is also run by Commission Junction, so affiliates will need to have an account there to apply as a TracFone affiliate. TracFone offers a 30% commission on any sales referred by affiliates. These sales can include phones and accessories. It will also include airtime purchases, but commissions will only be awarded for airtime when it’s purchased with a phone. They do not specify accepted countries for their affiliate program, so international affiliates may be able to join TracFone.

One of the best cell phone affiliate programs is LetsTalk. Although they are not actually a cell phone carrier, they are a chief online retailer for both cell phones and service plans through all major wireless phone carriers like Verizon and Sprint.

Even though some of these companies offer their own affiliate programs, LetsTalk is highly recommended because of the frequent special deals that they allow their affiliates to promote. These special deals allow consumers to save money on their purchases, which makes it easier for affiliates to refer sales when the consumer knows they are getting a good deal that can’t be found in retail stores.

LetsTalk also allows Commission Junction to manage their affiliate program, although affiliates will have the freedom to promote more than just cell phones with LetsTalk. Commissions can range from $5 up to $70 for a wide variety of referred purchases like cell phone accessories, contract extensions, additional lines, wireless cards, prepaid cell phones and even netbook activations.

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