How to Choose and Market ClickBank Products

If you are new to ClickBank affiliate marketing, you might be thinking that it is hard to choose from the literally thousands of digital products on the marketplace. Although there are some common mistakes people make when starting to promote products, the process is pretty straightforward. The following will help you better find and promote those products so you do not waste time and traffic on offers that will never make you money.

Choose the right product for your niche
You have to make sure that the ClickBank product will be relevant to your niche. If you already have a website, you might want to search with the same keywords in ClickBank you are using to get traffic to your website. This way, you can maximize your conversion rate, build your email list and earn money all while saving time on optimizing your site.

In addition, the product should be something you have an interest in and can write about.

Check out the competition
If you want to know whether people are making money marketing the same affiliate product, you will find that Google is your best friend. If you key in the product name in the search engines, you want to see results for it. If you do, this will indicate that the market is competitive, but also that there is enough space for you as the product generates interest. If you click on some of the affiliate promotion sites in the search results, you will see how other people market the product. Products that generated a lot of search results should only be promoted if you are confident you can promote the product from a unique angle.

However, avoid promoting products that are overly trendy or for which the competition is too fierce. A higher gravity (covered below) also shows that there is a large pool of affiliates already promoting the offer, so you will have to check out how strong these affiliate sites are to determine if you can compete with the established campaigns.

Check the ClickBank gravity and other indicators
ClickBank gravity is an indicator of how many affiliates promote the product and have made one or more recent sales. However, as each affiliate may only make a sale here and there, good gravity does necessarily mean that the product will pay well. There is also the fact higher gravity means more competition. Generally, many marketers recommend a medium of somewhere between 20 and 100 as a good indicator of a product that will sell that does not have too much competition.

Other ClickBank indicators to consider include the refund and rebill rates. ClickBank gravity covers all these factors in more detail.

Choose and Market ClickBank ProductsDo keyword research
Keyword research needs to be done and some phase, and it is best to start early. Find the keywords you can use to promote the product and how many searches they have. Obviously, if the keywords related to the product do not have much search volume, it may be time to reconsider promoting it. Very high competition for the keywords will also be a cause to pause. Use keyword research tools to find long tail keywords and to get an understanding of what people are searching for.

Find related products
If you already know what you are looking to promote, you still have to check out the market. If you find loads of similar and related products, you will know that there is a buying market. You do not have to stick with ClickBank stats only; head over to other marketplaces, especially Amazon, to see if there are any bestselling books on the same topic. If there are, it is a sure sign the product generates interest, and that you can also make money marketing it.

Don’t always go for the big ticket items
Be careful not to get sucked into the dream of big commissions on pricy products. Often, lower but more frequent commissions on cheaper products brings in the most money in the end.

Check YouTube videos
To find people’s interests in the market before you set up your campaign, the number of views on related videos is a great resource. This means you will have to spend some time checking statistics, making notes about the number or videos coming up for your search query and the number of views of videos uploaded in the past month. Since some products generate great interest when they are first launched only to see rapid declines, it is necessary to research trends. The existence of articles and videos is no guarantee of current interest in a product.

Review the landing page
You need to know what you are offering your customers; therefore, you should head over to the landing page. If you find it attractive and can afford it, you might even buy the product yourself to be able to give your customers insiders’ review. If this is not an option, try contacting the seller about getting a free evaluation copy. Some things landing pages should NOT have include:

  • Pop ups. They work sometimes but are annoying and bad for long-term business.
  • Opt in for email list building. Many visitors will go for this when they hit the landing page, and you will not make any sales.
  • Hype and empty promises. Too much hype turns people off, and empty promises are bad for business.
 A lot of it comes down to common sense and only selecting those products with good landing pages. Remember, if it is not something you would consider buying, you should not be promoting it.

Check online reviews
If you are not going to buy the product, you can still read reviews and details online. The main thing is that you have to look confident and expert in the product when promoting it. Any popular product will have lots of reviews. Gather information from the most impartial sites. The best reviews, and those for less popular products, can generally be found on forums. A good place to look for these reviews of ClickBank products is on Warrior Forum’s internet marketing and reviews ratings.

More than a name
Every niche has its experts who stand out based on their books, training, videos and blogs you might want to go with. However, a top name is only an indicator and not a guarantee a particular product will sell. You have to focus on the product more than the name and trends.

Test and choose the ClickBank affiliate marketing methods
Once you have the ClickBank product chosen, it is time to decide which promotion method to use. Many of these are outlined in ClickBank promotion methods. If you are not sure which would be the most suitable; you can test multiple variations and track your traffic and conversions (testing ClickBank campaigns). You might write a product review and publish it on your blog, create a few videos and upload them on YouTube, buy some PPC traffic or send out the offer to your mailing list. In the end, you have to decide upon the method that works the best with the current offer and gives you the highest earning per click. If you spend money on traffic generation, you always have to add up the amount you spend and make sure it is below your earnings of the campaign.

Set up a promotion
Once you have selected the most profitable promotion method for your Clickbank product, it is time to get the promotion infrastructure up and running to get real traffic to the site. There are some advanced tracking methods covered at tracking and cloaking affiliate links that will help you see where visitors and sales came from.

Marketers should not expect a higher than 2 percent conversion rate for your campaigns in general. This means that if you want to make a sale every day, you have to send at least fifty visitors to the site. After all, affiliate marketing is a numbers’ game, and the quality and quantity of traffic will determine the size of your paycheck after the campaign. Some think that ClickBank marketing is a set-and-forget way of making money, but it is not that simple. You have to regularly review and tweak campaigns, because new affiliates will come on board and could very fast knock you out of the driving seat.

Digital products offered on sites like ClickBank tend to offer much higher commissions than physical ones but are more difficult to sell. See online marketing for tips and ideas on how to best market the products you choose.

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