Understand ClickBank Gravity and Select the Best Products

If you are wondering how to pick products that sell from the ClickBank marketplace, you need to become familiar with “gravity.” It is a special term used by the site that has been around for more than a decade. It is an index that indicates the profitability/popularity level of a digital product that deserves attention when choosing a ClickBank product to promote.

What ClickBank gravity tells you
ClickBank gravity is an index that determines how many affiliates promoting the product earned commissions in the past eight weeks. Basically, it is one of the many profitability factors of a ClickBank product and should be checked to make sure that the product actually sells. The gravity is calculated based on how recently the last sale was made by a ClickBank affiliate, and older sales earn less credit. Therefore, if you see a high gravity, you can be sure that the product is hot, at least until very recently.

Don’t put too much weight on gravity
Gravity can sometimes be deceptive and is not a perfect measure for the following reasons:

  • Products that started out quite well but quickly dropped off or had many refunds might have a deceptively high score.
  • Any single affiliate, no matter how many sales of the product made, cannot add more than one point to the score. For example, a product that was sold hundreds of times by a lone affiliate would only have a score of one.
  • Sometimes products that do not sell well attract many affiliates (a slick launch, a bandwagon effect, etc. can cause this). This can give that product a good score even when most are not making any sales. At the same time, a product that sells much better, but has only been noticed by a few affiliates, will have a much lower score. In other words, gravity may have little to do with product quality and conversion rates.

Is high gravity a guarantee for success?
The compensation and potential earnings per click will also generally be better with a high gravity product, but it will also likely be competitive with many affiliates promoting it. Because of this, those who do not have the right strategy might end up not making any sales. The best option is to do your own research regarding the product, the features, and find out whether it would benefit your website visitors or email list (see email marketing) subscribers.

Some affiliates search for low gravity products in hopes they can dominate the target market. However, keep in mind that the major players sometimes have advanced notice of new products and have already taken steps to include acquiring keyword rich domains before the launch. In other words, low gravity is not a guarantee of easy competition, although it is more likely.

Productivity score and other indicators
Products on Clickbank are ranked by “productivity score”, which is made up by different indexes, including gravity. This is not shown on ClickBank (what exactly it is based on is kept secret) and is only used for ranking products.

Other figures next to the product description include

  • Dollars per sale (net amount earned for every referred sale)
  • Percent earned per sale (of the price of the product)
  • Average rebill total (total amount earned if the product has rebills)
  • Rebill percentage (for products with rebills)

All of these should be considered before starting a promotion, however, evaluating the competition is also important. In addition to making sure there is a gap in the marketplace you can successfully enter, this is a good way to see what others are doing and get new ideas.

What is a good ClickBank gravity?
It is hard to determine the right ClickBank gravity, as it will differ based on the niche, the competition and the demand on the market. The general rule many expert affiliates use is that 20 to 100 is a good range for products that will sell but not attract too much competition. However, some forum posts and blogs conclude that low gravity but high-paying offers have more profit potential than those that are popular among affiliates. Many people warn against promoting products with a gravity of  over 100 if you are not an internet marketing guru and do not have a ranking website with good traffic already.

You just need to find a product that has a relatively high gravity, a competition that is possible to tackle,ClickBank Gravity Select Products good packaging and the right promotion tools. Finding one does not mean that you do not have to run a couple of tests and tweak your campaign as you go, keeping an eye on the competition to determine the right methods. Generating free traffic might also take time, so if you think that the product would not be hot for more than a few weeks, you should give it a miss, even if it has a high productivity and ClickBank gravity.

More factors to consider
Some expert ClickBank affiliates will warn that fixating on the product gravity will lead to serious mistakes. Although there might be many people making money of the product, there are other things to consider as well.

  • Refund rate: The affiliate gets nothing if the customer refunds within 60 days. 
  • Rebill rate: If the product is generating rebill totals much higher than the sale price, customers are satisfied and coming back for more.
  • Reviews: Many buyers will do a web search for reviews before purchasing so you should too.

Perhaps the single most important thing to do is to look at the vender’s landing page. The page should have good info that will attract people and generate interest to buy without sounding too pushy. It needs to appeal to you and the kind of people who visit your websites.

Protect your reputation
If you have a well-established email list and you try to sell them a product that is no more than the latest hype of an internet marketing guru, you will soon find that your list will get smaller, and your reputation will suffer. This makes it even more crucial that you check the presentation of the product, the sales page, the support system and read some reviews. Even if you do not buy it yourself, make sure it will serve the interests of your subscribers and existing customers and not designed to make a quick buck.

Testing products
Driving paid traffic to your offer will be an option if you would like to run a quick test and have the resources. However, the conversion rate on cold traffic could be quite low compared to email list traffic. If you do have a list, the best and cheapest way of finding out about more about the profitability of ClickBank products is to send a test email. Make sure that you add your personal statement and view to the text and never use the pre-written emails other affiliates send out. In addition, you might need to expose the offer to targeted visitors more than once before you get a conversion, and this means that you have to wait for 1-2 weeks before you make a final judgment.

See ClickBank promotion methods for more ideas on testing and marketing digital products.

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