ClickBank Promotion Methods to Get You Sales

If you are just getting started as a ClickBank affiliate, you might be wondering how to start promoting the different digital products featured on the marketplace. There are various methods that established marketers use, and the answer is not as simple as you might think. It will depend on your background, the product, the niche and the customer demands. In the review below, we would like to give you an overview of the most commonly used ClickBank promotion methods.

Article marketing and ClickBank promotions
If you would like to market ClickBank products with article marketing, you will have to consider that most quality article directories do not allow direct linking to an affiliate page. You can overcome this obstacle by creating a landing page to link to that then redirects the traffic to the offer. However, this page needs to be well written to provide people with information and make them want to click through to the offer.

ClickBank promotion with paid traffic
The fastest way to get traffic to a ClickBank product is to buy it with pay per click or PPC. However, you will need to have relevant experience in either PPC or PPV (pay per click or pay per view) methods to avoid losing money, as the cost of ads can quickly add up. Advanced ClickBank promotion experts will compete for the same keywords, and the rules for advertising affiliate products have changed in the past few years. Keep in mind that it is about more than just bidding for keywords as ad networks monitor how visitors respond to ads and increase the rankings of those that appear to offer better user experiences. When setting up a paid traffic campaign, you need to monitor performance (testing ClickBank campaigns) as well as the average conversion rate and the earning per sale, to make sure that you pay less for visitors than they make you in commissions.

Email marketing techniques
The best option for many is to create a squeeze page (preferably one that involves a free giveaway as is covered in affiliate marketing list building) to capture people’s email addresses and only sending them offers after building relationships through email marketing. This requires more work, but in the long term, it is the most profitable solution.

If you already have an existing marketing list relevant to the niche of the ClickBank product, the best way to test the potential profitability of the campaign is to send out a test email. You will get plenty of promotional information from most of the merchants, but if you have already built a relationship with your subscribers, it is better to add your personal touch or a testimonial. The offer could be anything from a mention in the email to something offered with bonuses or special discounts on other products. In a campaign, it is common to send at least three emails featuring the ClickBank promotion.

clickbank promotion methodsBlog marketing and ClickBank
Blog marketing is a good way to promote ClickBank products, provided that your content is relevant to the problem the vendor promises to solve. You can create a review on your blog, or just refer to the product as a solution for the problem you are talking about. Some people think it is necessary to clock or hide affiliate links on blogs to avoid Google penalties, although this has never been proven. Links should be made nofollow to avoid losing ranking to the merchant site. Some people like to go further and create redirect pages to their ClickBank offers (see tracking and cloaking affiliate links).

Review sites
You might be able to create a dedicated review site for some of your ClickBank promotions. For this, you have to learn how to write informative and well-structured product reviews that people actually read until the very end. You can see that many affiliates have their own review sites, and if you are just starting yours, these sites can give you can find plenty of ideas. The main characteristics of a good ClickBank review site are being informative without being wordy, easy to navigate and impartial. You should never leave the negatives out of the review, and if you buy the product yourself, do not forget to upload your own purchase proof or confirmation email to build rapport and trust. The more reviews you write, the better the results will be, but this type of marketing will involve a lot of search engine optimization work as well. You might even want to get freelancers to create your reviews, provided that they are willing to put in the effort to research the product.

Thank You pages redirecting to ClickBank products
In some cases, when you just want to give the ClickBank product promotion a try, and you can save time and money by simply inserting a banner leading to the landing page on your thank you page for something else. For example, when you gain a new subscriber to your email list with a givaway, you can set up a custom thank you page that they will see after confirming their email address. The click rate on these pages will be generally higher than on your own landing pages promoting the product, as you have already built some rapport with the customer; you just gave away something they wanted for free. Even if they are only curious what else you have to offer, if the banner is eye-catching and the sales letter designed well, you will have the chance to make sales with almost no extra effort. If the tracking tool shows a good click and conversion rate, you can go ahead and set up further ClickBank promotions for the same product.

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