ClickBump Engine Review – What It Offers & Disadvantages

Your content is the heart of any website you create, but the theme you use will decide how it is displayed to the visitors in addition to different aspects of SEO. ClickBump is arguably the best WordPress theme and what this site uses. The following review will cover its main features, advantages and disadvantages.

The ClickBump system

There are four major components of ClickBump:

  • ClickBump Engine (CE): This is the theme itself and what this review will be about. It contains all the core functions of ClickBump to include ads, social icons, text, layout and SEO features.
  • ClickBump skins: These are templates, which work on top of ClickBump engine, can quickly be changed to totally transform the look of any site (basically, you can change the template while keeping the same theme). Twelve popular skins come with any ClickBump Engine purchase, and many more, with unique styles and features, are available for roughly $10 each.
  • ClickBump SEO!: This is an optional plugin that works in conjunction with CE that adds various SEO features to your WordPress site.
  • JumpStart Pro: Another optional plugin, it will automatically install the CE on a site with all your default settings, pages and posts. This is useful for those who are creating a number of WordPress sites.

ClickBump features and advantages
The major advantage of ClickBump is its large number of build-in features that eliminate the need for plugins. In addition to simplifying your websites’ interface, this also makes them faster. In fact, this advantage and its clean coding has enabled ClickBump to beat all themes in speed tests. This in turn gives your site better search engine ranking and a better visitor experience.

Once ClickBump is installed in WordPress, the following menu will appear. Each feature is explained as follows:

  • Home: You can install any skin to quickly transform the look and features of a site, and ClickBump Enginethose with more experience can paste custom CSS code here if they wish.
  • Ads: To make your ads more noticeable, they can be set to rotate between the left and right sides of your content. You also have great flexibility as to where they display vertically, colors etc.
  • Blog: You can create an inner blog page (allowing you to have both a blog layout and a static page layout), set the length of post summaries and so on.
  • Images: Upload a header image, favicon, etc.
  • Layout: Easily control various layout features of your site to include sidebar width and position, site title size, whether or not post excerpts will appear, etc.
  • Menus: Set menu colors, decide whether you will have related articles to automatically appear at the bottom of posts (this is a neat feature) and so on.
  • SEO: Various SEO settings to include search snippets, no-follow for selected pages, etc.
  • Slider: You can have different pictures display alternatively to visitors.
  • Social: There is no need for a social media plugin with many social sharing features built in.
  • Text: Quickly choose from a wide variety of text sizes, colors and fonts to display on different parts of your site.
  • Extras: Tracking codes, copyright messages, the ability to backup and import all your CE settings and other features are available here.

Other features

Built in meta, title and descriptions
While most WordPress themes require that you install SEO plugins, which can be resource hogs, for the meta information, there is no need for one with ClickBump Engine. You can impute a post title, custom title and description for every post or have CE automatically generate them for you.

Google +1 Options
You can reward those who +1 your posts by automatically redirecting them to special bonuses or content.

Custom script or ads for each page
While most themes lock you into a single ad layout for the entire site, ClickBump Engine allows you to drop in different ads for different pages if you want to.

In addition, there is Custom Scripts box that will allow you to drop in script to further customize pages individually if needed.

Table of contents
If you want to break up longer posts into separate pages for faster loading and easier navigation, this feature allows you to quickly put in the page breaks where you would like and automatically create a table of contents that users can use to navigate the pages the post is divided into.

Various widgets
CE comes with a number of added widgets. AdSense, Category, forms, menus, search, slider, text, video and other widgets you can drop into different areas of your site to add functionality to the places you choose in seconds. Widget areas include sidebar, above/below header, above/below content and two footer areas.

clickbump widgets

Some of the extra widgets that come with ClickBump Engine

Control the display of each post
You have the ability to separately control the components of each post. For example, if you do not ClickBump Engine optionswant ads, sidebar or any of the other options shown in this image displayed on one of your posts, you only need to check the boxes. They can be brought back later by simply be unchecking the box.

Google Authorship is fully supported so you can quickly set it up if you have a Google Plus account.

Although the software is free for life, the free forum support and updates are only included for six months from the date of purchase. However, a new period will begin again if you purchase a skin from ClickBump or for a nominal fee.

While the retail price for ClickBank Engine is normally $97, it can now be purchased for $57. ClickBump Bundle (ClickBump Engine, JumpStart Pro and ClickBump SEO!) has been reduced from $167 to $97 here.

You can use the theme and plugins on as many sites as you own.

There is a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee so there is no risk in trying.

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