ClickBump SEO! Review – How It Can Optimize Your Content

Most SEO tools are designed for building links and other off-page SEO tactics to boost rankings. For on-page SEO, WordPress users can use different plugins. ClickBump SEO! (which does not require the ClickBump Engine theme to use) offers many useful features at a one-time price.

What ClickBump SEO! offers
While ClickBump SEO! does automate some tasks for you, its primary function is to analyze and provide advice about your articles to help you better optimize them for search engines and visitors. It does not use the kind of machine optimization, which can potentially backfire and take up too many resources, that some plugins rely on. Instead, it provides valuable analysis of your posts and makes suggestions based on established SEO principles. This also makes it a learning tool for those unfamiliar with search engine optimization.

Getting started
Once ClickBump SEO! is purchased and installed, the first step is to look under SEO! Settings. Some of the basic settings you can choose here include:

  • Placing H1 heading tags in your post titles
  • Automatically make external links nofollow (if you want some links follow, you will need to turn off the plugin when the post is published or use blogroll links)
  • Nofollow cloaked internal links
  • Set a custom keyword density if you choose and other more advanced features.

What it’s all about
For the typical user, the most useful part of ClickBump SEO! is the toolbar that displays in the right ClickBump SEO!side of the publishing area when adding posts and pages. The plugin analyzes each post and makes suggestions on how they can be improved with various white hat techniques and gives an overall SEO score. The basic metrics include:

  • Keyword density: Find a good overall percentage of keywords in the post.
  • H1-3 tag advice as well as whether or not the keywords are bolded
  • If there is an image that has an alt tag with the keywords
  • Position of keywords in the article
  • Internal links
  • Post word count

The tool will call attention to any areas that need addressing, make suggestions and give each article an overall score. As all of this is done before the article is even posted, it will not be a resource hog and slow down your site when visitors view the pages.

The best part
As search engines have become more sophisticated with their algorithms, Latent Symantec Indexing, or LSI, has grown in importance while other factors have decreased. LSI involves including words commonly associated with the primary keyword phrase you are targeting in article, as this is a signal to search engines that your article is well-researched and thoroughly covers the topic. It also makes articles more focused on the topic without keyword stuffing.

LSIClickBump SEO! quickly gives you the LSI related terms and synonyms for the keywords your article is targeting. Those LSI keywords that are already in your article are highlighted in green. By incorporating more of the remaining keywords into the article, you can improve your article both for visitors and search engines.

As LSI optimization actually improves your articles by giving them better scope, it is worth more than any other on-page SEO and is likely to grow in importance.

ClickBump SEO! can be purchased for a one-time price of $37 (regularly $97) and used on as many sites as you wish.

With a 60-day, money-back guarantee, there is no risk in trying it out and seeing how it works for you.

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