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Most people pursue additional education after high school. Adults may even return to college after working a career for many years. As a result, almost anyone of working age may have some kind of an interest in attending college to earn one of a variety of degrees. College affiliate programs allow marketers to earn commissions for referring new students to some educational institutions.

Although many people actually attend college classes in person, there is an ever-growing trend to enroll in online colleges. These schools make it more convenient for people to earn degrees in programs that may not be available in their local area. Many working adults take advantage of online education to advance their career in their spare time.

Since there is a large demand for online college and other educational services, internet marketers can capitalize on this demand by joining affiliate programs that pay for student leads or sales on education services. The best part about online college affiliate programs is that most marketers do not need to worry about targeting traffic based on their location, since students can attend these schools anywhere in the country or even the world.

Take a look through our list of recommended college affiliate programs to find one that will work best. Even though all of these networks are recommended, some affiliates may need a particular type of program to fit the needs of their site visitors. Most of these networks will work best for affiliates in the USA, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

For affiliates outside of the USA, it is generally best to check with a specific network to ensure they qualify to join the network. It’s also important to ensure that each program will pay for website traffic from specific countries because many of the online college programs may only pay for USA leads.

Ashworth College Affiliate Program
One of the best education affiliate programs is offered by Ashworth College, which is an online educational institution for nationally accredited high school degrees, associates degrees, masters degrees, and even career training.

All of their learning programs are available online, which makes them an excellent choice to promote. They also offer monthly tuition that is interest-free. This interest-free tuition makes them an attractive choice for potential students. The more attractive a college is to a potential student, the more likely they are to complete the sign-up form.

One of the main reasons why Ashworth College is recommended for affiliates is the fact that commissions are earned for every qualified lead. This pay per lead structure is great for affiliates because it allows them to earn money without actually referring sales. All affiliates have to do is get people to fill out a simple, one-page form with their information to earn a lead commission.

Ashworth also provides a wide variety of promotional materials for affiliates to use in their marketing campaigns. These materials include email newsletters, banner images, pop-ups, and other affiliate links and buttons. Promotional materials are important for affiliates so they don’t have to learn all the specifics about the college to be able to promote their programs.

Commission Junction
A leading source of college affiliate programs is Commission Junction, which is an affiliate network that manages programs for a variety of companies. Any company in this network is a reliable choice as an education affiliate program, since these companies are required to have substantial monthly sales to qualify to join this network.

There are at least a few different online colleges or educational institutions that offer a pay per lead payout structure on this network. There are also education centers that offer sales based commissions for career training products and services. Affiliates can even promote other education related products and services on this network like scholarships, essays, and books.

Affiliates that are looking for other kinds of education affiliate programs can find them on this network. There are a variety of companies offering specialty products and services for things like foreign language education, developmental training for children, and health education.

To apply for the programs on this network, an affiliate must first get accepted as a publisher for Commission Junction. Then, an individual application can be submitted to each company that the affiliate wants to promote. Most of these companies will manually approve these applications to ensure that only high-quality publishers get accepted.

Another affiliate network that offers programs for some colleges and other educational institutions is Copeac. This network is not as well known as other major networks, like Commission Junction, but it is still a very powerful network to join as a publisher.

College Affiliate ProgramsMany high-quality advertisers use Copeac to manage their affiliate programs. This is actually one of the things that has gained Copeac recognition among affiliate marketers. They provide a wide variety of promotional materials that are extremely high-quality. Some of these materials include graphical email newsletters that are designed to target a specific product or service.

Copeac is also known for their top-notch publisher support. This means affiliates get a personal account manager that will help them maximize their affiliate earnings. In fact, Copeac has some of the most advanced affiliate ad tracking technology in the industry that helps publishers optimize their campaigns, improve earnings per click, and improve overall conversion rates.

A specific listing of the college affiliate programs offered by Copeac is only available to active publishers, but they are known to at least have a couple of high-quality educational institutions that are active advertisers. Interested affiliates will need to apply to Copeac first, and then proceed to target specific advertisers of interest.

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