How to Get Started with Computer Affiliate Programs

Computers are everywhere these days. Even though many people already have computers, there are constantly first-time computer buyers entering the market every day and existing computer owners continually replace their old computers every few years. Surprisingly enough, many of these new computers are actually purchased online, so this presents an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers with computer affiliate programs.

The best affiliate markets to promote are those where customers can find better prices online than are available in retail stores, and computers are one of the products that generally is priced lower on the internet. In addition to that, there are actually many different kinds of computers that simply can’t be found in retail stores.

Computers available in retail stores are designed for less experienced computer users, so customers who want computers for special purposes like graphics, video editing, servers, office use, and even gaming will need to buy a computer online. There are other options to buy these unique types of computers, but phone, mail and fax orders are not as appealing as online shopping.

Since there are numerous types of specialty computers, including laptops, desktops, and netbooks, affiliates have a wide variety of niche computer affiliate programs they can promote. Commissions on referred computer sales will generally involve low percentages, although the actual earnings can be high since many computers are expensive. Low percentage commissions are typical of shipped products, so this is not something that affiliates should be overly concerned about.

Some computer affiliate programs will limit total commission earnings on a single computer sale despite its price. As a result, affiliates who want to promote expensive or specialty computers will want to be sure to use an affiliate program that will give them full credit for their sale. Computer affiliate program reviews have been provided below to give potential affiliates some important information needed to choose the best program for their needs.

Although there are some computer manufacturers that produce higher quality computers than Dell, computers sold by Dell are much better than most retail store computer brands. Their custom made computers sold through their online website are extremely popular among experienced computer users.

Dell’s affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction, although there are actually two different divisions to this program. One of these divisions is dedicated to small business computers, which is fairly easy to get accepted to. However, the home and home office computer affiliate program for Dell is very strict with acceptance requirements.

Interested affiliates will need to present a high quality website or other source of targeted traffic to get accepted to promote Dell home computers, which is generally what affiliates will want to promote.

Another popular destination to buy computers online is eBay. In addition to name brand computers, there are a lot of brand new computers that are sold on eBay by small business owners who build their own computers, often from home. These home-built computers usually offer a lot of power for the price, which is part of the reason eBay is a popular online computer source.

Fortunately, eBay offers an affiliate program that allows affiliates to refer auction bidders to their website for commissions. These commissions are percentage based, so affiliates can frequently find nice commissions by promoting computers on this network. The downside to promoting computers on eBay is that affiliates will often have a hard time targeting specific products which are for sale, since they are auctions that constantly change. This problem can be countered by using eBay as a supplementing computer affiliate program while using another one for specific product advertisements.

Another computer affiliate program worth mentioning is Amazon. Amazon has a wide variety of computers available for reasonable prices, which is great for customers, but affiliates will want to be careful when choosing specific products to promote.

Amazon has capped commissions on computer purchases at $25, so affiliates may want to look elsewhere to promote more expensive or specialty computers. This restriction is really just limited to Amazon.com sales, so affiliates with other Amazon country sites may not have to worry about these same restrictions.

Affiliates who are interested in promoting computer accessories and low priced netbooks, laptops, and computers may find Amazon to be a worthy affiliate program to use as long as they can avoid the commission cap.

Commission Junction
The affiliate program network available from Commission Junction also deserves a special mention for computer affiliate programs, even though they have already been mentioned as the managers of Dell’s affiliate program. Beyond Dell, there are numerous other leading computer companies that offer an affiliate program through Commission Junction.

Some of these are major computer brand names like Apple and HP, although commission rates with these companies are in the 1-2% range. Other noteworthy computer affiliate programs in this network include Best Buy, Newegg, and Geeks.com. Some of these computer companies, like Geeks.com, specialize in computer hardware instead of actual computer sales. Hardware sales can be another profitable computer related niche for the right affiliates.

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