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CPA affiliate marketing offers both benefits and disadvantages, but it is possible to make good money from it. There are various offers to promote through it: from email submit offers to free trial products. Regardless of the type, there is a lot of competition, and one needs to study the market and customer behavior to make money. The guide below provides some expert advice on choosing advanced CPA methods.

Understanding the basics
CPA, or cost per action, is basically a type of promotion in which the affiliate marketer gets paid when the visitor completes a desired action to include doing a survey or filling in some other type of form. Those not familiar with this type of marketing should first look at CPA affiliate marketing, which covers all the basics, and CPA networks, which provides more details  introduces different networks.

Top CPA networks covers some recommended networks and joining CPA networks provides more information on what they do and how to become a member.

Choosing the right offers
In order to make as much money as possible with CPA marketing, one needs to know and understand the niche. It is vital to know how different offers work. For example, one offer that converts like crazy for some CPA marketers will not be suitable for another person’s traffic sources. Higher quality, targeted traffic should be directed to the most involved and specific campaigns. If people are looking for a particular product such as a wrinkle cream, it is much easier to get them to buy than people looking for general information.

Highly targeted traffic is best directed at incetivized CPA offers that require more information and interaction from visitors. In this form of marketing, visitors are offered some type of reward, be it financial, points or some type of download, to complete the desired action.

Leave the bulk traffic for low-involvement campaigns, such as email or zip code submit (these offer a smaller incentive). While conversions will not pay as well, they will add up if there is enough traffic.

Establishing authority and email marketing
Expert CPA marketers design sites that include useful yet enticing information about the products, not giving away too much but creating interest. These CPA affiliate sites usually feature reviews, basic product information and testimonials.

It is vital to carefully build traffic sources. One more advanced method is to offer something for free, related to the CPA offer, such as an e-book, report or video, usually through a squeeze page, in exchange for joining the marketer’s email list (affiliate marketing listing building covers more methods). Then, a relationship can be started through email marketing that has the potential to generate more sales. These lead capture and landing pages will have offers featured, but the content should be unique and not just a copy of the original landing page provided by the network.

YouTube marketing methods
YouTube is the most popular video site today, and many people are searching for videos instead of articles. How-to videos are increasingly popular, and they can be profitable if the marketer finds a topic many people are interested in. One secret to video marketing with YouTube videos is to use social media during the campaign. Some of the marketers offer free downloads for sharing the content on Facebook or other sites. YouTube videos should be short and simple, include a call to action and personal opinion. These videos can also be posted on your own site.

Social media embedded in CPA campaigns
CPA Marketing MethodsFacebook can be used for CPA marketing, and this does not require purchasing advertising. You can have your own group or app designed for various social media sites (mostly Facebook), which can boost the number of visitors signing up for the offer. You will also benefit from the free sharing and recommendations. Many advanced marketers use free apps or create their groups. If you have a number of free offers to promote, you can list them on your own Facebook page and ask people to share them. In the end of the day, there is nothing better than free offers. Of course, it takes time to design these offers (consider freelancers). It is also important to make sure that the sign up process is error-free and straightforward.

Simplicity is the secret to CPA success
Many advanced internet marketers say that simple sites and offers convert to sales much better. In the end of the day, if someone wants to enter their email address to win some free stuff, they want the process to be fast. You need to make sure that the visitor knows what they need to do step-by-step to take advantage of the offer.

Tracking and changing links
CPA offers change frequently, and there is the need to track campaigns to see what works while cloaking links. In addition, sites should be checked for broken links and other problems. Tracking and cloaking links covers how to do this. With the right software, affiliate links throughout a site can be changed to new offers with ease as soon as they expire. At the same time, data gathered will give you the information to analyze campaigns, find problems and make better decisions.

Advanced traffic generation for CPA
Many people set up complete systems that automatically work around the clock. The most challenging task within CPA marketing is testing the various offers (see testing campaigns). There are many free and simple tools you can choose from. Keep things as straightforward as possible while making sure the offers bring in more than they cost. However, keep in mind that many offers that will not convert at all, and experts often say they need to try at least ten different programs before they find a winner to promote.

As you become more proficient at CPA marketing, you will find that selecting campaigns will be easier. If you stick with the same niche, you can become an expert faster. The best converting traffic is still going to be coming from your email list, and this is the main reason you should design your site and content around building a profitable customer base.

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