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One of the easiest but less commonly known ways to make money online is with a CPA network. CPA means cost per action, which refers to the amount of money that an advertiser is willing to pay an affiliate for referring a website visitor who completes a particular action.

Many people that are interested in CPA networks may be confused about what an action really is, but it is actually quite simple to understand. In most cases, an action involves a website visitor filling out a form with their information, which is also known as lead generation. When an affiliate generates one of these leads, they get paid the cost per action.

The major benefit to joining a CPA network compared with other types of affiliate networks is the fact that there is no selling required. When an affiliate can refer the right kind of traffic for a particular offer, those website visitors will typically want to complete the action that will make money for the affiliate. They want to complete the action because of the information that it has to offer.

While commission based sales require affiliates to actually find the people that want to complete a purchase, cost per action networks allow affiliates to get paid just for referring traffic that might be interested. The advertisers do the work to convert information seekers into paying customers, so affiliates do not have to worry about selling or even losing earnings because of refunds.

A lot of people think that the actual earnings from a cost per action network may be less than other types of affiliate programs. The truth is that every niche may be different concerning what type of affiliate program can earn the most money, but there are a lot of niches that have high-paying offers in some CPA networks.

One of the most important things that potential affiliates need to understand is that a CPA network doesn’t work exactly like other types of affiliate programs. Most of these networks have a manual account approval process that prevents low-quality affiliates from joining their program. While many of them do not have very strict requirements to join, they still want to see that the applying affiliate runs a website that can potentially generate some high-quality traffic for advertiser offers.

Affiliates that are interested in joining some of the top CPA networks will likely get the best results by joining multiple programs to have access to more offers from a wide variety of companies. Many of them will have exclusive promotional offers that can’t be found on other networks, so being able to utilize multiple programs to find the highest paying deal for a particular niche can help affiliates earn more money with each website.

Some of the highest paying, most popular, and most reliable CPA networks have been reviewed here to help potential affiliates decide which programs to join. There are a lot of different possibilities for affiliates, so there are many more networks that do not have a review here. These are just some of the recommended cost per action programs with good reputations.

One of the best CPA networks because of their high-paying offers and a wide variety of top advertisers is ClickBooth. State-of-the-art back end technology gives ClickBooth affiliates access to high-quality online reporting and performance tracking for their CPA campaigns. Their competitive payout structure results in some of the highest paying offers in the industry.

Affiliates interested in this type of network may be concerned about receiving payments for their earnings, but this is not a problem with ClickBooth. They have a reliable reputation for making payments on-time through a variety of different methods. Their affiliates, which are called publishers, can even get paid for referring new publishers to the network.

ClickBooth cares about the success of their publishers, especially since they can’t make money unless they have a lot of successful publishers. As a result, affiliates have access to a dedicated account manager that is available anytime. This gives them access to an experienced professional who can really help to improve campaign performance, which will ultimately result in higher earnings.

On top of a dedicated professional ready to help affiliates, ClickBooth also features a number of informational resources on their website to educate new CPA affiliates. This allows new publishers to read through a variety of guides to improve their knowledge of this industry so they can develop strategies to launch profitable campaigns. By taking advantage of these special features, affiliates can really thrive on this network.

Even the best CPA network with the most advanced technology is useless to an affiliate unless it has a lot of advertisers. ClickBooth is certainly not lacking in this area, which is a main reason why it is such a powerful network to join. They are such a large network that they attract major corporations that have internationally recognized brand names. This is a huge advantage for affiliates because promoting offers from these companies can be extremely profitable since traffic will almost always respond better to offers from a brand name that they recognize.

Another leading cost per action network is PeerFly. They are ranked among the best because of the large number of advertiser offers, high conversion rates, competitive payouts, and extremely flexible payment options found on this network.

Just like ClickBooth, PeerFly also features many large corporations with internationally recognized brand names in a variety of niches. In addition to that, they have one of the highest active advertiser campaign counts in the industry. This means that there is a lot of money up for grabs for affiliates on this network. Since there are so many offers found here, there is a high likelihood that affiliates will be able to find something that matches the interests of their website traffic.

PeerFly publicly states that their network has a minimal overall conversion rate of 8% ranging up to the average maximum of 15%. These conversion rates are much higher than rates usually found with other types of affiliate programs, which is a good general indication that cost per action affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable.

PeerFly has risen to popularity with a high quality, custom programmed back end system and quite possibly the most competitive payout terms in the entire industry. Their payout terms state that they will meet or beat offers that may be found on other CPA networks. This means that affiliates are guaranteed to get the most money for promoting offers for a particular advertiser on this network.

Another interesting and attractive thing about PeerFly for potential affiliates is the extremely flexible payout schedule. With the standard payout schedule, affiliates will get paid their earnings 30 days after the end of a month where they reached the minimum payout amount. However, higher monthly earnings allows affiliates to receive faster or possibly more frequent payments.

Numerous payout levels are available that will reduce the waiting period to receive a payment. The top tiers of this payout structure even allow for bi-weekly or weekly payments. Despite all of these levels, any affiliate with quality traffic can receive extremely fast payment in as little as eight hours by paying a fee. This fee is percentage based, which can end up being a lot of money, but it is a great option for affiliates that are in need of quick cash in their pockets.

Top CPA networks offers more reviews of the best networks and a more general listing can be found here.

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