Ways to Utilize Incentivized CPA Offers

While incentivized CPA offers require offering visitors something, these offers can be easy and inexpensive to set up and more than pay for themselves with the right implementation. The following gives more details about how they work, to include ways to incorporate them into online marketing campaigns.

What are incentivized CPA offers?
Incentivized offers are usually those CPA promotions in which something is given to the visitor in exchange for bits of personal information or completing some other desired action. Some of these offers come from survey, freebie or game sites, and incentives include various types of downloads or chances to win something. There are two different types of incentives that can be offered: hard and soft. Soft incentives include giving access to premium content, downloads and the like, while hard ones involve products or money.

Content locking
One common way the marketer can increase the likelihood of visitors completing the action with a soft incentive is through content locking, or making some site content available only to those who complete a desired action.  With good content and help from the CPA network, these are easy to set up.

There are various CPA networks offering incentivized campaigns, in fact, almost all of them do. Furthermore, there are some companies that are based on these promotions that are happy to support affiliates with different CPA apps, software and other methods to make setting everything up easy. CPA Lead is one of these sites, and they have their own apps/JavaScript codes people can install easily on their sites. Other companies include AdGate Media, CPA Way and Aqua Leads.

How to promote incentivized CPA offers
Obviously, you will need to have a website initially that has something to offer in exchange for completing the offer. If you have a site that with premium and sought-after content, you can set up a content locking campaign. Simply sign up for one of the content locking CPA networks. It is possible to apply for campaigns that pay anything from a couple of dollars to up to 30 dollars, based on the involvement level required. Email and survey sites pay less, while free trial and mobile download ones pay more. You need to choose which ones to feature on your site. By using their gateway widgets and following site instructions, you will be able to select the campaigns, customize the skin of the content locking app and add the code to your site.

Email and zip code submit offers are the easiest and where most people doing this kind of promotion start.

When visitors go for the information or a free download, the popup is set to appear and ask them to complete one offer from the list. After they do so, you will get paid, and they will get access to the premium content on your site. It is that simple. There is no technical knowledge required, and it can be up and running in just a few minutes.

content locking

incentivized cpa

WordPress CPA site templates
While those who already have a high-traffic site only need to configure and install the script to increase visitor value with these offers, everyone else needs to build quality sites if they want to offer content locking. WordPress is a popular choice for creating sites that can eventually offer incentivized CPA offers, and a guide to creating these sites can be found at WordPress affiliate websites.  WordPress templates make the site creation process at a lot easier, and WordPress landing page creators can be utilized. Those not using WordPress should consider these landing page generators.  Whatever the method, good content will be needed.

Popular CPA marketing themes
If you would like to save money and time, start with WordPress themes designed for the maximum conversion. These should include those that can offer free downloads or access to premium content so that you just have to add your own personal touch to, as well as the content locking feature from the CPA network.

However, these types of promotions do not work for everyone, and you need to double check how eager your visitors are to get the premium content. Otherwise, you could scare them off by asking them to complete a free offer or signing up for a subscription.

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