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Almost any kind of business, online or offline, can benefit from having their own professional website, but building a site from scratch can require a lot of programming knowledge, time, and money. Luckily, drag and drop website builder software allows anyone to quickly build a professional-looking website without any kind of technical knowledge.

Many people may wonder what is a drag and drop website builder. It is easy-to-use software that allows business owners to create their own site with visual software. This visual tool turns complicated website programming languages into an easy to understand interface.

It is also simple to create a professional website design with these drag and drop tools. They utilize templates, which are customizable site designs, that allow site builders to create unique designs without technical knowledge or the ability to create customized graphics. Once a site design is created and finalized, the changes can be instantly published to the live website. This makes the entire process of making and updating a site able to be accomplished without experience or technical knowledge.

The actual process of building a website with drag and drop software is also simplified for anyone to use. Individual areas of the site can be constructed by dragging a variety of design elements onto the site design. This means that inexperienced site creators can see what they create as they create it, and it allows them to do so without having the technical knowledge to actually write the raw HTML code required for website construction.

When business owners use this type of software to create their own website, they benefit by saving both time and money. When a business contracts another company to build a website for them, it easily becomes a time-consuming process. In can often take days or even weeks just to get a proposal from these companies, and the actual process of building the site can be a long-lastingĀ  project that is both expensive and time consuming.

Since web design companies typically charge on an hourly basis to build websites, these projects can cost a lot of money. First, a business has to explain how they want their website to look and what information it should contain. Once a web design company performs this work, the business will have to review the work and possibly have changes made. When both parties have differing visions of the site based on the explanation, these differences often cost the business more money to complete the site construction as they envisioned it.

There are both free and paid drag and drop website builder software available. Although free software can be appealing, they are often simplified versions of the paid software. As a result, businesses that are serious about developing their own website with this type of software should spring for the low price tag of a professional site builder software solution. Many of these paid tools will include web hosting costs, so they are nearly complete solutions to get a website running for any business.

Reviews have been provided here for a couple of the best drag and drop website builders, so interested businesses can compare features of these top-ranked software tools. Although there are many different choices in this industry, all of these particular tools are highly recommended for any company looking to simplify the construction of a professional website while saving both time and money.

90 Second Website Builder
90 second website builderFor a good drag-and-drop website builder that can be acquired at a single purchase price, 90 Second Website Builder is hard to beat. Unlike some of the other programs reviewed here, it is installed on your computer and is not a total package, including hosting. However, many like this flexibility and not being restricted in any way.

Sites can be created with any HTML knowledge (although 3rd party HTML is an option) and text, pictures, videos and anything else you wish to include can simple be dragged and dropped onto the page. Some of its numerous features include numerous navigation menus, drawing tools, photo galleries, video streamers, site map tools and easy social media integration.

There is also a free trial for those who want to give it a shot.

NetObjects Fusion
NetObjects Fusion is another great choice of a desktop version of a drag-and-drop website builder that gives you full control and a one-time purchase price. NetObjects Fusion is also easy to use while offering the features more advanced users are looking for.

  • Simple rag-and-drop with no programming required netojects fusion review
  • Integrated SEO tools
  • Professional-designed templates as well as stock photos tutorials you can use
  • Ecommerce integration with support for leading payment processors
  • Analytics and SEO tools

The software has recently been upgraded for more layout control as well as greater ease of use.

One of the best drag and drop site builders is Yola. Although they are more expensive than many of the competitor companies, they also offer a more robust system with premium features. Their paid software tool includes both free web hosting and domain name registration fees.

One of the most appealing features about Yola for beginners is that they offer a free account, allowing customers to get familiar with their system before committing to buying the premium account. Unfortunately, they only offer an annual subscription plan for a premium account, which is uncommon with other competitors.yola

Many of the other basic features of Yola can also be found on Intuit, but there are a few key differences that are worth mentioning. Overall, they do not have the extensive template and image gallery databases that can be found on Intuit. However, they offer a considerable amount of website storage space, which is many times the amount offered by Intuit.

E-commerce tools are another extremely important feature for many businesses that can be found on Yola but not Intuit. With access to e-commerce tools, websites can accept instant payments online through popular payment processors or even by credit card. Since many businesses have some type of product or service that they sell, these tools allow them to do business online, which can have a drastic impact on monthly revenue.

Overall, Yola seems to have an easier to use system than Intuit that can produce a more professional-looking website, but this advantage comes with a higher price tag. As a result, businesses will likely want to choose the best drag and drop website builder based on their own needs and budget.

Businesses that are looking to create a professional and affordable site with powerful drag and drop tools will be pleased with Intuit. Their site builder software is very reasonably priced and includes web hosting. Although Intuit is not a free tool, they do offer a 30-day free trial period that allows interested businesses to try it without risk.

Intuit is recommended for a few good reasons. Most importantly, their website builder is extremely easy to use for all experience levels. It even includes high-quality tutorials that give website creation guidance for beginners.

While it is good for this type of software to be easy to use, it also needs to be powerful to allow for a high degree of customization so businesses can build a unique website that fits their vision. Intuit succeeds in this area by providing a simple to use interface combined with powerful features that allow every site to be unique.

Intuit customer support is top-notch. Even a high-quality software tool may be confusing to use at first, so a support system that can offer instant results is extremely useful to have with a website builder. They feature numerous support options ranging from live chat to 24/7 phone support.

When it comes to creating a highly customized website without any programming or technical knowledge, Intuit can deliver. Compared with other website builders, they offer one of the largest databases of web design templates and image libraries. These databases allow businesses to easily build professional websites with a unique look without hiring a professional graphics designer.

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