How to Use E-book Affiliate Programs

Electronic books, also known as e-books, have become increasingly popular in mass markets over the years. As e-books have become more widely used, affiliate marketers have taken notice of the income potential from this powerful market. There are a wide variety of e-book affiliate programs to cater to the needs of different kinds of websites and marketers.

When most people think about e-book affiliate programs, they usually think that selling e-books for commissions is the principle behind the majority of them. While a lot of affiliate programs like this exist, there are also a wide variety of other kinds of e-book affiliate programs that cover different aspects of this industry.

In addition to e-book sales, affiliate marketers will also be able to promote e-book affiliate programs to other marketers for commissions through some of these networks. Other programs cater to the needs of e-book publishers, so affiliates can refer new publishers, including self-published authors that want to sell their e-books for free through online retailers.

Almost any kind of niche website can potentially refer sales on e-books because of the huge variety of different e-book topics that are available. The key to success as an e-book affiliate is to know the demographics of the traffic that will be sent through affiliate links.

While knowing the target audience is nearly always helpful with most types of businesses, it is even more important with e-book affiliate programs because of the number of different e-book formats and reading devices that are available. Some websites will have traffic that primarily uses computers and doesn’t actually own an e-book reader, while others will be loaded with traffic that uses a particular e-book reader.

Each of the different major e-book retailers typically sells their e-books in a specific format designed for their devices. This means that e-books sold on Amazon are formatted for the Amazon Kindle, while e-books sold online by Barnes & Noble are formatted for the Nook. There are also PDF e-books, which are designed to be used on computers, although some other e-book devices may be able to view the PDF format.

An advantage of selling ebooks over paper books is that they generally offer higher commissions, as digital products usually do.

Amazon Associates
The Amazon Associates Network is a top online retailer for e-books, which are sold for one of the leading e-book reading devices: the Amazon Kindle. Even though these e-books are designed to be used on the Amazon Kindle, there are also reading apps available from Amazon to allow them to be used on personal computers, tablets and cell phones.E-book Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers can earn nice commissions for referring sales on Amazon e-books. The actual commission rates can vary depending on the monthly sales volume of an affiliate. Even though the commission amounts can be considerably lower on e-book sales as an Amazon affiliate compared with some of the other e-book affiliate programs, there are tons of books found here that are simply not available anywhere else and will often sell easily because of widespread name recognition alone.

While there are many self-published e-books on Amazon, affiliates can also promote e-book versions of most books that are found on the bestsellers lists at a local book store. Major book publishers have realized how many people are interested in e-books, so a large majority of their published books are now published in e-book form, and Amazon is often a primary choice for many of these publishers.

E-book self-publishers can make a lot of money selling their own e-books on their websites and through a variety of affiliate programs. However, these authors have to worry about the actual process of selling an e-book. Secure-eBook takes the worrying about of the process by offering everything that authors need to sell their own e-books online.

Secure-eBook is a complete solution that gives authors a fast and secure way to sell their own e-books through a variety of payment processors. Secure and automated e-book delivery is another feature offered by Secure-eBook that is absolutely vital for self-publishers. A website with a sales page and traffic to that website is also necessary for authors to be successful, and Secure-eBook takes care of all of these steps in a single product.

Affiliates can profit from the self-publishing e-book industry by joining the Secure-eBook affiliate program to promote their product and services. In addition to paying a decent commission rate on referred sales, Secure-eBook also pays recurring commissions for two years on all referred members. Secure-eBook customers pay a monthly membership fee to use the product, so affiliates get a portion of this fee every month for two years.

Marketers that have a decent sized traffic source interested in self-publishing e-books could easily earn a reliable recurring income with the Secure-eBook affiliate program, but even minor affiliate promotions for this network could yield some nice commissions that will continue for many months. Considering the potential monthly income authors can make selling their own e-books online, the monthly fee of Secure-eBook is a bargain for all the features that their product offers so affiliates should find that this product converts at a high rate.

Another e-book affiliate program worth mentioning is Clickbank. The e-books found on Clickbank will often be quite different from the selection available on Amazon, but Clickbank e-books often cater to a particular crowd of internet users. For affiliate marketers that have the right kind of traffic, promoting Clickbank e-books can result in large commissions because of the higher percentage rate awarded to affiliates on this network.

Even though there are a lot of different kinds of e-books found on Clickbank for a wide variety of niches, one of the most popular e-book niches in this network caters to the internet marketing crowd. In general, the e-books found on Clickbank for affiliates to promote will be in the PDF format or another format designed to be viewed on a computer or website. These e-books must be carefully selected when affiliates are choosing products to promote, but some high quality e-book products on Clickbank can be extremely profitable for affiliates.

Commission Junction
With Commission Junction, it is possible to sell a number of different ebooks from various publishers. One especially notable advertiser in their network is ebooks.com, which has a great number of books in PDF, ePub, Apple, Microsoft Reader and MobiPocket editions.

Barnes & Noble
With the Nook, reading and a large share of the ebook market, Barnes & Noble is certainly a major player in the ebook market.

Their program, offered through LinkShare, offers 6% commissions on ebooks, music, DVDs, magazines and other products. They offer sales, API and data feed.

However, it is an invite-only program at the time of this writing. After joining LinkShare, those interested need to email the request to join with the website they will be using for marketing.

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