How to Make the Most of Email Marketing Services

There are a lot of different, successful strategies for running an email newsletter list. Even though these strategies can vary quite a bit, they all require use of email marketing services to truly succeed. These services are so important because they are the backbone of a newsletter.

Using Free Email Marketing Services
Many people will initially try to use some type of free email marketing software to build their first list instead of joining a commercial email service that has a monthly fee. The problem with free software is that it gives marketers the impression that it is working. At first, everything does work just fine, but the problems begin to occur as the list gains more subscribers.

The major problem with using free software that is self-hosted is email delivery. When email newsletters are sent, some of them won’t get delivered to their destination or may end up in spam boxes. Worse yet, some of the potential new subscribers will never even receive their confirmation email. When this happens, they will typically not attempt to join again because they will already think they are a member, and the list is inactive.

If people close their email accounts, most free software will not automatically remove their address from the subscriber list. This results in bounced emails being continually sent, which can result in blacklisting if done with enough frequency and volume. This ties into the previous problems, all of which become worse as the list gets bigger.

Joining Commercial Email Services
When email marketers start to notice these problems, they’ve already been going on for weeks or even months. At this point, they will start to look into commercial email marketing services from reliable companies that can ensure email delivery. The bad news for marketers in this situation is that it is too late to completely fix the problem.

When an existing newsletter list is ready to transfer to an email marketing service, they will experience more problems. First, autoresponder emails and templates will have to be manually moved, which can be a very time-consuming process for lists that just have a small amount of content.

Even though the content moving can be frustrating, it gets even worse when it comes time to move the subscriber emails. Any high-quality email marketing company will require double opt in confirmation for all subscribers. As a result, the entire newsletter list will receive a confirmation email again when they are imported to the list on the new service.

This means that all the current subscribers will have to click on another confirmation link, or they won’t be a member of the list anymore. This may sound like a simple task that most readers shouldn’t have a problem performing, which is why it can be shocking when only 50% or less of the list ends up confirming their address for the new newsletter.

Choosing the Right Service
Starting a newsletter the free route may seem like the best choice, but it is literally more expensive in the long-run. When it comes to email marketing, subscribers and emails equal money. When emails can’t get delivered and subscribers can’t join the list, every single failure is a potential sale flying out the window. Even worse, when a list has to be moved and half of it is lost, this can cause a major loss of revenue that far outweighs any savings from using free software.

Since there are so many problems that can happen as a result of starting with free software, it is highly recommended that all marketers start a new list with a reliable email marketing service. We have provided a review below for one of the best of these services, so marketers can read through it to get an idea of what to expect from a high-quality company.

Quite simply the best email marketing service is AWeber for a variety of reasons. Their policies on double opt in subscribers is strict, but this allows them to boast one of the best email delivery rates in the industry.

Their monthly rates are one of the more expensive in the industry, but it is based on subscriber volume and is still only a bit more costly than competitors. Since prices are based on subscriber counts, members can actually create as many different lists as they want with a single account.

Some marketers may be put off by the policies and the cost of the monthly fee, but these things simply speak for the quality that AWeber offers to their customers. Without strict policies, there will always be spammers who take advantage of the system and drag down email delivery rates. Other competitors have to offer less efficient or robust services to be able to cut costs to afford to sell at prices lower than AWeber services.

Beyond high email delivery rates, AWeber has a powerful system that is easy for marketers to use. There are tons of different design templates for both sign up forms and also newsletters. These templates are extremely high quality, which gives complete beginners the opportunity to look like a seasoned professional.

The autoresponder and mailing system also offers a lot of flexibility. Autoresponder messages can be set up to automatically mail out to new subscribers. These mails can be arranged to send on a timed schedule, which is excellent for distributing a free training course that is offered to subscribers for joining.

The mailing system in general is easy to use for beginners but also offers a lot of advanced features for expert email marketers. Opening rates can be tracked on any mail that is sent, click through rates can be tracked on links that are embedded in newsletters, and sales can even be tracked. With all of this tracking, it is easy to determine which mails work and which ones don’t.

Normal newsletter mails can be scheduled to be sent automatically at a particular date and time, which is excellent for marketers that want to send frequent mailings while not working every day. The entire subscriber list can also be broken down into smaller groups for targeting. These groups can be based on a variety of factors, such as the subscriber country or those who did or didn’t open a specific newsletter.

Anyone serious about running a newsletter list to make money online simply has to use AWeber email marketing services. Other free software or even commercial companies may seem to be more affordable options, marketers that use AWeber will almost always make more money per subscriber.

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