The Unique Features of Ewisoft Website Builder

Ewisoft is an easy-to-use template driven website builder software designed for both newbies and professionals. How does this software stack up against all the other website builders available in the market today? Let us take a closer look to see what it has to offer.

Ewisoft is easy to use
The Ewisoft Website Builder was primarily built with beginners and non-technical people in mind. As such, users do not need any prior technical knowledge to come up with an attractive and fully functional website within a short period of time.

The software operates on a template-based designing process and has a totally graphical WYSIWYG editor so users can just as easily add, edit and/or delete content without affecting the site’s design. Its drag and drop interface makes it really quite easy for newbies to design their first websites without much effort. In addition to its built-in CSS editor, users can also use any external HTML editor (and even Microsoft Word) to modify their websites.

It offers hundreds of templates and add-ons. Ewisoft offers many free and premium templates. It even allows users to purchase a particular template at a ‘unique price’. This means that after someone buys a template using this option, that particular template will be permanently removed from their directory. Available templates can be found on this page.

Ewisoft also offers several add-ons to make your website more interactive and thereby attract more visitors. You can choose to add a search bar, an image slider, a comments box and/or photo or video albums as well as other features.

In addition, Ewisoft comes with a template builder that can be used to customize existing templates. So, if you are quite familiar with HTML and CSS, you can give your templates a unique look and feel.

It can be used to create e-commerce websites
In addition to the standard website builder, Ewisoft can also be used to design e-commerce websites through the ecommerce website builder. By using this extension, users can build unlimited websites and pages and add shopping cart functionality to as many pages as needed.

Once a customer buys something from a website created with the ecommerce website builder, a download link will automatically be displayed and an email containing the download link will be sent to the customer’s inbox. In addition, the ecommerce website builder allows users to:

  • Add an unlimited number of categories and products into your catalog. You can edit and delete them as you see fit.
  • Create and use unlimited shopping carts to suit different shopping scenarios.
  • Automatically create product thumbnails.
  • Customize your pages. You can customize the look and feel of your pages to suit your personal preferences. You can even create password protected pages for added security.
  • Allow your customers to customize how they want to browse through your products. They can sort orders by product name or by price.
  • Accept payments through PayPal.
  • Set maximum download attempts as well as an expiration time for downloading purchased products

It can help create search engine optimized sites
Ewisoft Website Builder Ewisoft can help users create websites that are designed to rank in the search engines. It automatically generates HTML and CSS pages for the search engines, provides search engine optimization page checking and generates a sitemap with a click of the mouse.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Ewisoft website builder also makes it possible for users to:

  • Automatically backup and restore their projects
  • Create spam-proof web forms
  • Optimize their pages with built-in SEO tools

Both the standard and e-commerce website builders as well as the template makers are available as free trial downloads.

Websites created using the Ewisoft website builder are compatible with all web host providers. The company offers free upgrades for one year and free technical support for life. In addition, Ewisoft is also giving away a free license to their standard website builder plus a premium website template for new customers who will purchase website hosting through their site (minimum of 12 month hosting plan).

Ewisoft may not be the most powerful website builder available today, but it does its job well and delivers on its promise.

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