The Best Ways to Add Facebook Comments for WordPress

Adding Facebook comments for WordPress is one way to try to use the popularity of Facebook to increase comments and user interaction on your websites, which in turn brings more content and higher rankings. As both WordPress and Facebook are quite popular, there are now several ways that webmasters can incorporate Facebook capabilities onto a WordPress site. However, there are a number of points and different systems to consider.

The advantages
Visitors will be able to use their Facebook login to leave comments on the WordPress site. As many people stay logged into Facebook while online (not to mention other Facebook automation services to include Yahoo making it easier to sign in), these visitors are identified automatically so they can instantly leave feedback on the WordPress blog. As people can choose to post their comments to their Facebook walls, friends will be able to see the comments posted away from Facebook and will follow the link if interested. Furthermore, these replies made on the Facebook walls will also be shown on your site.

Other benefits include grammar correction and spam prevention.

The disadvantages
Some people do not want their comments on their Facebook walls and are spooked off by the possibility they might be if they post even when they have opted out (they will not be). In addition, many worry about privacy if they are always logged into Facebook. Finally, there is the fact that others want to have the direct link to their websites that WordPress commenting offers.

Some alternatives
While using Facebook for comments is certainly a good and popular way to go about encouraging commenting, it is wise idea to consider the alternatives when making any decision.

  • Disqus is popular and allows people to login with Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, while eliminating most spam. It enables users to vote up/down comments (this encourages better comments) and pulls in Twitter reactions to your blog when users share your posts on social media. However, some do not like the interface and the fact that the comment link takes people to their Disqus profile and not directly toe their sites.
  • LiveFyre  has a lot of cool features. This includes pulling in comments about your articles from Facebook and Twitter, rich media features that allows commentators to add pictures and videos and a flagging feature so people can posts you may not want on your blog to your attention.
  • You can stick with the WordPress system. Some have found this actually brings in more comments in some cases, and plugins to include CommentLuv and Top Commentators can give it neat functionality. However, you will have to deal with more spam (Akismet and a Captcha plugin will eliminate most though) and have a more “closed” system.

Facebook plugins for WordPress
For those going for the advantages Facebook comments offer, there are plugins to make integration easier. Here are some of the most popular.

 facebook comments for wordpress

Facebook Comments is a plugin that makes installing and then administrating and customizing Facebook comments much easier. This plugin provides shortcode that can be inserted into the posts, templates or webpages on just about anywhere in the WordPress site (instructions for the plugin and shortcode can be found here). Webmasters can use their own settings to edit each comment box before adding it to the website.

Simple Facebook Comments is an even easier plugin to use for those who choose simplicity over options. Bloggers can quickly add Facebook comments to a WordPress site in minutes using this plugin.

Facebook plugins with SEO extras
In addition to adding a Facebook comment form, and open graph tags, SEO Facebook Comment will find all the Facebook comments on the site and automatically add them to the WordPress database. The main advantages of this is making the comments more accessible to search engines for better SEO, and the fact that the comments will not go down if Facebook ever has server or compatibility issues.  This plugin is easy to install and promises to only use minimal server resources, ensuring it will not slow down your site.

Facebook Comments by Fat Panda also imports comments into your database. The developers boast of zero configuration and it has high satisfaction ratings.

Crawlable Facebook Comments is another plugin that webmasters can use to improve the SEO of the WordPress site. This plugin sends all the Facebook comment information to the source code so Google can associate the comments with the WordPress site.

Add Link to Facebook is extremely popular and well rated. It will automatically add links to what you post on WordPress onto your Facebook wall, pages or groups. In addition, how these will appear can be customized.

Additional information
A complete listing of Facebook plugins for WordPress, offering a variety of features, can be found here.

For detailed instructions on installing Facebook plugins to include applications, go to this guide.

Blog Marketing Academy has a comparison of different commenting systems and a lively discussion on which is best.

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