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Forex, or the foreign exchange market, is a currency trading financial market that does not have a central financial center. Instead, banks and other financial centers all over the world conduct the transactions on this market, which influences actual currency values.

There are a lot of things about foreign currency exchange that make it very different from other markets. For example, Forex doesn’t operate on the weekends, but it runs 24 hours a day the rest of the week. This allows the currency exchange market to be open during typical business hours anywhere in the world.

Although this market is meant to allow businesses to exchange currency, it also allows currency trading in a manner similar to the stock market. Typically, profit margins are low with currency exchange, but the use of leverage has allowed forex traders to expand their purchasing power to a level where these low profit margins cause large fluctuations in the amount of money invested into a single purchase. This means that there is a high potential for profit gain and also profit loss using leveraged trading with forex.

The potential to make a lot of money makes forex trading very appealing for some people, especially since this can be done online. As a result, a lot of trading companies have created a forex affiliate program to attract new traders to their business. These companies earn small fees for each transaction a customer performs on the forex market, but forex is known for large numbers of quick transactions that are designed to pull small profits from each trade.

Because even one customer can potentially generate a large number of daily fees for a forex trading company, the companies are able to pay their affiliates very generous commissions for referring new customers. In fact, hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be made by an affiliate just for referring a single customer with a forex affiliate program.

Since there is a lot of money at stake with forex and these affiliate programs, it’s very important to choose the best forex affiliate program based on reliable reviews. There is always the potential for scams when a large amount of money is involved, so affiliates need to be careful with who they do business with to ensure they will actually get paid for their hard work.

Non-biased reviews on some of the top programs have been provided here to offer a reliable source for forex affiliate program reviews. We do not have any affiliation with these companies, nor have we received any compensation from them for these reviews.forex affiliate program

Forex Affiliate
One of the most profitable forex affiliate programs is Forex Affiliate, which uses the Easy Forex trading platform. The key to any great affiliate program is the quality of the trading platform that the program is using. Easy Forex easily passes this quality check after being reviewed based on their track record since 2003.

Easy Forex and Forex Affiliate are committed to a level of excellence that is generally not found in this industry. This includes being a legally regulated forex broker, which means they have third party companies that regulate their actions and policies.

Some brokers and affiliates just meet the bare minimum requirements, but Easy Forex and Forex Affiliate go above and beyond their legal requirements by extending a helping hand to the forex community.

These companies have extensive networks of customers and affiliates on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. This community of people in their networks is extremely helpful to newcomers. The companies also offer education about forex along with training that teaches beginner traders how to properly trade in the forex currency market.

The actual affiliate program offered by Forex Affiliate has fast payouts and some of the best earnings in the industry from programs that represent reliable brokers. They pay their affiliates a commission for each active trader who is referred to the forex broker.

The initial commission is based on the first deposit made by the trader, up to $250, and the trader must have a certain transaction volume before the affiliate can receive the commission. In addition to this initial commission, affiliates will also earn 25% of any transaction fees that are generated by referred traders. For high volume traders, this additional commission can be very lucrative.

Ava Partner
A more recent contender among top forex affiliate programs is Ava Partner, which promotes their parent company broker Ava FX. Ava FX is a special forex broker because they are the only company that allows trading on multiple platforms.

They offer the use of Ava Trader, Ava Auto Trader, Meta Trader 4 and also Zulu Trader. Each of these forex trading platforms has something special to offer customers of Ava FX, which is just one of the things that makes Ava Partner a unique forex affiliate program.

Affiliates also get choices with this company. These choices are various affiliate program accounts that are catered to different affiliate needs. Some affiliates are standard website owners and do not have a personal connection with the clients they can refer, so a custom account type is offered for these affiliates to maximize their revenue possibilities. Other solutions offered by Ava Partner are geared towards smaller brokers and broker companies at a variety of levels.

Ava Partner offers commissions of up to $200 from initial deposits, a 50 cent commission per trade from all referred traders, and monthly payouts. They also offer customized commission programs for affiliates with the proven ability to refer clients. More unique aspects to this forex affiliate program are that all affiliates receive a dedicated account manager and the ability to instantly cash in on referred customers that other programs won’t allow until certain volume limits have been met.

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