The Top Free Online Publishing Platforms

Many online platforms allow people to publish content for free. All of these platforms are unique, with each providing special features that others don’t. Depending on the platform, these can be used for various purposes to include publishing promotional content, building links to a website, networking and making people aware of you and your products.

Free Online Content Publishing Platforms
Here are nine of the most popular free online content publishing platforms, and just what makes each one unique:

Blogger is a blogging platform created and owned by Google. Blogger is known to be a very flexible platform that is also fairly simple to use. Because it’s directly tied to the Google platform, there are a few benefits that most Google fanatics enjoy about Blogger:

  • Use your Google Docs to post to your Blogger blogs.
  • You can configure your blog to have a secret posting email address. This allows you to post to your blog by sending content to the email address from other sites, or even your cell phone.
  • Your Google Videos and YouTube videos can be linked directly to your blog posts, keeping all of your content located on the Google platform.
  • Since Blogger is a Google product, Google web crawlers check these blogs regularly, ensuring that you can be found in Google searches if the right keywords are used in your content.

Hubpages is another good platform for publishing content. Hubpages are unique in that they allow users to easily earn revenue with ads provided by the own ad programs, Google Adsense, eBay and Amazon.com. These revenue sharing sources are all conveniently located on one platform. So, you only have to sign up once to enjoy the benefits of all four. Here are some other unique points:

  • Users, or content providers, are called “hubbers”, posting on sub-domains known as hubs. To start a new topic, you simply start a new hub.
  • Hubpages is not a blogging site. It’s a place where users can publish magazine-like articles. They are usually much longer than blog posts and go in depth about a specific subject.
  • Unlike blogs, hubs are not continuously added to. To upload multiple posts on a single topic, you would start a new hub, and link them to each other using the Hubpages “group” feature.

Squidoo Free Online Publishing Platforms
This is a community site that let’s its members publish pages directly related to particular subjects. These pages are called “lenses”, and their creators are “lensemasters.” Squidoo also allows its lensemasters to earn extra revenue through Amazon.com and ebay referral links. Here are some of the other benefits that are unique to their platform:

  • Users can create multimedia lenses easily, without having any HTML skills.
  • Squidoo pages become popular because of the way each one is associated with thousands of other lenses.
  • You earn 50 percent of all advertisements you allow to be posted on your lenses.

WordPress is most popularly known as a free blogging tool. However, what makes it unique to Blogger is that it’s also a content management system that allows many types of user plug-ins for better functionality. Here are some other great benefits unique to WordPress:

  • The same system can easily be installed on your own hosting. Therefore, you only need to learn one system for both your paid and free hosting sites.
  • Many developers like this platform because they have the freedom to design their own plug-ins to make their blogs interactive in the ways they would like. Then, these plug-ins can be shared for free usage by other WordPress users.

This platform is known as a micro-blogging site. It’s unique in the fact that this blogging site is also a social network site. Their “tumblelog” or “tlog” posting allows users to post short blogs, as opposed to the long ones encouraged by Blogger and WordPress. What makes it even more unique is that it encourages “mixed-media” style posts. Here are some examples of what all this means to Tumblr users:

  • The mixed-media micro-blogging comes in the form of links, pics, videos, quotations and dialogues.
  • In contrast to blogs, a tumblelog is most commonly used for sharing user creations, findings and experiences.
  • Used to easily post single items like audio and pictures. Embed a single video quickly with the functionality of the Tumblr platform interface.

Movable Type
This open source blog site has been compared to WordPress because of its free hosting package. It’s an easy platform to use for non-developers who want their own blogs. Just like WordPress and Blogger, it allows for unlimited blogs and stand-alone pages to host your content. It’s a popular blog hosting platform for online publications. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Allows bloggers to have multiple users for your blogs. That means, you can allow blogging access to your assistant, staff members and sales staff for a more interactive business blog.
  • The interface allows you to create new blogs and websites from one screen. It also gives you the convenience of being able to see at-a-glance activity summaries for your blogs and sites.
  • Allows you to set-up user permissions for multiple bloggers within your blog or website. You can easily disable access without any hassles at all.

This blogging platform was originally intended to be a site for users to share reviews on books, music and movies. Now, as a full-service blog hosting site, Xanga brands itself as being as user-friendly as Facebook or MySpace. This ease of use is why many have flocked to Xanga. However, there are other benefits:

  • Members get a free Xanga site which is made up of mulitple blogs, including a weblog, photoblog, videblog and audiblog. It also comes with a mini-blog called a “pulse” and your own Xanga social networking profile.
  • They offer many free online communities for their users. You can join a specific forum based on your own business or personal interests. Popular posts get feature spots on the Xanga website. This gives your site or blog even more exposure if your content is featured.
  • They offer excellent security features that allow you to block younger readers for adult content. You also have the option to make certain blog posts accessible by your chosen few. This is a good feature for inter-company blogging.

From the creators of the Lycos search engine, Tripod is not just a hosting service. This platform is also a blogging content management system (CMS). Although they don’t offer an open source software program, it’s said to offer a large variety of templates designed by professionals. Users who choose to remain on the free platform will see Tripod hosted ads on their blogs. However, users don’t seem to mind.

  • Tripod gives its members 20MG of free hosting space. This is more than enough for new users to create blogs and websites for just about any niche.
  • They have a general support group that’s available to help you with your blog. The knowledge base is full of answers to popular questions asked by users, along with the Member Help Blog. In addition, this free content host also has a trouble ticket system were technical support can help you even further.
  • Their free platform gives you access to over 200 templates to easily create your website or blog.

This is one of the easiest content creators around. Their widget-style interface allows users to create entire websites and blogs with simple “drag-and-drop” of images, text boxes and other interactive page elements. You can easily add as much content to each page as you like. Look at other benefits Weebly users brag about:

  • One of the easiest platforms around for new website builders and bloggers. No experience is necessary to create just what you want.
  • Their free platform offers a non-restricted amount of pages, storage and bandwidth. There are no ads placed on the websites and blogs of free hosted accounts.
  • For a very simple way to earn more revenue with your blog or site, Weebly has teamed up with Google. They have redesigned their system to be fully integrated with Google Adsense. For a while, this was something only Blogger offered.

Start publishing content for free
While free sites are a good place to start for those new to publishing online, they are also useful to experienced webmasters. Regardless of your goals, since they do not cost anything, there is no reason not to get started today.

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