How to Profit from the GoDaddy Affiliate Program

The leading domain name registrar on the internet is GoDaddy, so it’s not surprising that a lot of marketers are curious about the GoDaddy affiliate program. For affiliates that have access to the right kind of traffic, promoting their services can be extremely profitable.

Although GoDaddy is best known for domain name registrations, this is really just the starting point for the rest of the services that they offer. The most commonly used services of theirs besides domains are web hosting, email, and SSL certificates. Affiliates have access to promote these products directly or commissions can be earned when they are purchased as an upsell after domain registration.

GoDaddy Domains
A domain registration is one of the easiest products to sell that affiliates can promote. Since they are the number one registrar, this gives affiliates access to a huge, verified customer base. Unlike a lot of other affiliate programs, they do not limit commissions to sales from new customers only.

Commissions can be earned by referring a new domain registration, but they can also be earned by referring sales on domain renewals. This means that even existing customers who do not plan on buying more domains can still earn commissions for affiliates with domain renewals.

Even though the actual earnings on domain sales are not very high per sale, they are extremely easy sales to refer, and they can lead to even more commissions from upsells. With a loyal customer base, an affiliate can earn a lot of money on a regular basis, especially considering a domain has to be renewed once a year unless it is purchased for a longer period of time.

GoDaddy Coupon Codes
Since GoDaddy has a variety of products, they encourage their current customers to make repeat purchases. One of the ways they do this is with coupon codes. The best part is that affiliates have access to a wide variety of these coupon codes that apply to almost any type of product or service they sell.

This means that an affiliate can advertise a coupon code to attract current GoDaddy customers. When these codes are used to complete a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. This presents a very attractive way for affiliates to refer sales, since customers seek out up-to-date coupon codes regularly.godaddy affiliate program

When a domain is up for renewal, it is common for customers to look for discount coupon codes that will let them save money on the cost to renew that domain. Affiliates can create sites that offer these codes. These sites can attract GoDaddy customers through organic search engine rankings, although competition for some of the related keyword phrases can be tough.

GoDaddy Website Hosting
The single most profitable thing that an affiliate can promote through this company is their website hosting service. Standard commissions are earned for monthly web hosting purchases, but when a full year of website hosting is purchased through an affiliate link or coupon code, the commission rate rises considerably.

By referring a sale on a year or more of their Deluxe or Ultimate web hosting plan, an affiliate will earn a commission over $100 for just a single sale. These earnings can be in addition to commissions earned from other services purchased at the same time, like a domain name registration.

These high-paying commissions on web hosting accounts are not uncommon in this industry, so affiliates can choose to promote other companies for this service. However, most other hosting companies do not offer domain registration or other services offered by GoDaddy. As a result, affiliates can typically make more money by promoting this company because of upsells.

Miscellaneous Services And Products
Beyond domains and web hosting, GoDaddy offers a lot of other services and products that affiliates can promote to earn commissions. One of the most popular of these products are SSL certificates, which lets site owners offer secure data transfer to visitors using their site.

Other services relate to domain name registration, like private domain registration upgrades or domain based email address accounts. Even more services offer easy website creation tools, internet marketing services, and search engine optimization. Almost all the common services and products relating to domains, websites, and web hosting can be found on GoDaddy, making them an excellent choice for affiliates with traffic that may be interested in different things.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program
It is extremely easy to become a part of their affiliate program. In fact, many people are already an affiliate without even knowing about it. Anyone who has an existing GoDaddy customer account automatically has access to their affiliate program.

Beyond using their internal affiliate program, there are other ways to promote their services and products. Commission Junction also offers the GoDaddy affiliate program. Affiliates on this network can request to join the GoDaddy program through the network.
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The commission rates on the external network are the same as those on GoDaddy, although there may be different payout terms or waiting periods. Commission Junction is the recommended network to use for some affiliates who want to promote GoDaddy. Payouts can generally be received as much as 30 days earlier with this network than payouts that come directly from GoDaddy. Additionally, more advanced tracking, reporting, and even link creation tools can be found on Commisison Junction.

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