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As the earth has become more heavily populated, humans realized they could not continue to use their available resources sustainably long-term. As a result, major “Go Green” marketing campaigns and product lines have been launched by companies around the world. Online affiliate marketers can take advantage of this growing trend that is ultimately a necessity by joining the best go green affiliate programs.

When most people think about “going green”, they generally consider how their way of life may directly affect the environment. This could include things like electricity sources, automobile fuel, pollution from a variety of sources, recycling, or environmental contamination from certain chemical products. There are companies and green affiliate programs that deal with all of these industries, but there are also many more ways to go green.

Sustainability is a major environmental issue that is also part of the go green movement. Any type of product that people consume typically comes from some kind of natural resource. Some natural resources will replenish themselves at a rate that our usage will not overtake, while others are being depleted at rates that simply cannot last long-term. In fact, there are many different resources that are predicted to disappear from this earth within the next century with the current usage levels.

To address sustainability issues, many companies and even major corporations are manufacturing and supplying products that are environmentally sustainable. As a result, almost any given niche market can have a relational green affiliate program. Some of the major industries involved in the go green revolution are appliances and energy, baby products, personal-care products, construction and building supplies, clothing, cosmetics, organic gardening, green home living, and pet supplies.

Since most of the green affiliate programs involve a wide variety of product niches, many of the best programs are actually members of major affiliate networks. Affiliates interested in promoting green products will want to review the major networks we have recommended that offer affiliate programs for these green companies to find one that offers the types of products they want to promote.

There are many independent green affiliate programs, but a large majority of the best programs are part of an affiliate network. In general, these networks are all reliable and operate in a similar manner as far as affiliate commissions and payouts are concerned, so the available product selection is the main difference worth a discussion for this topic.

A leading source of green appliance affiliate programs is LinkShare. They manage the affiliate programs for both Walmart and Gaiam. Walmart offers green appliances with an Energy Star rating in a variety of categories like refrigerators, dish washers and microwaves. They also feature a “Green Living” category of eco-friendly products for the home.

Gaiam is a green company that offers very unique, off-grid appliances, which are non-typical types of appliances that can be extremely eco-friendly compared with standard appliances. Off-grid appliances can be things like manual hand washers or even freezers powered by propane. Gaiam also features a variety of other green products for things like gardening supplies and tools.

LinkShare also represents Beautorium, which is a company dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics that are completely non-synthetic. They are one of the leading online sources in the USA for a wide variety of types of organic makeup, including hard to find brands that are popular in other countries.

One of the main affiliate networks for natural and organic baby products is ShareASale. These products have an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly production and include niches like clothing, baby furniture, baby bedding, toys, games, cleaners, and baby personal care. ShareASale manages the affiliate programs for a number of companies in this category like Our Green House, Green Living Everyday, Green Nest, and Ragaboo. Many of these same companies also offer green building supplies.Green Affiliate Programs

In addition to baby-related products and building supplies, Our Green House also offers a variety of types of products like organic skin care and shampoo products. In addition, ShareASale manages the affiliate programs for Just Natural and Herb Trader, which are companies solely dedicated to organic, personal-care products.

ShareASale is also a recommended network for a number of other niches like green living and green gardening. Green Living Everyday offers natural pest-control products and other gardening accessories like rain barrels or solar lighting. The Ultimate Green Store, another company in this network, has a very wide selection of sustainable products in a wide variety of niches.

Commission Junction
Another noteworthy green affiliate program is Commission Junction, which is recommended for the technology and pet industries. In particular, Commission Junction manages the affiliate programs for a couple of the leading green web hosting and natural pet supply companies.

It is a little-known fact, but the billions of websites on the internet actually account for a large amount of energy usage. If this energy comes from non-polluting and sustainable sources of energy, it can reduce the negative impact that it has on the environment. Affiliates can easily promote green web hosting because it often does not cost anything more than traditional hosting, which gives online businesses a way to help the environment without hurting their bottom line.

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