Guide for Finding the Best Affiliate Program for You

Perhaps the single greatest attraction in affiliate marketing for most is the freedom to promote products in areas of interest. By promoting where your interests lie, it is possible both to make work much more enjoyable and create better content at the same time. The following guide on affiliate programs categorizes and gives backgrounds (with links to more information) on the major types to help you find what best suits you.

Books and education
People will always love books, and they cover every area of human interest. This makes books great affiliate products. Regardless of the topic of the article or website, there are certain to be books covering it. Books can be read and reviewed or offered as further reading on a topic. There are plenty of book affiliate programs for those who like to read on dead trees as well as e-book affiliate programs, which often offer quicker sales and better commissions.

Higher education is a huge market that keeps growing. Furthermore, many people like the feeling of contributing to higher education and the advancement of human knowledge. If this sounds appealing to you, college affiliate programs may be good promotion choice.  It is possible to promote both nationally accredited schools that offer advanced degrees as well as online courses. In addition, there are more specialized courses, such as language courses, that may match perfectly with the themes of some websites.

As the old adage goes, “If you have your health, you have your wealth.” What this does not say is that it is now possible to use health affiliate programs  to promote health while building your own wealth. Heath care is the single biggest portion of the economy today and continues to grow through good times and bad. From insurance to health care products, there is something for every market.

On a related note, people are more medicated than ever, and this need is also expected to grow with new medications and more aging baby boomers. While there are restrictions on what they can sell, online pharmacies are regulated by the FDA and can sell prescription medications. Different pharmacy affiliate programs allow marketers to get a percentage of this huge pharmaceutical market with everything from coupons to opening your own online pharmacy.

Weight loss
The market for weight loss products is growing faster than average waist lines. To fill this need, there are many weight loss affiliate programs that allow people to market different health and weight loss products. Often, the way to succeed in these programs is to create niche sites for different products and programs. With the number of programs, you should be able to find just what you are looking for.

Credit cards and loans
While the overuse of credit can cause problems, there is no denying the convenience of and need for credit cards. Credit card affiliate programs generally operate on a CPA bases and pay good commissions.  This is a competitive field, but the rewards are great for those who succeed.guide to affiliate programs

On the other extreme, coupon affiliate programs are available to help people find maximum savings when they are shopping. Many people search the internet for coupons and having them on your site can bring in a lot of visitors or entice them to buy. They are also great tools for those using email marketing newsletters.  Furthermore, with so many coupons out there, there are certain to be some for every type of website.

Making money
As long as people are looking for new ways to make money, there will be opportunities in promoting business opportunities and ways to make money online. While currency trading is risky, many people are interested in trying out foreign exchange trading and Forex affiliate programs allow you to make money from this even if you do not trade yourself.

On the more conservative end of the spectrum, the many forms of insurance out there make it possible to make money promoting security with insurance affiliate programs. These programs often work on a pay per lead basis and offer good commissions if the customer requests a quote. Since these customers usually receive quotes from different insurers at the same time, these programs can provide a valuable service.

Real estate
It is possible to use your virtual space to make money promoting physical space with real estate affiliate programs.  Some ways to profit in this market include promoting websites that match buyers and sellers, those selling memberships in foreclosure listings as well as real estate licensing and software.

Music & movies
Music affiliate programs allow lovers of music to combine work and pleasure. iTunes, Amazon Associates and more offer a lot of music, as well movies and other entertainment, that can be promoted for a commission. In addition, music related electronics, software and training can also be promoted.

Travel lovers can promote everything from airfare, hotels and tours with travel affiliate programs. They may even be able to find ways to combine their travel plans with their affiliate marketing efforts!  This is another competitive market, but it is certainly possible to succeed with careful targeting of the right travel niches.

The love of sports can be pursued with sports affiliate programs. Some ways to promote sports include online sporting goods stores, sports betting as well as sports training materials and ebooks.

Digital products
On average, digital products offered by ClickBank and other networks, offer the best commissions. The catch is that it takes some specialized knowledge and strategies to generate good sales. To get started on these high-commission items, see marketing digital products.

Online marketing and SEO
To teach others how to sell online, there are internet marketing affiliate programs. They sell everything from couching and courses to software. These programs often offer good recurring commissions and can sometimes help the marketer selling them learn new things.

With SEO a constant struggle, SEO affiliate programs are never going to go away. These sell tools and services to help those trying to get their sites to rank higher and also offer good chances at recurring commissions.

Other programs worth mentioning
Cell phone affiliate programs make it possible to earn from selling services for these devices without starting a cell phone company.

See wedding affiliate programs to learn how to get a part of the significant sums people tend to spend on that big day.

Animal lovers can show their knowledge of any kind of pet, while giving advice on how to give them the best possible care, with pet affiliate programs.

With green affiliate programs, you can do something for the environment and sustainable living while earning money to make a living for yourself.

Other types of programs and payment
Affiliate marketing does not have to be all about selecting products and niches. With pay per click networks to include the very popular Google Adsense, it is possible to make money on virtually any type of content that attracts visitors. This makes it the single most popular way to monetize websites.

With pay per impression affiliate programs, it is not even necessary for people to click on the ads. You are paid simply for the number of views an ad receives. Although the rate is low, this is a good form of advertising for some types of sites that receive a lot of visitors.

Pay per lead programs offer commissions for visitors who complete some kind of desired action on a site, usually completing a form. The trick to making money with this kind of advertising is referring quality traffic that is really interested in the offer. Learn how this is done at CPA marketing methods.

With the competition generally tough, choose affiliate programs carefully. With the right niches and products, you will be able to have fun and create the kind of websites that will attract visitors.

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