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The health industry is a booming market, so there are a wide variety of health affiliate programs available. Many of these programs sell health and beauty related products, while others cater exclusively to health insurance leads.

Health products that are shipped to the customer generally pay a percentage based commission on sales while health insurance affiliate programs often pay commissions just for referring leads. Either type of program can be a good choice as long as the products are not overloaded with competition from other affiliates.

Like many other online markets, the key to success with health affiliate programs is to stick to a very specific niche. Sites that simply target general health issues and products will get swallowed by the competition, but sites that target a specific type of health product for a particular situation can often find much less competition. With generally lucrative commissions and people willing to put a high price on their health, even relatively low sales can bring in nice profits.

Since there are many different kinds of health related products that can be promoted as an affiliate, it is important to choose an affiliate program carefully. A potential niche should be properly researched to find low competition keyword phrases, and then an affiliate program can be selected based on the products that will fit the niche.

Prospect Zone
One of the best health insurance affiliate programs available is Prospect Zone. They specialize in lead generation from health, group and life insurance affiliates. Typical commissions in their network range between $7 and $10 per lead, although higher earnings are possible for affiliates with a larger monthly volume. They actually claim to offer “the insurance lead industry’s most competitive payout per lead”.

In general, Prospect Zone wants affiliates to refer people to enter their information in a website form. It’s that simple to get a commission with insurance leads. They run their own network, offer monthly payouts, and have offers for health, Medicare, life, and group insurance lead generation.

Although there are other insurance affiliate networks, Prospect Zone goes beyond the typical duties of an affiliate program. They offer high converting, creative content to their affiliates to boost conversion rates. For people that are new to affiliate marketing, this extra benefit can make a huge difference in monthly sales.

Progressive HealthHealth Affiliate Programs
A well known and respectable health affiliate program is Progressive Health. They sell over-the-counter dietary supplements, health remedies and other related medications under their own brand label. In general, they offer almost anything health related that comes in pill form that does not require a doctor’s prescription.

Their affiliate program allows people to sign up to refer sales on their products, and they pay every two weeks with a generous 30% commission rate on all sales. They also claim to “convert 1 out of every 30 visitors into a sale”.

Similar to Prospect Zone, Progressive Health also takes extra steps to help their affiliates succeed. When someone joins their affiliate network, they will receive free marketing training. Even though this approach will still require affiliates to create their own website content, it is an excellent way to teach affiliates the right way to promote products.

Another unique thing about the Progressive Health affiliate program is the ability to earn commissions on mail and fax orders. There are a lot of people that simply do not trust putting out their financial information online and will insist on ordering from a company this way. They also give affiliates credit for repeat customer sales for two full years. Since they track these sales and still give affiliates credit, it’s sure to capture commissions that would be lost on other affiliate networks.

Commission Junction
With a great number of health related products and services that affiliates can promote, Commission Junction ranks among the best programs for this category. The flexibility to use the same affiliate network for a wide variety of websites has a lot of advantages, especially when many programs will have minimum payout limits.

Commission Junction has more than 100 companies in their advertiser network of health related products. Weight loss and wellness products, vision care, nutritional supplements, health equipment, self help products, and health food are just a few examples of product types found on their network.  There are also insurance lead advertisers in their network.

These products and services offer a wide variety of commission payouts, so it’s important to research each individual niche to figure out which one will be the best to target. Affiliates generally receive commission payouts approximately two months after they have been earned.

ShareASale is another major network similar to Commission Junction, which has a whole category of health-related products to choose from. From eye wear to nutritional supplements and weight loss, there are plenty of programs to choose from under a single login, although you need to be approved by each merchant separately to promote their products.

Another possible choice for a health affiliate program is Clickbank. Their offerings are limited to digital products and services, but the commissions are often worth the effort to find something in their network to promote. The actual commission percentages can vary from product to product.

In general, there are many health related e-books and dieting programs that affiliates can promote on Clickbank. There are also some membership based websites that can generate recurring monthly commissions. Most websites will need more products to promote than those that Clickbank can offer, but it can make a great supplemental affiliate program for health related niche websites.

Market Health
Market Health is well known in affiliate circles with the largest selection of health and beauty products anywhere and quite a few CPA offers (see CPA marketing methods). They offer high commissions and have many affiliates promoting their products; however, there some complaints about poor tracking and marketers sometimes not getting paid.

Sell Health
Another popular network. It boasts high commissions, free training for affiliates and is often commended for good, friendly management. Major product categories include men’s and women’s health, sexual health, anti aging, skin care, hair products and weight loss.

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