The Best Sites for Finding Freelancers for Any Job

Affiliate marketing and other online work involves a lot of different processes. For example, building a website, SEO, email marketing, video marketing, press releases, blog commenting and the like. With so much that can be done, most people want to do more than they have the time and the skills for.

The obvious solution to doing more and doing it properly is outsourcing. Work that is done on a computer can be carried out almost anywhere in the world. This not only makes it easy to hire talent from around the world, but it also makes is possible to get it at affordable rates. The world is full of people happy to do jobs you do not have the skills, time or desire to do. Freelancer outsourcing sites make it easy and safe to find and hire these people and help your business succeed.

Use the sites below to find the best talent. A few points to keep in mind when hiring freelancers include:

The cheapest bidder is not always the best value.

  • First hire for smaller jobs and then award bigger ones if the freelancers prove they can do good work.
  • Use milestone and other forms of secure payment, usually offered by the freelancer site, whenever starting with a new freelancer.
  • Freelancers usually will not have the same mindset as full-time employees. Keep in mind that even the best freelancers sometimes may become temporarily become unavailable in the middle of projects.
  • Be extremely careful to communicate all job requirements in the most clear and concise manner possible.
  • Remember that different freelancer sites will specialize in different talents.

Freelancer.com (http://www.freelancer.com/)
This site is often the first stop for those looking for web designers, programmers and web content writers.  By creating a free account, you can start browsing their database of qualified professional freelancers. Alternatively, you can also post your project as soon as your membership is approved and start receiving bids from interested workers.

After selecting the service provider you want to work with, employers who are enrolled in the Free and Basic Plans will be asked to pay a 3% Employer Fee (or $3, whichever is higher). Employers with Standard and Premium Membership Plans, however, do not have to pay for any additional fees. The site highly recommends that you pay for the services of your chosen freelancer using their Milestone Payment system. This will increase your reputation and give you protection in case anything goes wrong with the project.

Elance.com (https://www.elance.com)
Elance guarantees ‘instant access to great talent’. This site is especially useful if you are looking for professional freelancers to do your programming, marketing, creative and administrative work for you. Basically, Elance operates almost exactly the same as Freelancer.com.

However, while Freelancer.com allows employers and providers to communicate outside the site (through emails, phone calls, etc.), Elance provides online tools within the site to facilitate communication between the parties. It even facilitates online collaboration between your chosen contractor and your internal team. Elance accepts different funding options through credit card, Paypal, check or wire transfer.

vWorker (http://www.vworker.com/)
You can use vWorker (formerly known as RentACoder), to find freelancing professionals in the fields of web programming, design, writing and publishing. Just like the other sites, vWorker also works on a bidding system. Once you decide to accept a bid, you will be asked to authorize a credit card or PayPal charge (or a check via snail mail) and your chosen freelancer will be notified to start on the project. Your funds will be held in an Escrow account and will only be released once a milestone or the project is completed. If your project cost is more than $500, the site will provide you with your worker’s phone, email and IM ID. However, vWorker strongly recommends that you keep all communications within the system to protect you against any untoward eventualities.

You can also use vWorker’s crowdsourcing and trialsourcing features. With crowdsourcing, you post your project along with the prize you are offering, review submitted entries from interested freelancers, and award the prize to the winning entry. By using the trialsourcing feature, you go through the same process and proceed with hiring the winner to complete the project.

Guru (http://www.guru.com/)hiring freelancers
If you prefer to hire US based freelancers, then this site is for you. As an employer, you will simply be asked to register for a free account to be able to start posting projects. You don’t have to pay for any other fees since the system already takes transaction fees from its freelancers. You can stay in contact with your chosen provider by using the site’s IM features or by using the contact information indicated in their profiles.

The site offers two modes of payment – SafePay and Guru Invoicing. With SafePay, your funds are held in a safe account until you release them to your provider. With Guru invoicing, however, your payment goes directly to your provider.

oDesk (https://www.odesk.com/)
Pretty much like the other job freelancing sites discussed earlier, you can find a lot of web and software developers, designers and writers in this site. If you are in need of people to take care of your administrative functions, sales and marketing, and customer support services, there’s a great chance you’ll find them there.

You can hire contractors either on an hourly basis or on a fixed rate basis, depending on the nature of your project. With its team collaborative software, oDesk guarantees that an hour billed is an hour worked. As such, you don’t need to worry about being billed unfairly. As for payment, you can pay oDesk by credit card or by check, and oDesk will take care of paying your contractors for you. Note: you will need to hold a security deposit with oDesk if you’re going to pay by check.

Fiverr (http://fiverr.com/)
Have you ever wondered what people would do for $5? If you are mainly looking to have some small tasks done, you can visit the Fiverr marketplace and choose among the numerous ‘gigs’ listed on the site. After finding and ordering the service you’re looking for, you only need to pay $5 through PayPal or credit card, and your order will be delivered within the agreed time frame. If you are not satisfied with the product or service, you have up to 48 hours to have it fixed by the vendor (service provider). But what if you don’t find a suitable ‘gig’ that matches your specifications? If that’s the case, you can use the ‘Request Gig’ feature in the site.

Scriptlance (http://www.scriptlance.com)
If you are mainly searching for programmers and web designers, you may want to check out this site to post your project for free. However, you will be charged $5 once you select a winning bid. This fee will be refunded if no suitable bids are found.

99 Designs (http://99designs.com/)
This website prides itself to be ‘the fastest growing design marketplace in the world’. So, whenever you need a customized web template, banner ads, logo, icon, or brochure design, you may want to check out what this site can do for you.

FreelanceSwitch (http://freelanceswitch.com/)
FreelanceSwitch is yet another site worth checking if you are looking to outsource your project. It offers a roster of freelancers from nearly all fields of interest so you can simply check their profiles to see if anyone fits your criteria. Alternatively, you can post your project for free and wait for the interested applicants to contact you.

Problogger (http://jobs.problogger.net/)
Are you looking for a blogger? Then, you would definitely want to advertise on Problogger. However, posting a job on this site will cost you $50 for 30 days.

Warrior Forum (http://www.warriorforum.com/wanted-members-looking-hire-you/)
Have you ever considered using a forum in looking for freelancers? It is a viable option, the Warrior Forum Wanted Ads section. You only need to pay $5 for your posting.

Warrior is just one forum. Any of the following affiliate marketing forums can potentially be used to find good freelancers and other services.

Learn the very best techniques for outsourcing employees
While the above sites make it easy to find freelancers, just hiring employees does not guarantee success or that they will be used to their full potential. Those who really want to use outsourcing to its full potential should consider Outsourcing Autopilot. It is an extensive guide offering advice on topics to include:

  • Interviewing tips to make finding the best employees easier
  • Complete reviews of outsourcing sites
  • Various video and other training materials
  • Templates (sample posts etc.) to use when outsourcing
  • Methods and tools (reporting documents etc.) to make managing and monitoring employees easier
  • Employee motivation and relationships advice to help with cultural and communications issues that arise when outsourcing work internationally.
  • News on outsourcing events
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