How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products

Choosing the right affiliate products can make a huge difference in how well your products sell, what you make off of sales and how much you enjoy the business. Learning to choose the top affiliate products is a skill that best comes with time. However, if you use the following tips, you are likely to choose the most profitable products.

It is important to look at both what the merchant pays and how they pay (how often, payment method, merchant’s reputation, etc.). Keep the following in mind:

  • Digital products generally pay a much higher percentage but are more difficult to sell.
  • Recurring commission products are great, but remember the commission will only keep coming as long as the customer is paying.
  • Affiliate marketers, until they come more experienced and established, generally start out with the larger programs that are easier to join and offer more resources. It then becomes time to start seeking the most lucrative offers.

At the same time, do not let greed take over. There is no point in promoting a product with a great commission if it is not going to sell anyway. Make sure the product is something people will buy and keep, since refunds will also cost you commissions in the end.

Products you are interested in
While this almost goes without saying, it is very important. Promoting products you are interested in makes the process easier as well as more interesting. There is a need to consistently create quality content and good reviews, and readers can often sense the level of enthusiasm of the writer.

Broadness of a market
It is tempting to go for products and niches with a broader appeal to attract more readers. However, broader niches will also have more competition. It is a usually best for newer marketers to focus on smaller niches. For example, focus on a certain type of apps for cell phones rather than apps overall.

Look at the results page for the keywords in a webs search. If the market already appears saturated with tough competition, it is likely time to try something else.

Generally, since affiliate marketers tend to be younger, male and interested in technology, niches related to those audiences tend to be more competitive.

Resources the affiliate program offers
Simple links are not going to be enough to generate sales unless the site really has a lot of traffic. Programs with plenty of tools and resources will be much easier to promote. Great resources include product articles and email templates to make marketing simpler.

Check landing pages
Many products, particularly digital ones, require some kind of landing page for the product to generate significant sales. Make sure any sales or landing pages are attractive to potential buyers and can be directly linked to from your site.

Banners also need to be appealing or people will not click them.

Would you buy it?How to Choose the Best Affiliate Products
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes when deciding on products to promote. Something you would buy, or better yet have bought, is the kind of product you are likely to have the most luck marketing.

Price of the product
The price is, of course, related to whether or not you would buy it, but it needs its own consideration. Look at the prices of the competition and alternatives before deciding.

Relation of the product to your website
Visitors with pet care on their minds are probably not going to pay any attention to the latest computer equipment. Products need to be on the theme of the website or directly related to the interests of site visitors.

Avoid fads
While very established marketers may be able to cash in on fads, the average marketer will find these products the most difficult. It takes time to build up traffic to offers on a typical website, and the fad will likely have faded by then.

Select evergreen products
The opposite of fads are evergreen products that are likely to stay relevant for the foreseeable future. Choose at least some of these to give marketing efforts time to bear fruit and generate recurring commissions. However, at the same time, keep up with the niche the products.

Check reviews
Before investing time in a product, search for reviews of it and find out what people are saying. This can serve the dual purposes of learning whether a product is worth promoting and to gain a better understanding of what you should cover if it is.

For products, affiliate networks and ideas, take a look at the following guide to affiliate programs and top affiliate networks.

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