How to Make Money with Incentivized CPA Offers

Incentivized CPA offers, basically, offering people some type of reward for completing a desired action, receive a good deal of attention in the online marketing community. They do, however, require some specialized knowledge and content to be successful. Those not familiar with what CPA is should first check out CPA affiliate marketing before learning the techniques below.

Understand the requirements
A CPA offer can only be incentivized if the advertiser agrees to it, and incentivized CPA has more requirements than other forms of affiliate marketing. Anyone promoting these offers first needs to have a site that complies with the networks’ requirements for disclosure. As these CPA offers are different from other types the majority of people market, it is essential to review the methods and types of offers in order to make the most out of the campaigns. Do not start creating content or do anything else until you have a thorough understanding of everything.

CPA networks 
To find the best incentivized offers, you need to go to the networks that specialize in them.  CPAleadincent.ly, AdWork Media and AdscendMedia are some of the most popular.  Approval can be easy provided you have a website that can be set up for content locking (only offering the content after the desired action is completed) but may be difficult if you do not. Expect to start out with offers that may only pay a couple of dollars at a time, but you can move to higher-paying offers with experience and better content.

Joining CPA networks covers the process in more detail. See top affiliate networks and top CPA networks here for more networks and offers.

Content locking
The next step is to lock site content or some other type of reward so that visitors can only receive it after completing the desired action. The CPA network will usually have tools to help with this. There are people offering everything from free e-books and music to homework help on their sites. Before visitors are able to access the content, a pop-up window appears that asks them to fill out a form to gain access. The lower the involvement (required information) and greater the quality, the more likely visitors will sign up. There is always the danger of some visitors getting frustrated and giving up, but If people judge the content to be valuable and are eager to access it, they will be motivated enough to complete the offer.

More details on how this offers are set up can be found at creating incentivized CPA offers.

Kinds of rewards
Rewarding people for completing offers can be done through a point or cash system. Obviously, the person will get paid less than the marketer. Offering cash is called a hard incentive, while anything that does not involve money is referred to as a soft incentive. These types of sites are a little expensive to run and develop; however, they can work automatically and generate a high level of income once they become popular among users. Soft rewards are usually one or more of the following:

  • Music and videos
  • Free software
  • Ebooks or information that is hard to come by
  • Anything else that can easily be offered online and downloaded

Users are, in a sense, bribed to take action, and this is the difference between normal and incentivized CPA marketing.  There are different levels of bribery used by marketers, and ethical norms should always be taken into consideration. For example, when offering something free for signing up for a free trial, an affiliate should ensure that the user can cancel the subscription any time without any hassle, and that all the terms are disclosed properly.

Where to get content
Of course, the tricky part is finding or creating the content in the first place. Everyone has a field of expertise, and this is the best place to start. There are usually costs involved, by the right content can be used extensively. Some ways of getting content include:

  • Private label right or PLR products
  • Create something yourself or hire freelancers to do it.
  • Resell rights products: While they are not free, many can be found for very reasonable costs through a search of “resell rights”
  • Public domain materials: Anything that is no longer covered by intellectual property rights.
  • Buy or license products

Types of incentivized CPA campaigns Incentivized CPA Offers
The campaigns are classified by the amount of action required from the site visitors. Those new to this type of marketing will most likely want to start with CPA zip code and email submit offers, since these only require that visitors give their zip code or email address. Offers that require more from visitors, and therefore greater incentives, include short and long forms and free trial offers.

What are the requirements to do incentivized offers?
While these CPA offers are usually featured on landing pages, they require good websites or marketing muscle to generate enough visitors and interest to really make money from them. A website with popular content helps bring in traffic and visitors to an offer. It also gives the marketer a way to do content locking (only offering some of the content after completing an offer). In addition, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and other ads are frequently used to bring traffic to these offers.

Copyright and fraud issues
Some people set up content sharing sites, such as video and MP3 downloads, but these might have their own drawbacks. Getting public domain content is fine; however, sharing copyright protected material is a crime and can be punished according to the federal law. Therefore, copyright notices should be checked, as well as the policies of the network. If the affiliate does not comply with the requirements or there is a complaint submitted against their ID, they can even lose all of their earnings, not to mention getting banned from the particular network. As the owners of the CPA networks communicate with each other regularly, there is a chance that the marketer will be banned from other networks as well.

You also need to product yourself from the fraud of others. There are stories of CPA marketers getting banned because visitors would repeatedly complete the same offer to get the incentive. This is one reason you need to be particularly careful with hard offers. Conversion rates that are too high may be a sign of trouble.

Are incentivized offers worth the development cost?
To increase the chances of incentivized offers paying off, there are templates one can use to reduce the cost of web development. This way, a marketer can try the waters of a particular niche before investing a lot of money into creating everything from scratch. If a marketer already has a website where they offer free downloads or information, all they need to do is research the networks for related offers and install the content locking script on the page. This way, they will see how many people will take up the offer before jumping in the deep waters of this kind of marketing.

Generally, incentivized offers are not what most online marketers start out with. Most do other forms of affiliate marketing and build web properties that attract regular visitors first. Regardless, do not start out building a complicated incentive site with loads of discount offers. Instead, first trying one or two offers is a much wiser and cheaper option.

Putting surveys on sites can be a good stepping stone, and this method can help the affiliate find out more about their traffic. Furthermore, the best converting incentivized CPA offers tend to be surveys, as there is no money or credit card involved.

Facebook and incentivized CPA marketing
Apps and other free products in exchange for signing up for an offer on social media sites is a good idea. However, marketers need to comply with the rules and regulations of the site, which change regularly. This means that there should be a privacy notice on the page and within the product. Furthermore, users should be made aware that the owner works for a CPA marketing network and receives a commission. This is true for all CPA marketing methods, and there are many privacy and terms templates that can be downloaded and customized for free. Combining the power of YouTube videos with social media is one of the most effective and hottest incentivized method today. That being said, marketers must test various types of campaigns until they find a winner.

How to make the most out of incentivized CPA
To succeed, affiliates need to comply with the rules and regulations, know the niche they are working in, and be able to create ethical but strong bribes.

Testing conversions and the gateway widgets for content locking provided by the network is essential, so is a strong call to action. Just like with every type of CPA marketing, testing campaigns is the key to success.

Checking Google trends to see which topics and products are hot is the best way to find relevant offers. For example, if there are many people reading about a type of product, it is likely that they will fill out a simple form to win one, even if their chances are low. At the end of the day, the affiliate needs to make sure the numbers deliver results.

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