Instant Member Review – Is It Right for You?

Instant Member is a membership site creation and management software that offers an easy to use point-and-click interface. With Instant Member, users can set up a site and customize it according to their personal preference without dealing with any complicated systems. As such, its developers dub it as the “easy solution for membership management”.

Instant Member: Features and benefits

What makes Instant Member a good choice for people who are looking to create a membership site? Here is a list of some of its most important features:

Instant Member features a fast and easy point-and-click setup. Instant Member is a template driven system designed to build a complete membership site and navigation structure with relative ease to allow for the quick launch of membership sites. By using Instant Member, you can likewise customize your site to suit your personal preference – even if you don’t have any coding knowledge at all. With Instant Member and its WYSIWYG editing capability, you can:

  • Use your preferred template to get your site up and running in no time
  • Edit pages and other page elements (header, footer and background images) quite easily
  • Add, edit or delete links in the navigation structure with relative ease
  • Change link/button styles, fonts and colors

It offers a complete membership management suite. With Instant Member, site owners can:Instant Member Review

  • Choose preferred membership model option.  Whether you are looking to build a one-time membership site, a subscription-based membership site or a free membership site, Instant Member can do the job. You can even use it to build single or multiple level membership sites without any difficulties.
  • Manage member accounts. Instant Member gives you the freedom to check all information regarding your members’ accounts. This includes their personal information, membership level and payment schedule, registration attempts and upgrades. It also features a one-click refund button and automated member lock out to prevent members who cancelled their subscription from gaining further access to the site.
  • Communicate with members. Instant Member has a built-in broadcast email feature and gives you the option to integration it with your Aweber and/or GetResponse accounts.
  •  Automate functions. Instant Member allows site owners to send automated or editable password retrieval emails as well as automated or editable welcome emails, notification alerts, payment details and payment receipts to new users.
  • Manage content delivery. Instant Member features a “drip-feed content” feature and a “kill content” feature so you can easily set the system to deliver time-sensitive content.
  • Secure content. The system features a download security and automation feature to further protect your content.  It has a customizable IP trigger system and account locking system, which can be used to block user registration either at individual email or at domain level. It can also provide masked download URLs so that only logged in members can access your content.
  • Instantly turn members into affiliates. With Instant Member’s fully integrated affiliate management system, it is possible to instantly turn your members into affiliates, create unlimited commission tier structures, choose from either a cookie-based or an IP-based tracking system, set cookie periods and add affiliate promotion tools quite easily. It features a comprehensive commission reporting management system so you can see your top referrers, affiliate downlines and commission payments (paid, unpaid and blocked).
  • See what is going on with the site in real-time. The Admin Stats Panel lets you see what is happening on your site in real-time. As such, you can easily view complete and incomplete member registrations, inactive members and upgraded members at a glance. You can also export member and transaction lists to CSV should you feel the need to.

It works with multiple payment processors. Instant Member is designed to work seamlessly with a number of payment gateways, including PayPal, Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart and 2CheckOut.

So, what are the downsides to using Instant Member? The main complaint is that some people are turned off by the fact that Instant Member only offers a single site license (extra licenses are offered for an additional fee inside the client download area).

If you want to try using Instant Member to create your membership site and want to know more about its features, you can do so by visiting this link.

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