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There are a wide variety of companies offering internet marketing affiliate programs online. Some of these companies sell coaching products and services to beginner internet marketers, while others may be tools and software designed to help businesses market their websites. Both  are in high demand, making this an ideal niche for affiliate marketers to promote.

Since there are many different kinds of internet marketing affiliate programs, potential affiliates will want to carefully select a program to promote based on the interests of their website traffic. Reviews can be found here for a number of the best affiliate programs to help affiliates make a reliable and educated decision.

Internet marketing is a popular method of making money online. Although this type of work at home job has always been popular, it gains even more popularity in troubling economic times when real jobs are hard to find. Almost anyone can make money online with internet marketing, but it is important to have a specific focus to have the best chance at success.

There are a lot of different affiliate programs that sell products to teach others how to make money with internet marketing. Unlike most other types of affiliate programs, many of these internet marketing programs are actually run by individuals, even though they may gross millions of dollars worth of sales every year. Affiliates that have website traffic interested in these topics can earn very lucrative recurring incomes with these programs.

Other internet marketing affiliate programs are dedicated to helping existing businesses and websites increase their online exposure. Many of these programs deal with search engine optimization, which is one of the best ways to get highly targeted website traffic for free. Small businesses and even some larger companies are completely clueless about SEO and website marketing, which makes this niche extremely profitable for affiliates with the proper type of traffic.

Potential affiliates interested in this industry can take a look through the reviews from our list of recommended internet marketing affiliate programs. This review list is helpful to determine which one may offer the types of products related to affiliates’ website traffic.

The leading internet marketing affiliate program for search engine marketing services is SEO.com. This program is recommended to affiliates that have access to traffic that owns, runs, or manages existing business websites. Search engine marketing is recommended for these types of websites as an internet marketing tool because this type of marketing can result in a lot of free, targeted website traffic for any business.

Internet Marketing Affiliate ProgramsAffiliate marketers can promote services from SEO.com to earn a percentage of the total sales from new customers for a full six months. Since SEO services are based on monthly fees, this means affiliates will be able to earn recurring commissions from this program with a single referred customer.

Compared with other types of internet marketing, search engine optimization is believed to offer one of the highest returns on investments for websites and other online businesses. Even though SEO services can be rather expensive, those costs can be minimal compared with other types of advertising like pay-per-click or traditional ads.

The most popular source of internet marketing products dedicated to teaching others how to succeed as online marketers is available through Clickbank. They are actually a complete affiliate network devoted to digital products, so affiliates will be able to find a wide variety of products to promote here for almost any type of marketing niche.

Some of the world’s best internet marketers develop and sell their own products through Clickbank. Even though there are many amazing vendors on this network, it is very important for affiliates to carefully select which products to promote because there are some low-quality products and vendors in this network. That fact is one of the major downsides to Clickbank, but it can be overcome with a bit of careful scrutiny.

The commission rates on Clickbank products are some of the highest paying in the entire industry. It is not uncommon for many of the internet marketing affiliate programs in this network to offer commissions between 50% and 75% per sale. Combined with the fact that many of these products and services can cost $20 – $100 or even more, there is a huge potential for affiliates to earn large monthly incomes with this network.

The most important aspect to promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate is to pick products that relate to their website’s niche. By choosing relational products, higher click-through and conversion rates can be achieved, which will result in greater monthly earnings.

Another leading affiliate network for internet marketing related digital products and services is PayDotCom. Unlike other affiliate networks, PayDotCom works a bit differently. Vendors actually receive their payments in real-time, instead of waiting for monthly payments. Then, the vendors will send commission fees to PayDotCom and their affiliates on a monthly basis.

Each individual vendor on PayDotCom is allowed to control their own affiliate program terms, including payment methods and commission percentages, so it is important for affiliates to pay attention to this information before committing to promoting a product or service on this network.

Similar to Clickbank, PayDotCom also has a wide variety of internet marketing niche products that include both high-quality and low-quality products. If potential affiliates will investigate each vendor for reliability and quality before promoting their products, it’s much easier to increase the chances of success.

Overall, there seems to be fewer internet marketing vendors on PayDotCom compared with Clickbank, but PayDotCom does seem to be more proactive about ensuringhigh-quality vendors and affiliates in their network. Their fees are also considerably less than those found on Clickbank, making it a more profitable choice for most internet marketing affiliates.

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