Getting the Most from an Internet Marketing Consultant

A lot of businesses that run their own websites will not have the technical knowledge or experience necessary to launch a successful online marketing campaign, but they can utilize the expertise of an internet marketing consultant. These consultants can give advice and specific direction to allow businesses to run their own campaigns.

What is a Consultant?
A consultant is an employee or company that has expertise and special knowledge about a particular industry. These experts work directly with businesses to help improve a wide variety of aspects about their internet presence. In general, this work is limited to advice and personal interaction, so businesses will still have to do the actual work to make improvements.

Since there are so many different aspects to internet marketing, it can be difficult for a new business to get started in markets that are already filled with competition. Consultants help them to identify ways to attract traffic to their website and gain new customers. This can be done through effective website creation, email marketing, or through a number of different off-site marketing techniques like social media or search engine marketing.

Why use an Internet Marketing Consultant?
The two major advantages to using an internet marketing consultant are experience and cost. Some individuals run their own website and simply do not have the knowledge that is needed to carry out complicated marketing campaigns. Furthermore, there are many different aspects and strategies involved with internet marketing, so most professionals will still not have expert knowledge in all areas.

Some consulting professionals work on their own, but there are also quite a few companies that employ many consultants. Working with one of these companies can have major advantages for businesses because they will likely have access to multiple consultants that have different specializations. This allows a search engine marketer to give advice and recommendations on optimization or PPC campaigns, while a social media expert handles consulting with businesses looking to launch a presence on a site like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

Individuals and even small businesses will often not have the money needed to hire their own internet marketer. Entry level marketers can cost more money than most small businesses can afford to pay a full-time employee, which means the experienced professionals who are desired are well out of their reach. Outsourcing this type of work to a marketing service can still cost a lot of money and even require monthly fees to continually have them perform marketing work.

Ultimately, consulting is a cost effective marketing solution, although it does require a business to have an employee to carry out the work and interact with the consultant. In addition to lower costs, the business will slowly gain their own expertise by working with an expert, so they will eventually be able to conduct campaigns on their own.

A leading online marketing consulting firm is Zephoria, which offers complete solutions for businesses. They can handle anything from website development to social media to search engines, so they are suitable for businesses that need consulting on a variety of aspects of marketing.

Zephoria is not only known for the help they provide their clients, but also the tools that they give them. Tracking and analytics are extremely important when it comes to marketing, because it can be nearly impossible to make changes to campaigns if nothing is tracking the results of those campaigns. They have a variety of tools and benchmarks that their clients can use to monitor their progress and also compare their progress to the competition.

In addition to being able to help companies with the marketing essentials, Zephoria can also tackle specific questions about more advanced strategies. Many businesses do not know whether it is worth the time and effort to try to market themselves on social media networks.

Some companies may be playing around with the idea of creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos. Since endeavors like this can require a lot of time and possibly money to launch, Zephoria can help businesses decide if it is worth it for them.

In general, Zephoria is known for the search engine optimization consulting using innovative strategies. Instead of simply giving clients advice on how to improve search engine rankings, they actually measure the results of those efforts to show their clients how effective it is for their website traffic and sales. This type of knowledge helps businesses conduct smarter campaigns to maximize their ROI.

Another leading online marketing consultant is eVisibility, led by CEO and Founder Danny DeMichele. Danny even runs his own blog on internet marketing where he offers free 15-minute consulting calls, making it an excellent way for business to try them out. EVisibility is known for working with major international corporations like McDonalds, even though they can also help small businesses.

Although eVisibility is capable of consulting on a wide variety of marketing strategies and methods, they are well known for their search engine optimization services. Potential clients can visit their website to view a live listing of the number of search engine rankings that they have helped their clients achieve, which is a very impressive listing.

In addition to SEO, eVisibility offers a number of other consulting services for essential marketing strategies. Web development, social media networking, and PPC campaign management are some of the common services that they offer, but they also feature more innovative strategies like online reputation management.

Businesses of any size can utilize the power of online reputation management to help them attract more customers and complete more sales. All it takes is a single person writing a bad review about a company to potentially destroy their revenue. Zephoria can teach businesses a number of techniques that can be used to get these bad reviews removed from websites or to make them so they are hard to find.

A combination of these two strategies can effectively help a business continue to grow by avoiding a bad reputation online. Obviously, this type of strategy will still catch up to companies that actually do provide poor services or products. For this reason, it is really intended for businesses that do a good job and simply run into an unsatisfied customer who wants to try to keep others from trying them.

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