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Everyone who has looked into internet marketing, and even many of those who have not, have heard of internet marketing gurus. Although these gurus can sometimes be useful sources of information for those who want to make money online, it is wise to approach them with a degree of caution. By doing so, it is possible to find a good deal of valuable advice on marketing online without wasting hard-earned money on products of little value.

What they offer
Typical offers from internet marketing gurus will be for some type of courses, seminars, e-books, software or other services to strike it rich. While many of these gurus have made a great deal of money online, as they will boast in their stories, the path to success they found is often not something that can be repeated with the wares they are selling.

The secrets of their success
Red flags should rise when offers from an internet marketing guru contain promises of secrets. Internet marketing has been studied and tried by millions around the world in very public ways. While it is possible to offer products that can help many people make money online, the value in these products is presenting the info in a compacted and useful form that allows those using it to understand and take action easily. There are very few real secrets, and anything being sold is not a secret anymore.

There is no getting around the hard work and time it takes most people to obtain success in the very competitive world of online marketing. The tactics and lucky breaks that sometimes allow people to shortcut to the top are generally dated by the time they are offered in a course or not easily duplicated.

In addition, keep in mind that many of these gurus make most of their money from selling their wares to others hoping to make money online. It is like the store owner in a gold rush who strikes it rich selling things to the miners, while those who actually did the digging often walk away with very little to show for their work. Sometimes, the success of a product has a lot more to do with the name of the guru and the affiliate marketers promoting the product than the actual value of what is being sold.Internet Marketing Gurus

What to watch out for
The old buyer beware adage is very appropriate when considering the services of internet marketing gurus. Some things to watch out for are:

  • Highly emotional language
  • Promises of quick success
  • Offers that will expire in days
  • Landing pages that cannot be backed out of
  • Programs which rely on quick tricks that will only offer a temporary boost in search engine rankings

Finding good internet marketing gurus
On the other hand, there are many good gurus and services that can be of great help to those who would like to make money online. Having some kind of mentor to follow, at least at the beginning, is what many people need to get started. The key to finding the right advice is to take the time to research, which is something any internet marketer needs to do a lot of anyway. Some things to do include:

Join forums: There are many great internet marketing forums online that offer tons of free advice. It I best to learn from them first before investing anything in courses. Warrior Forum is one such forum.

Take advantage of free offers: Lots of internet marketing gurus offer free newsletters, e-books and other services. As long as one does not get caught up in the hype and purchase too quickly, these can be great sources of information. However, to avoid spam, use a dedicated email address for all these offers.

Check reviews: Look for honest reviews and not the glowing reports affiliate marketers of the guru’s products are going to make.

Narrow the focus: Affiliate marketing and SEO are huge fields. No guru or course can cover them all. Concentrate on one type of internet marketing and go from there. The four basic ways of marketing online include:
Content ads (for almost any type of content)

  • Affiliate marketing of physical products
  • Affiliate marketing of digital products
  • Selling your own products

The foundation of all of these types of marketing rests on getting visitors to a site. In other words, how to SEO, PPC and other forms of promoting what you have created.

Read books first: Rather than jump into internet offers, try to gain some good general marketing knowledge from established authors at regular bookstores.

Do be awed: Even those who have really earned internet marketing guru status can make mistakes and had to have started somewhere. Always be skeptical and open to going your own way with your own ideas. A guru is just a guide and innovation is key.

Getting started
The following site contains a list of internet marketing gurus here.

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