How to Market Digital Products

Marketing ClickBank and other digital products presents its own special challenges and opportunities. While some of the techniques used in marketing digital products are the same as those for physical ones, there are important differences. This is mainly because higher profit margins on sales make these products more competitive. In addition, people tend to be less set on making a purchase and more uncertain of what they will buy when considering digital products. All of this means marketing digital products requires the special techniques and considerations that are outlined below.

Find a niche
Choosing a niche is the first and very important step in affiliate marketing. While there obviously needs to be products for the niche, the most important factor is that the niche be something that you can take an interest in or have knowledge about. Remember, you will need to provide useful info and assistance to people.

Finding digital products to market
Sites to include ClickBank and Paydotcom offer a great variety of products to choose from (see this guide to affiliate programs if you are also interested in physical products). In fact, the sheer number of products can be overwhelming at times. With so many out there, there are obviously going to be a percentage that are not very good. This necessitates careful screening to ensure you choose quality products.

The process of selecting products is detailed more in choosing ClickBank products.  There are a number of factors to consider including competition, reviews, related and cross promoting products and or course ClickBank gravity. Both your reputation as well as potential sales are at stake, so it is important to choose well. This will eventually save you both time and money.

Regardless of the product or network, the overriding principle needs to be skepticism and careful selection of what you choose to market. Make sure the vendors sales page is credible and offers some kind of social proof. It should have testimonials that show that others have used the product and had good results.

The best method is to buy the product or get a review copy to learn more about it and create better content. In you do not intend to use the product personally, contact the seller and ask for a review copy. Be honest and positive about your intentions. Many will give you a copy if you appear legitimate, and they have faith in their product.

Create web properties
While it is possible to use free online publishing platforms for some content, marketers also need to build their own sites.   WordPress affiliate website covers the entire process of using free WordPress to create sites, and more possibilities are offered in site building softwareCreating landing pages should be considered when making landing pages either as part of a larger site or those that stand alone. Web properties should always be built with the principles of on-site SEO in mind.

Create good content
While SEO principles to include finding long tail keywords should be considered when creating content, the needs of the potential customers need to come first. Try to put yourself in the shoes of visitors and meet their needs while following the principles of website writing. Some common types of content when marketing digital products include:

  • Product reviews: As discussed previously, it is best to obtain a copy of the product. Some areas to cover in any review include its purpose, features, advantages and disadvantages and some kind of conclusion.
  • How-to articles: This kind of article will start with a problem and give a solution.

Creating good content will require research for you to understand the problem and offer a solution. While the articles need to be informative, be careful not to give too much away, as this may eliminate the need or curiosity the customer may have to buy the product.

Videos and other extra features can make any page much more engaging and attractive.

Attracting traffic
There are a number of ways to increase the number of visitors to a site to include off-page SEO, social network marketing, video marketing, article marketing and pay per click advertising.

However, to really make money marketing digital products, measures that go beyond simply attracting traffic to a site are required. Some of these measures are discussed in ClickBank promotion methods.  The most important of these is email marketing, which starts with list building. Basically, the marketer uses methods to include free giveaways and squeeze pages to build an email list and start establishing a relationship with potential customers. This process, of warming of visitors until they purchase, is outlined more in hot and cold traffic as well as in email marketing tips.

Analyze trafficMarket Digital Products
Data measuring online marketing efforts needs to be constantly collected and analyzed to see what is working and what is not. Testing ClickBank campaigns covers using split testing and other ways to track and analyze data. In addition, traffic testing tools covers many of the top tools for carrying it out.

CPA offers
CPA affiliate marketing is anther ways of monetizing websites. While the goal is to get the visitors to perform certain actions to include filling in forms or registering at sites, many people find it very profitable. CPA marketing methods covers it in more detail.

Other digital marketing tips
The three basic types of pages used in digital marketing, squeeze, pre-sale and landing pages, and how to use them, are discussed in maximize ClickBank commissions.

In addition, building a ClickBank affiliate business offers more information on selecting niches and products and expanding your business right. Finally, ClickBank affiliate marketing mistakes covers those things you need to watch out for to avoid costly errors.

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