How to Find and Use Marketing Automation Software

There are many different ways that website owners can market their sites and products to attract more traffic and improve sales conversion rates, but a large majority of these methods can be extremely time consuming to implement and manage regularly.  Fortunately, there is marketing automation software that allows websites to automate many different kinds of these tasks.

What is Marketing Automation Software?
Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer for this question because the term can really refer to a wide variety of types of marketing software, but all software of this type is designed to accomplish some type of website-related task that will save the site owner a lot of time. Many different aspects of running a website business can require constant upkeep, so a lot of software of this type is designed to make upkeep simple for advanced marketing techniques.

Some software runs on a web server to make changes or automate tasks directly on that site, but others are built to automate marketing outside of the website. Even more titles will be able to analyze large amounts of data to help improve advertising campaigns, sales conversion rates, and more. Ultimately, almost anything complicated and time consuming that marketers like to do with their websites can likely be accomplished with software that already exists.

What Types of Marketing can be Automated?
One of the most popular types of automated marketing software will assist with lead management for a business or website. This begins with generating leads and then scoring them to determine which leads are the best. They are then nurtured and developed into sales. The leads can be generated and developed through a variety of methods, including the use of websites, email marketing, and social media.

The whole process is fine tuned by analyzing the campaign data to achieve the best possible ROI. Performing these tasks manually can be extremely time consuming for professionals and nearly impossible for beginners. However, automation software can completely simplify the whole lead process to allow anyone to run advanced campaigns.

General landing page optimization is another type of marketing that is popular to automate. Split testing software allows landing pages to be optimized by running test campaigns to generate real data. That data can then be used to increase conversion rates by making more improvements or simply sticking with the most effective page design. Even though this type of optimization can actually double sales for online businesses, roughly half of them do not take advantage of split testing because of the complexity required to do it manually.

Most of the other remaining types of marketing that are popular to automate will involve sales either directly or indirectly. Large amounts of data that would be nearly impossible to analyze manually can be turned useful extremely quickly with automated software. Website traffic, conversion rate, and ROI are just a few of the types of data that can be analyzed for a variety of purposes that are all designed to help websites make more money.

One of the best choices for professional marketing automation software is Marketo. This is a complete solution for an entire business. Free trials are available to give businesses a chance to use their software before they commit to using it. There are packages for small and large businesses that are catered to suit their individual needs and budget.

In general, Marketo is not really recommended for individuals because of the pricing structure that is meant to have multiple users. They do offer a service called Spark that may be better suited for individuals who are still interested in the power and professionalism that Marketo software can offer to a business.

The actual software that Marketo members get to use has the power to accomplish almost anything that a website will need to properly market their business, both on and off site. This includes tools to help people without any web design experience create their own professional landing pages and forms to capture leads. Marketo also provides the tools to score leads, analyze traffic data, control security, integrate with social media, and even run email marketing campaigns.

In addition to all the marketing tasks that Marketo can take care of for a business, they also provide free training that includes live training each week. Even more complex solutions are available for companies with custom, advanced marketing needs. Combined with some of the best support staff in this industry, the features that Marketo offers can simply not be beat elsewhere.

Individuals or small businesses with a lower budget may prefer the services and software offered by Infusionsoft. In particular, they are highly recommended for e-commerce websites because of the specialized features that they have for e-commerce and sales automation. This includes the actual creation of a complete online store that has many different features.

In addition to e-commerce, Infusionsoft also has a focus on customer relationship management, or CRM. This allows business owners to spend more time developing their site and selling instead of micro managing customers. Leads can be properly nurtured to maximize conversions while also saving time. This is accomplished with a variety of tools and reports that help site owners identify the best time to try to sell something to a lead.

Infusionsoft is also a complete solution for email marketing campaigns. It is actually a visual campaign builder that allows complete beginners or experienced professionals to create and run their own high-quality email campaign. Their tools include autoresponders, tracking, and even a way to incorporate offline marketing. In addition to the powerful email software, they also boast some of the fastest and highest email delivery rates in the industry, which is extremely important for any business that depends on this method to generate traffic and sales.

Automation is the last focus for Infusionsoft. Although some of their software is designed to allow businesses to create their own site, emails, e-commerce stores, and more, automation is also a primary concern of theirs. They have designed their tools to allow site owners to essentially automate personal customer attention. Various tasks and communications can be created and set up with rules to trigger them, which can be used to convert sales and also improve customer relationships after a sale is made.

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