How to Maximize ClickBank Commissions

If you would like to earn a living on ClickBank, you will have to make sure that you have a viable and up-to-date strategy to target the market. With the attractiveness of affiliate marketing, the competition is tougher than ever. In addition, some people are skeptical about ClickBank products due to dodgy deals in the past that damaged its general reputation, although new guidelines introduced are designed to rebuild the trust of customers and reduce the refund rate of digital products. The details below will help you get over these difficulties and find out how to make money with ClickBank as efficiently as possible.

Choose reputable ClickBank products
People usually buy names, not products, some affiliates say, and this is true when it comes to ClickBank promotions as well. If you find a product from a person who has already established an authority in your niche and has a positive image, sales will come easier. If you want to know whether the product will be hot or not before you start promoting, apart from reviewing the indicators on ClickBank, you can research for the name of the authors behind the digital offer. If you see raving fans, you will know that there is a market, and people will be easily convinced about the value behind the program or training. However, if the author is someone out of the blue, with no track record whatsoever, you might have a harder task to accomplish, unless they offer something completely unique and new.

Look at the figures
The different figures on the ClickBank marketplace next to the description of the offer will tell you exactly how profitable the promotion is for other affiliates. This is not a guarantee that you will make a lot of money, but at least you do have a chance. The higher the gravity (see ClickBank gravity) the more people are making money, but the more competition you will have to face. Therefore, knowing the person who created the digital download offer and carefully reviewing the landing page are just as important as the indicators next to the product details. The commission on sales and the refund rate will also be crucial to maximize the profitability of your campaign.

Evaluate the sales page
If you preview the offer page, you will be able to see what your visitors will face. The most important factor, more than things like fancy videos or if it is just a simple sales page, is if you think you would buy based on what you see. If so, your customers should also think the same way. In some cases, the most hyped up pages convert the worst, and they have the highest refund rates as well. You need to make sure that the page looks genuine, has certified proofs, and there are at least three testimonials to convince visitors with names and photos. This way, you will not have to do the hard work of convincing people; the site will do the job automatically.

Create your pre-sell pages
A pre-sell page is either a review page or a teasing landing page that talks about the product and tells the visitor the basic features. It is different from the sales (landing) page, as it does not have a sales button, just a link to the sales page or other pages on the site. It also does not collect email addresses as squeeze pages do. These pages are used because:

  • Many ad networks do not allow PPC ads to link directly to landing pages. The use of a pre-sell page is a way around this.
  • Pre-sell pages are ways to add a personal touch or review, tease the user’s interest or present a problem for which the product is the solution.

Differentiate the offer
If you are unable to differentiate your offer from the hundreds of other affiliates’, you can give up making money with ClickBank. In most cases, a simple pre-sell or review will do, but make sure that you add something extra and a personal touch. If you are an advanced marketer, you might think about creating a bonus package based on your own articles, products or PLR material. The main thing is to make it relevant to the promotion and valuable to readers. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, you might want to offer a collection of your best diet recipes, as well as a schedule and online weight loss calendar. Although this might not cost you much, the perceived value for your target customer can be high.

Use email marketing and think long termMaximize ClickBank Commissions
Some marketers say that people need to see the same offer multiple times before they buy it. Besides, people are more skeptical when buying digital products than they are with physical ones. Experienced marketers almost always use squeeze pages to first build a subscriber list and then send them regular updates, as well as information about the product and results. In short, email marketing is a powerful tool that should be used by those who want to really profit selling digital products.

If you try the product yourself, you can send your own testimonials to people on your email list, and this will help you build trust and reciprocity.

Remember that growth needs to come before revenue. It is necessary to go through processes to include list building for future growth even though they cost more than they deliver in the short term.

Continually create good content
Be it reviews, videos, how-to articles or other materials, it is crucial to continually offer fresh and useful content (good marketers will always have their own sites).  While this can be time consuming and tedious, it is the best way to build customer trust and search engine rankings.

In addition, since it is necessary to promote a number of products to really make money, this offers a way to expand your offerings.

Use social media
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and other social media are powerful tools in building trust and followers. Choose the ones most suited for you and be as active on them as possible.

Test, track and spy
Online marketing is a process of learning, and by far the best way to learn is by testing and tracking.  Use split testing and collect data to see what works. More details can be found at testing ClickBank campaigns .

Since everyone needs fresh inspiration on occasion, take some time every day to see what the competition is up to. Look for new ideas and improve on them.

Look for up-sells
You may want to look for products that have a well-converting up-sell (basically, convincing a customer to choose a higher-priced product) offer, as well as the initial sales. These can be sold to customers after they sign up for the initial offer, or after they are within the members’ area. Make sure that you get a share of any up-sells from genuine vendors who like sharing the profits. Although most will pay, others simply send out mailings after people buy from them and keep 100 percent of the profits of these followup sales.

Continuity programs attached
If you are building a long-term affiliate business on the internet, you can look for continuity programs (those that pay repeatedly when the service sold is continuous) attached to digital products to increase your income. You can look at the earnings per sale figure on ClickBank to find out about your potential earnings and the results of other affiliate marketers. These products can provide a steady income without the need for additional work.

To maximize your earning potential on ClickBank, it is important to find the vendors who want to make their affiliates happy. Make sure that the initial offer is delivering a much higher value than the price, and you will find that the conversion rate for the continuity program or upsell offer will be high as well, provided products are closely related.

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