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Since the internet first began to reach mass appeal, the promise of working from home online has encouraged increasing numbers of people to purse money making websites. Fortunately, the ways to earn a profit online have been increasing too. The internet is still relatively young and growing, and this means there are plenty of ways, from selling online or advertising and affiliate marketing, to create money making websites.

Sell something
The internet greatly lowers the bar to start a new store and allows anyone to reach a potential worldwide customer base. There are many tools to make it easier now also. For example, anyone with a PayPal account can accept credit cards and most other forms of payment for their products. People can easily use sites like Freelancer or other services when they need help to bring ideas to market too.

Furthermore, anyone can now create digital products like books and market them whatever way they choose.

However, just like any store, a web store does generally require a degree of customer interaction, and this takes time. With so much competition, a unique niche idea is needed if one is to have a good chance of success.

Affiliate marketing
For those who do not have products of their own, or are not interested in the store model for other reasons, affiliate marketing can be a great choice. With affiliate marketing, one simply gets some type of compensation, such as a commission on every item that is sold to customers they refer. This means affiliate marketers can concentrate solely on marketing and have a very wide selection of products they can choose to promote. From digital products on ClickBank to physical ones on Amazon, there is something to meet every interest.
Some potential drawbacks of affiliate marketing include the fact that commissions are often low for many products (mainly physical ones), and that it is necessary to compete with others selling the same product.

Those interested in this way of making money online should see the following guide to affiliate marketing.

Banner advertising
Monetizing a website with ads is a great choice for those who do not want to get into selling products, and those who have an interest or a site that is unsuitable for product sales. The beauty of money making websites based on ads is that they can center on any topic the site creator chooses. Once the code has been placed on the site, ad networks for publishers, to include Google Adsense, will display ads based on the site’s content and user browser history.

The amount generated by each click on an ad will vary greatly with the keyword, and those that generate the most tend to be more competitive. Generally, the majority of people who visit sites to not click on ads so it take good sites with a lot of visitors to make good money from ads.

Selling links

If a site has page rank (and much of web marketing centers around getting websites to rank higher in the search engines), many webmasters are willing to pay an annual fee or some other compensation for a link from that site. A sponsored review with a link to an interesting site can bring in extra revenue and can even be a good way to add value to one’s own site. Forums such as Warrior Forum and DigitalPoint are a good place to find those willing to pay for links.

Flipping websites
Sometimes, the best money making websites are those that are simply sold. In this practice, known as flipping, people build up sites with some type of monetization, be it a product, ads or affiliate products, with the intent of selling the websites. With the right software and experience, sites can be produced rather quickly and sold on auction sites like Flippa. This is a good strategy for those who like building sites but are less interested in running them and search engine optimization.Money Making Websites

Getting started
Anyone looking to build money making websites needs have a good knowledge base but fortunately there is a lot of information out there for free. Warrior forum and other popular internet marketing forums are a good place to start and gain knowledge and ideas. Avoid information overload, find and concentrate on a method but be open to ideas, experiment and remember that a site can be changed at anytime.

Also, newcomers need to be especially wary of expensive offers to make and optimize sites for them. It is best to start out small and cheap and only make larger investments as one learns. It all starts with a niche idea and a basic site that will expand with experience and knowledge.

If one is careful, the entry costs of making money online can be very low when compared to other businesses. Those interested can start slowly, experiment and in time have money making websites of their own without the kinds of risks involved in other businesses. See build a money making website for more ideas and detailed instructions on how to get started.

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