Multi Profit Websites for Just about All Affiliate Products

Although there are thousands of affiliates who concentrate on promoting products through a single affiliate program, professional affiliates know that it’s important to diversify your earnings through multiple networks to earn diversified streams of income.

While comparing affiliate website creator software, it is easy to notice that many of these software titles are only focused on using a single affiliate program. Even if the software does a great job creating an affiliate website, it’s still limited to promoting products on a only one

Multi Profit Websites is a different kind of affiliate website builder. Instead of focusing on one affiliate program, Multi Profit Websites allows the use of literally any affiliate program that exists, and it is designed to automatically create a complete website with a minimal amount of work.

The ability the easily build a full affiliate website for any affiliate network is simply too big to ignore. To make things even better, each individual website can use a combination of affiliate programs to maximize conversions.

Most of the highest earning affiliate websites use a practical combination of multiple streams of income that fit the websites’ niche, style and visitors. Multi Profit Websites is one of the best website creation tools that embraces this idea and makes it easy for use for people that do not have technical knowledge.

Six major affiliate programs and many others are built-in to this software. Even if it does not have the necessary code for a particular affiliate program, it is extremely easy to add custom affiliate links to the software.

The first major affiliate program used by Multi Profit Websites is Ebay. Instead of just being limited to promoting Ebay’s auction listings as an affiliate, this software will actually let you integrate listings from a specific Ebay shop. This added ability is not common with other affiliate website creation software, making it an excellent choice for Ebay sellers who want to create a website to promote their own products.

Affiliates with the Amazon Associates Network can also use Multi Profit Websites to earn commissions on Amazon products, which is a common feature among many website creators. However, this software doesn’t stop there because it will generate content for pages to promote Amazon products from a particular niche.

A great money making affiliate program that works well with almost any kind of website is Google Adsense, and it has not been ignored here. Special settings are included to enable Adsense on any affiliate website created with this software. Adsense can even be targeted towards a specific area of content on a page to enable better ad targeting that generally results in higher earnings. Overall, Google Adsense works well with any other affiliate network that does not target ads based on the content of a web page.

One of the most popular affiliate programs for online digital products is Clickbank, so support for ClickBank marketplace products has also been included. Multi Profit Websites provides an easy-to-use interface that allows ClickBank products to automatically be advertised on the site based on specified niche keyword phrases. Advanced support has even been included for users who want to be more particular about which products get promoted.

Similar support has also been included for the PayDotCom affiliate network. A widget can be enabled in the software to show ads from the PayDotCom marketplace based on the category of products that is specified in the administration panel.

Another supported affiliate program that has a lot of earnings potential for particular niches is Resale Rights Fortune. After specifying a niche keyword phrase, Multi Profit Websites can generate ads for targeted products that are available for sale with resale rights. For websites that target other internet marketers, this tool can help to generate a lot of affiliate commissions each month.

Beyond those affiliate programs, this software does include support for even more networks and allows for easy integration of networks that aren’t initially supported. No matter what kind of niche affiliate website someone needs to make, Multi Profit Websites can make it.

In addition to supporting most of the highest paying affiliate programs, this software has some other features that help make building these websites easier and provide even more revenue sources. The software can include content from RSS data feeds, which allows websites to integrate real-time information from other websites. These RSS feeds make an excellent addition to standard website content because of the extra value that visitors obtain from feed content.

Easy email newsletter list integration is one of the most important of these extra features. With a minor amount of information, opt-in forms can be added to any website for any email marketing service. Newsletter lists allow websites to continually generate sales from the same website visitors, and these lists can become very powerful income generation sources as they gain more subscribers.

After reviewing Multi Profit Websites, it’s easy to see how this software can be used to easily create an affiliate website for any kind of niche. Best of all, the websites created by this software will be able to utilize the power of multiple affiliate programs to maximize conversions from website traffic.

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