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With so many different kinds of personal electronic devices today, it’s not surprising that music is such a popular product sold on them. Music affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to capitalize on this industry by referring sales on songs, music related electronics, a variety of musical training programs, and even computer software for musicians.

Commissions from music affiliate programs are generally paid to affiliate marketers for referred sales, although there are some membership based websites that use a pay-per-click or pay-per-lead commission structure. Some of these programs are offered by major corporations that are known worldwide for their music distribution services or products.

Since a lot of the demand for music based products can be centered around brand names or trademarked names of musicians, it is important for affiliates to be cautious with their promotional methods to avoid copyright infringement violations. Mistakes in this area can cause affiliates to lose all of their account earnings and be banned from future use of the affiliate program.

In general, avoid using any trademarked or copyrighted names in any part of a domain name or even sub-domain. It is also wise to research any specific requirements a particular company or musician may have when it comes to usage of their name, logo, or picture. Compliance with these rules are essential for an affiliate to have long-term success in an industry that is known for its lawsuits.

Affiliate marketers interested in joining a music affiliate program will want to try to focus on a particular niche within the music industry because of the huge variety of products available. Take a look through recommended programs below to help decide which network to join to start developing a niche affiliate music website.

Quite possibly the best known and the most popular worldwide music distribution company is Apple iTunes. Affiliate marketers can join the iTunes affiliate program to refer sales on iTunes music and music videos. In addition to music related products, they also offer apps, movies, TV shows, podcasts, e-books and audiobooks.

The worldwide recognition that iTunes has been able to obtain allows affiliates to have a better chance to succeed. People will recognize their products more often, which makes it easier to convert traffic into commissions. This results in higher monthly earnings for affiliates.

Depending on where a potential iTunes affiliate lives, there are different affiliate networks to join. USA and Japanese affiliates join their program through LinkShare. European affiliates can join with TradeDoubler, while Australia and New Zealand residents can join through DGM.

All iTunes affiliates receive access to a wide variety of promotional tools that range from simple text and image links to more complicated resources for advanced affiliates and software developers. RSS feeds are also available that allow websites to easily incorporate affiliate lists into web pages.

Tune Core
A popular digital music distribution service for musicians is Tune Core. They are unique because they allow musicians and digital rights holders to sell their music on a variety of online music retailers like Amazon MP3, iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Zune Marketplace.

In addition to being able to easily distribute their music through a wide variety of retailers, Tune Core  leaves more money in the musician’s pocket from the sale of each song. Tune Core is unique because they do not actually take any of the sales price from the musician, although fees will need to be paid to the retailer and affiliate that generates the sales.music affilaite programs

Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this innovative music distribution service by referring sales on music, books, entertainment, and online services for commissions. They can also refer musicians to this service for commissions on their distribution membership fees, which are the only fees that Tune Core collects from a musician to distribute and sell their music.

Tune Core is available through Commission Junction.

Sonic Producer
A popular music beat producing software is Sonic Producer. This software allows musicians to produce their own beats to export in MP3 format. They can also take advantage of a wide variety of production resources in the membership area of Sonic Producer, which includes training videos and sounds that can be downloaded to produce beats.

Affiliates can join the Sonic Producer affiliate program through Clickbank to earn commissions for referring sales. There are also a wide variety of other music affiliate programs available on Clickbank. These other companies offer online musical training lessons, other music production software, and recurring income music membership sites. Many affiliates will promote some Clickbank products in addition to promoting products or services from another affiliate program.

Amazon Associates
Another noteworthy music affiliate program is the Amazon Associates Network. Even though Amazon is known for selling physical products through their website and affiliate program, they also have a huge selection of music CDs, music videos, books for musicians, and even digital music downloads.

Affiliates can join their network to promote these products to earn commissions on each sale. Amazon Associates gives their affiliates a wide variety of promotional tools to use for advertisements, and affiliates have confidence in promoting their products because Amazon is a worldwide recognized brand and online retailer.

Many potential Amazon affiliates decide to promote products with another company because of the low commission rate offered by Amazon. However, the commission rate is actually based on monthly sales volume for each affiliate, so marketers committed to using Amazon as their main affiliate program will be able to earn good commissions. Sales of digital music are also offered at a higher than normal commission rate, which is another added benefit for music affiliates interested in this program.

For a modest monthly subscription fee (there are different plans), eMusic allows its users to download a fixed number of tracks (not crippled by DRM restrictions) every month, and there are millions to choose from. Users can download either albums or individual songs.

Their affiliate program, available worldwide through Commission Junction, pays affiliates $6 for every free trial those they refer sign up for. What makes this subscription program different from most is the fact that affiliates are paid regardless of whether or not the customer signs up for a paid subscription later.

Cookies last for 45 days, and banners are available for eMusic affiliates to use.

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